Tuesday, January 12, 2010

3 in 1

ini kisah semalam (11/1/10)

whole day of TDR lab.slept in the usual.
*menyampah gila pakcik TDR tu*
we have prepared an agarose gel for electrophoresis.
the most important part is when ur going to load the samples in the well.
haha.babun pnye nervous!
the wells are very small.
yet can still be seen with the naked eye.
1st try.partially succeeded.
because i was so f*ckingly nervous.haha.
i think there's a few microlitres left in the tip kot.
so.x tekan abes lah pulak.
then next try.
aku dgn rela hati nye nak pipette marker dlm telaga yg terakhir. gila.ketar gila kot nak angkat pipette tu keluar.
dah load marker dlm well tu mmg lega betul.
heee...seronok2..lepas ni kalo nk pipette masuk telaga kwn2 kasi aku buat okay?? =P

back from TDR.
i am soooooo sleepy at that time.
when i was about to lie down.there's knocking on the door.
never thought that bad news is coming.
a friend of mine.she just came back from her hometown.
and received a call from home.few mins after she reached UKM.
just to listen to her mother screaming over the phone.
not with anger.but with sadness.
her father passed it tore her apart.
to watch somebody cry in front of you.bcause he/she lost the ones they loved the most.
is so heartbreaking.what more when you had once felt the same pain as she did just know.
the feeling of loneliness.emptiness.sadness.lost.
who would have guessed.that someone will leave you.forever.
and will never ever come back.
org yang x pernah mengalami mungkin hanya boleh ungkapkan simpati.
tp org yg dah pernah mengalami.akan turut menangis berkongsi kesedihan.
she's lucky enough to have taken care of her father when he's sick.
but sudden death....there's no words to describe it... ='(
i just wish that i could tell her words of comfort.
but the words wont come out.words cant describe the feelings at the moment.
no any words would be comforting at that time.
al-fatihah..semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan dikalangan org2 yg beriman.

ah.ade kelas koko plak pkl 8.
aku mmg ngantuk gila time tu.
lecturer tu mmg sporting.mmg aku rasa annoying.
entah? pastu black out la plak.aduh.
harapannya kelas cancel la.boleh la aku balik tido.
tp diteruskan pulak.smpi pkl 10.
adoi.i can hardly open my eyes~
pkl 12 je aku tido.zZZzZZZzZzz~

syahir ijat pegi main ski. =(
hurm.sunyi la aku seminggu ni.

hee.take care people!
have a nice day yah~ ;)