Monday, December 28, 2009

speed dating

our very first speech communication class or it is call workplace comm now..
we are told to introduce ourselves generally..
kinda like that speed dating style..
whattaheck? i've never been on speed dating before? the word SPEED you should know what i mean huh.
our task is to introduce ourselves as much as we can in about 2 mins..
and to 11-12 people.
kering tekak aku wey~ with those loud voices people next to each of us.
but hell what an experience! although its not really dating.
haha.kalo dating aku pun tanak buat =P


i met these people..
+ enjoy scrapbooking (wow! i love scrapbooking too! what an expensive hobby =/ )
+ one chinese girl who have interest in music and plays violin and piano.
(the one and only person in that class in fact)
+ a chinese guy who is studying biology but want to be a bussinesman who sell tractors and kenderaan2 berat.
+ a girl who asked me whether i wore braces before.
+ she adores my teeth~ :D
+ the one who loves malay novels (i prefer english)
+ one who like to snap pictures of herself. agagagagagagagaga~
+ love to travel (lots n lots of 'em)

when i went to the cafe..
i saw this one guy..cute.putih. 50:50. cute:handsome
byk kali dah nmpk die sbnrnye.
tp kali ni bersama awek.
muka die nmpk gembira=happy.
so aku terfikir.kalo kite tgh couple..
kite akan menonjolkan riak wajah gembira,seronok ke?
maybe i look like that when i'm with him =)
gembira pulak mengenangkannya.

you know the word is the same..
i love you
you know who you are... :)

p/s = smpi hati wannor xde interest same dgn aku~~ =P

Thursday, December 17, 2009

nak pegi.nak pegi.NAK PEGI!

bukan senang utk aku nak bangun awal ok.
serious aku cakap.
tapi dua tiga hari ni aku bangun awal.
awal la bagi aku.(pkl 8 tu awal laaa~)
dengan harapan ade la benda yang menarik aku nak buat pada hari2 tesebut.
oh.nak cakap pasal harini. (17 dis)

aku bangun awal sebab aku nak pegi times square.
ade drumline battle klwmbc.
nak pegi. nak pegi. NAK PEGI!
aku bangun and kejut abgngah & adik aku.
diorg sume tido lagi =((
dah bitau dah drumline pkl 9pagi.
last skali aku ngan abgngah gerak gi times square pkl 11am.
geram. geram. GERAM!

mesti la dah habis.haih.
kalau lah aku boleh drive kereta sendiri.
dah lame aku gerak sorang2.(kalau laaaa...)
klwmbc grand final sabtu ni...
nak pegi. nak pegi. NAK PEGI!
tp umi kate nak balik kuantan plak.
tak tau lah....kalo umi nak balik kuantan..ikut je la.
ape la sgt klwmbc ni kan =((
tp dah ade passes for grandstand plak tu.. (dgn penuh harapan)

result dah keluar. boleh tahan lah.
bersyukur sebenarnye.
semoga sem baru membawa semangat baru.
tekad dan azam yang baru.
aku bangga aku x fail gene expression! wuhuuu~
(ntah2 bagi org lain senang kot?)

take care peeps!
until later..
adios amigos~

Thursday, December 10, 2009

it doesnt puff out right~

i did baked potato today.
not potatoes because i only baked ONE potato.
my first attempt didnt puff out right~
how come at wendy's their baked potatoes were soft~
mine are not as soft as wendy's.
geesh~ love wendy's baked potatoes with cheese~ yummy! >.<
i shall try again next time.
practice makes perfect!

umi kate.die dah daftarkn kami utk kelas memasak pada hari isnin bersamaan dgn 14hb dis.
super excited!!
we're going to learn how to bake butter n choc cake including the icings~
yippeE yippee yeay!
nanti bile buat makan2 kat rumah.boleh laa buat kek itu :D

dah mula rasa bosan duduk rumah.
sebab dah 2 minggu x pegi jalan2.oh bosan!
nak keluar :(
nak makan sushi. :((
next week pun pegi tgk klwmbc je la.hee...cant wait!

bila bosan..saye rindu..
saye rindu...saye akan tunggu...dan tunggu...dan tunggu...
i'll be right here waiting for you :)

take care people ;)

Monday, December 7, 2009

get well soon umi.

my mum is sick today.
actually...she has been sick since saturday.
due to the non-stop pouring rain.
and it has been raining all evening today.
and i get cold feet easily..(is that the right word?)
have u guys ever heard of Reynaulds disease?
its when your fingers get cold easily..
even at not-so-cold-temp..maybe in the movies,or air-conditioned room..
it will eventually get better when ur exposed to enough heat ;)

since mum is her lovely daughters had to prepared dinner.
well...been helping her in the kitchen everydayyy~
so today we cooked..stuffed tofu..sup tulang.(bones soup? haha~)..and ikan gorengg~~ =P
ikan goreng pun jadi la kan.hehe.
i love to cook.when i know what to cook.
but i really hate it when bibik always interfere everytime i want to cook something.

good luck for those who're sitting for their exams~
not forgetting my dear syahir aizat~
i know you can do it syg~
buat elok2 ok? muahxXxXx~
i love you :)

*cant wait to catch KLWMBC next week!*

adios amigos.
take care yah! ;)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

band comp results!


1st - Sekolah Dato' Abdul Razak
2nd - Uitm
3rd - UPSI

and come sdar got to compete in the woc comp.
the have their own SBP WOC comp? and yeahh..this year,high schools can also participate.
not just SBP lah~ but SBP woc comp is already for cluster and SBP schools? (starting this year)
huh~ whatever lahh...but sure the old one was preferable.
i thought its for IPTA/IPTS only?
haha.but they sure are great musicians~ bcause they get the beat down all those senior musicians.
heyyy...those uitm players are great! but SDAR won first place??
wow....thats unbelievable.
*hoping that ukm will join next year*

holiday will end in 2 weeks time!
results arent out yet *nervous!*
new motivation!

chiaow~ ;)
take care people.

Monday, November 30, 2009

they turned me upside-down!

-since leaving high school, i havent met with my dearest Zafirah Zakaria.
-oh.Bibu i often met her, since she's studying in U.M. ;)
-my dearly missed Ezatul Ereena. was a sectionmate of mine.a part of the Royal Rhapsody family. and of course.the issues we talked about is band..orchestras..blablabla.exchanging thoughts and experience.
-Amira Adnan.fairly well-known.need not to mention.haha.the bestest of friend. =))
-we met Farah Shakinah by coincidence =P

oh.i am never a huge fan of twilight.but for mirad's sake.we watched twilight saga:new moon. but who cares..worth the money just to be with my girls ;) (kan aku dah ckp.twilight bukan best sgt pun mirad) LOL~ we sure had tonnes of fun aite? gossips about batchmates.seniors.juniors.catching up on each other and friends.its a perfect day and a great gathering. ;) but seriously.feels like i havent had enough of you guys yet. =(( hope to see you guys again.. =) i had a great time with you guys.thanx!

ku rasa ku dansa di angkasa~
haha.never thought of going to times square and playing the rides there. suddenly had the urge to ask chetot out to times square. "eyh.jom naik roller coaster kat times square?" haha.what a freakingly hectic day.and its my first time to barf out after riding the roller coaster. and guess what.the vomit is pinkish orange in colour.because of the cotton candy we had before riding the roller coaster.haha.this too,i had a really great day with my darling Chetot and my dear brothers.hee~ times square has always been a 'thing' for my big i mentioned that i wanted to go to cosmo's world..he,too, wanted to follow =P great,huh? but i dont know why, from the start, i had a super headache.haha.well~ first experience ;)

i miss US =((

the bookmark of memories ;)

Monday, November 16, 2009

hoHohoHoliday~ has started~and i feel so relaxed.but what am i gonna do? oh..i'm thinking of borrowing some story books from my as much movies as i can.not forgetting cooking~ ;) wanna try some new recipies..hee~ and i really should start taking care of my eating habits.owh darn~ i've been filling my 'early' holidays with food.foodFOODfood.sedapnye~~ tony ramos.kyros kebab.1901.sushi king.fattening.YEAY~ (alaa..dah lame x makan pizza :( ) haha.what you know.time passes so 5-weeks holiday will be over without me realising it.hee~ too bad this time there's no band activities. rindu nk main band =( hopefully next sem there will be more band activities that will involve students.nak pegi tgk feskum la. =P

and i want to spend my time as often as i can with you syahir aizat =)
i know,time difference always makes it hard on us..
but i also know that we could get over it.
i miss you :(

happy holidays people! ;)
take care always.

Friday, November 6, 2009

happy birthday to me.

first of all..thanx to all the birthday wishers~ hee..its enough by just remembering it.either remember it by heart, or you noticed it on facebook.anyways..thanx a lot guyss~ it's nothing big and there's nothing special about it pun =) it's a coincidence that we dont have any paper to sit on the's just me and aina.and we went to The Mines~ yippy~ takpe la aina.kite berdua pun seronok juga =) and i had sushi as my birthday lunch. and cake as dessert~ ngee.oh. and an unplanned movie "Pisau Cukur" haha.Shahredza Minhat!!!! thanx aina mardhiya, for making my day~ (sorry alep.pinjam awek kau kejap.bukan slalu dpt pinjam aina ni.haha)

heee...thanx syg~ i already knew the moment your video appears that there's a cake with you~~ hik.sbb nmpk cahaya candle die~ =P but the time you show it to me really touched me =( terharu sangat syg buat mcm tu kat org..thanx a lot syahir aizat.eventhough we are far..there's always a way to show our love for each other kan. and again...thank you soOo much~ oh ya.and for the present also.hik.'DUN WORRY' now i wont =) i love you syg.soOo much.hope that there are still many more birthdays and important events for us to celebrate together.forever.

"jauh itu hanya jarak.
tetapi tetap dekat dihati"

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

e-gad~ *yawn*

+jom-jom study!+
currently am waiting for 3.30pm. i got exam for biometry and experimental designs. oh my god.why the hell is the clock ticking slowly. and i am just so sleepy rite now~ damn. its been a cold day since last evening. hakhak. thinking doing review questions with aina n nabila is enuf. and should i go to sleep or just wandering aimlessly on the internet. still have assignments to be done. sure is freaking out for gene expression exam on monday. gosh! feels like i'm gonna have a suicide thinking bout gene expression. understand it YES. memorizing it NO. wtf. hopefully i'll pass the paper. if not. i'll be seeing dr.kalai's face next semester. again~ and will keep hearing she says 'dumbass,dumbos,amnesia,blablabla~'

Thursday, October 22, 2009

exams,here i come!

sorry cos i havent post anything for quite awhile.

Good Luck in your exams people!
Bonne chance~
jgn lupa baca doa okay sebelum jawab soalan =)
semoga Tuhan permudahkan kita utk menjawab dgn baik.

hee~~ cuak cuak CUAK !

get well soon baby..
i'm worried bout you..
hope ur doing fine over there..
wish that i could be with you..
and i'll take care of you..
and i'm sorry for my stupidity recently.
i love you..and i miss you so much =(

p/s = i dont see any possibilities in getting 3.0 (atleast!) n above this sem (-_-") oh god... really hoped that i could maintain/improve my CGPA..insyaAllah~

Thursday, October 1, 2009

what's next?

last night..
u had an argument with your boy.
the next time all you know is he hates you.
you called your bestfriend for a you&me time.
but she never called you back.
and you are too sad+lazy to bring things up and retold the story all over again.

the next day.
you took the bus as usual.
when you arrived at class you got kicked out for being late.
and you just walked your way back to your room.

what's next?

bak kata PakTua,
'befriend yourself then look outward befiend others'

semoga hari esok dan hari-hari akan datang menjadi lebih baik.

the moment you though your class is at 5...
it's actually at 4...

ape lagi lepas ni...?

Monday, September 28, 2009

mon sac

finally...assignment francais yg tertangguh siap juga akhirnya..
ini pun buat di saat-saat akhir.
million thanks to my dear syahir aizat for helping me out.
you've been really helpful sweetie.
figuring out the words.meanings..and constructing 'em..feww~
harap2 madam kate okay. =)

to syahir aizat ;
nahh dah buat cantik2~ (xde la cantik sgt je yg org tpke nak buat =P )tadi x sempat nk tunjuk sbb u have to go to post it here for you :) thanx again sayang~

oh..for you guys out there.
mon sac means 'my bag'
so the assignment is to describe all the things in my bag.haha.
saya budak baru belajar ;)

*sakit perut*
*sepanjang hari..............*

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

bonne fete Eid Fitri et bonne anniversaire~

dah nak masuk raya yang ke-5 baru nk tulis post tentang raya.*haha* lantaklah.ape2 pun.selamat hari raya.maaf zahir dan batin semua~ sorry ye kalo ade tersalah cakap atau terkasar bahasa. hari raya pertama aku beraya kat kl je.kat umah nenek kat cheras. ;) petang tu terus balik kuantan. oh. makanan pertama yang aku nak sangat-sangat makan bila tiba hari raya is nasi impit dengan kuah kacang.favourite! makan sampai muak.yeay~~ sedap2~ lemang dengan rendang kurang sikit lah =P

selamat hari raya from my family and me~
hee~ bukan je hari raya yang aku sambut pada 20/09/2009. it is also alia najiah and syahir aizat's 1st anniversary. gembira sangat2~ walaupun hubungan kami baru setahun yang sangat bermakna :) alangkah seronoknya kalau kami dapat sambut hari raya bersama2. mungkin pada tahun-tahun yang akan datang. insyaAllah~ org harap hubungan kite akan berkekalan sampai bila2~ thanx syahir aizat. for all the good and bad times. i hope that we could stand the ups and downs in our relationship. thanx also for being a good friend and a good partner. when you went away, i lost a friend. but i know that you will always be there for me no matter where you are. i love you so much syahir aizat. happy 1st anniversary :))
selamat hari raya kawan-kawan.
beraya sakan assignment and homework jangan lupa!
take care and enjoy ur raya~

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

whose fault?

i never thought that i will be this sad.
its a small matter.but i dont know why i get this sad..
i thought this ramadhan would be a happy fasting month this year..
but towards the end..+sigh+
its okay...things happened right?
he wouldnt believed me anyway..
so who's to blame?
not the friend.but me.

hope it would be a happy fasting month to you guys out there
do take care okay? =)
and selamat hari raya~
forgive me if there is anything wrong that offends you.

with lots of love,

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


saya rasa sunyi.
seperti selalu.
sunyi dan keseorangan.
juga seperti selalu.

Monday, September 7, 2009


dalam perjalanan pulang ke kolej za'ba yang 'tercinta'.
lagu dendangan bon jovi -always agak menyentuh hati.
terganggu sekejap dari membaca nota.
and i will love you baby, always
and i'll be there forever and a day, always
i'll be there till the stars dont shine
till the heavens burst and
the words dont rhyme
and i know when i die, you'll be on my mind
and i love you, always
rindu syahir aizat =/
sayang syahir aizat ={

morning blues

suka suka hati nak merajuk.
pastu rase serba salah sebab merajuk.
nak merajuk jugak.
tapi x sampai hati ={
exam bakteriologi.
sick of exams.baru midsem.ape lagi final?
ahh...nk kene repeat jpj pulak.
ponteng kelas lagi khamis ni.
haiyo.kelas immune best pulak.
rugi nye terlepas.
dem dem dem.
tak sabar nye nak raya.
sbb 20hb tu hari raya.
and something yang special sangat raya tahun ni.
wish you are here.
'sometimes love comes around,
and it knocks you down,
just get back up when they knock you down'
keeps on playing in my head...

esok xm lagi.

xde semangat.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


bila dah tiba musim exam ni,
tibe-tibe teringat masa musim exam kat sekolah dulu.
macam mana lah kat sekolah dulu boleh rajin ek.
bile dah masuk U,semua bergantung kat diri sendiri.
it's up to you,to go to class or not.
to study or to sleep.
to move forward or to be left behind.

kenapa yek dengan tulisan?
masa kat sekolah dulu, tulisan aku la yang paling buruk.
cikgu kate tulisan macam cacing.
tapi aku tengok elok je?
masa f4,aku dapat cikgu bm yang aku tak tahu lah nak cakap ape.
setiap kali dapat balik kertas jawapan.
mesti aku orang yang pertama dapat kertas.
dan mesti die akan cakap.

'saya kasi alia punya kertas dulu sebab saya tanda die punya paling last.
sakit kepala bila nak baca karangan die.'

sampai kan aku ade tanya seorang kawan ni.
'macam mane ek nk tulis cantik2.'
haha.aku rasa sekarang tulisan aku dah improve.
dah tak macam cacing lagi.
harap2 pensyarah dapat baca tulisan aku. =P
tapi still lagi x cantik.haha

ade cikgu ni selalu cakap.
'everything must be on your fingertips.kalo belum study,jangan tido'

and midsem kali ni rasa macam sangat kecewa.
haih.datanglah semangat dan kerajinan..~~
never give up alia!
and so must you ;)

selamat berpuasa people.
and take care!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


bukannye aku xnk dtg kelas.
tp kalo dah terlajak tido nk buat mcm mane?
dok za'ba bukannye leh pegi kelas jln kaki.
name aku naik sbb x pegi kelas 2 kali.
dan juge beberapa name lain.

oh.mereka yang selalu ponteng kelas xde pulak naik?
suh org len sainkn.
xpe la..
aku dtg.aku sain.x dtg.xde la nk sain.
atleast aku jujur dlm menghadirkn diri ke kelas.

kwn aku kate.
'kau bukannye saje2 x pegi kelas,tp kau x bernasib baik je slalu tlajak tido'

xpe lah.sem 1 masih ade separuh semester lagi.
nnt tiap hari saye dtg kelas ok?
no worries prof~ i'll go to ur class everyday.
eventhough its damn bored,or i'll be damn sleepy.
but i still dont give a damn bout it ok?

n no worries.i promise to work hard.
and prove to you that i didnt escaped ur class on purpose.


rasenye mcm dah lame gile2 x update blog ni.
eh.tiap kali post sumthing new pun letak statement yg same.
oh cut the crap!
tp seriously.nothing much laahh.
plus nothing interesting jugak.

konsert diraja dah lepas.konvo jugak dah lepas.
bukan malas nk post pasal bnde2 tu.
tp penat and xde mase.haha
xde masa ke? its the time to catch up on my studies.
band sume dah lepas...masa utk study.

yup..during those period asek ponteng kelas je.
alasan x terjaga pagi.damn~
rase rugi gile ponteng kelas..
okay2~ nnt aku blaja balik ape yg aku miss..

oh.tghari tadi aku tido.
pastu aku mimpi ktorg gi vacation kat bulan.
seriously BULAN.
pelik2 je..mase tu aku nk call syahir aizat.
nk btau die...aku tgh nk dinner kat atas bulan ni..
tp line x clear plak.
huhu.rindu die :((

rasenye belum terlambat kot nk wish
bulan baik..kene berubah jadi baik ok?
take care people.
raya kang ajak la dtg umah.hee~

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


saye bakal memonteng kelas lagi pada minggu ini.
haha.oh.adakah itu gelak sbb gembira? =PP
minggu ni sibuk prektis latihan utk konvo pulak.
main orkestra iringan mase konvo.
seronok + bosan.
bosan menunggu je nnt.

nk balik
tgk laa dulu mcm mane..

exam midsem bakal tiba..
begitu juga puasa...
dan raya.
are you ready???

lega juga sbb dah tarik diri from kursus pembelajaran luar negara.
sekarang xyah risau mane nk carik financial aid.and so on..

rindu dia.seseorg yg jauh.sangat jauh.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


2nd year has been tough.
and freakingly tired days.
almost like..everyday?
okay okay..stop lamenting.
haha.just read mirad's blog.
about how some people can keep all their problems to themselves.
wanna be one ;)

so..maybe la...maybe..
cube utk tidak mengeluh ok?
buat kerja baik2..dapatkn rehat yang cukup.
semuanya insyaAllah ok =)

tak tahu kenapa minggu ni terasa mcm nk keluar...
or have some fun..mungkin ada mane2 gig.or ape2 lahh..
hanya utk bergembira..
but still...ada je yg menghalang..
tp xpe la....walaupun x tercapai hajat tu..
maybe next time =)
bile ade org.bile ade wang.

miss my besties..dah lama x contact diorg..
since hp kene ragut.mcm dah lost contact plak.
if any of you is reading this.
i miss you guys!

miss my syahir aizat also~~~~
itu x payah inform la kan ;)
nnt gi beli hamster elok2 tau.
pilih yg comel2 ok.
love you!

take care people.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

jangan bersedih lagi.

Kekasihku jangan bersedih lagi
Keringkanlah titisan airmata di pipi
Kekasihku tabahkan hatimu
Sekalipun tak pernah terduga
Halangan yang melanda
Melenyapkan impian bersama
Jangan dikesali atas apa yang terjadi
Mungkin rahmat sebaliknya
Membuahkan bahagia

Kekasihku aku tahu
Kita sama saling percaya
Tidak pernah ada dusta
Kasih antara kita
Jangan berduka
Jangan berdendam pada sesiapa
Bersabarlah menerima
Segala-galanya dengan redha

Mungkin suatu hari
Kita akan bersama lagi
Aku masih mengharap
Segalanya kan berulang semula

kalo org yg mintak maaf ok.
i just dont want you to miss everything fun in ur life.
go and have ur life with ur friends.
if going out n not being with me will make you happy.
then go.
its not worth waiting for me and then we will start arguing.
buang masa je kan kalo mcm tu?
baik xyah tunggu org.kalo org akan buat awak sedih.

xpe la.kalo org yg salah.
org betul2 mintak maaf.
mungkin org xtau ape yg awak rase.
take care in whatever you do.
i just want you to know that i will be here waiting for you.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

nite nite.

something inside me says that,

i dont go to bed happily tonight.

goodnight.sleep tight.
dun let the bed bugs bite.

i love you.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009


jom jom jom~
jom tgk konsert diraja!
hari sabtu.25hb.pkl 8pm.DECTAR,UKM,BANGI~
nape nk gi tgk? sbb alia main~~
the thing is..i escaped to many classes already.
myk ke? baru kelas francais? haha.oh..immune juga.
and aku bakal memonteng kelas seni tampak and biometri.
gosh.die nk buat quiz ke minggu ni? =P

kebanyakan lagu dah boleh main.but not perfect tho.
selekta oh selekta.
selekta nostalgia.damn!
practice makes perfect aight!
kalo xleh main jugak..rugi laa aku ponteng kelas2 tu.
sobsob.sorry dear lecturers~
penat.mmg penat.2 minggu yg memenatkn.

oh.and i miss my syahir aizat so much =(

wish me luck people!
take care~

Monday, July 13, 2009


harini first time aku gi utk latihan konsert diraja.
cik mat mcm x encouraging langsung.
tp die kate.kalo bleh main..ape salahnye join.
kalo x mampu nk bawak.bttr xyah join.

nk sangat2 bnde tu dlm mase 2 minggu lagi.
on the 25th of july dah nk perform.
diorng bleh la sbb diorng sume dah pro.
lagipun kwn2 lain sume mmg dah hebat nk main.
and diorg dah penah practice mase wat short sem ritu.
which is 2 bulan yg lepas???
aku ni baru dpt score harini.lagu pun mcm susah2.
tgk taugeh byk2 tu trus jadi pening.huhu.
but still, i should put more effort kan.
so jealous of those juniors yg masuk2 je dah dpt main utk konsert diraja.
cess..mentang2 laa *tuttuttut*

haih..mcm mane ni.diorng kate next week start latihan ptg and mlm.
but i have loads of classes in the evening. =(
lab je dah 3 hari straight.khamis jumaat bleh kot ponteng kelas ptg.
tp staff2 yg main tu mmg kasi support.
kate suh join je..practice and cube utk main.
gosh.and my sight reading is not that good.
i need some time!

huhu.mcm stress je a few weeks ni.xpe la..kang dah abes konsert diraja okay kot.
lgpun dah ajak k.iqa join skali.harap2 parents die kasi join.
please please please~
what dyou think eh? should i join or not.hurm~
minggu ni dgn minggu dpn je pon.surat perlepasan dah ade..
but still..~~

syahir aizat.
thanx for giving me ur support.
ur my total inspiration to keep on going.
thank you so much syg.
i love you.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

hanya mimpi.

haha.smlm aku ckp aku ade bunuh lipas kan?
mlm tadi aku tido.
lipas tu dtg dlm mimpi aku.
kuang aja pnye lipas.

tp dlm mimpi tu, aku bukan takat pukul lipas tu dgn penyapu.
aku siap kunyah2 lipas tu nk make sure die betul2 mati. disgusting is dat?
surprisingly aku rase mcm lipas tu manis.
and i end up waking up spitting.
nmpk sgt roh kau x tenteram dlm tong sampah tu kan.
sbb tu nk kacau aku.cess

pagi tadi nk pegi kelas pun nmpk lipas.
pe kejadah byk sgt lipas ni??
ni laa x best dok tngkat 4.
aish~ nye ade org tu cuti harini dgn esok.
mlm nnt kite jumpe lagi ek? ;)
i love you!

take care people.
have a nice day!

byebye lipas.

aku smpi bilik je tadi.
tgk dkt tgh2 bilik ade seekor lipas yg sgt besar.
aku pun ape lagi.
rumate aku dgn slambe dok kat katil die.
die kate malas nk bunuh lipas tu.lagipun lipas tu xleh gerak sgt.
lipas tu dah cacat kot.

aku gi bilik wannor nk pinjam penyapu.
balik bilik tgk2 lipas tu dah hilang.
rupe-rupenye die dah lari gi bwh katil aku.
wlpn geli tahap tahpape.pukul jugak lipas tu dgn penyapu.
lepas tu aku cabut lari sbb geli sangat!
tinggallah lipas dan penyapu.
pastu aku pun dtg la balik nk menghabiskn keje pembunuhan lipas tu.

ketuk ketuk ketuk.
still standing lipas mcm kumbang tanduk.
mesti la lipas tu tough.
tp no way aku nk biarkn makhluk perosak ni hidup and beranak pinak dlm bilik aku.
lagi2 kalo membayangkn bile aku tido.
kang die nek katil.YUCKS!

ni kali kedua kot aku bunuh lipas dlm hidup aku.
yg len pun takat spray dari jauh.
mau sebotol spray tu aku habeskn kat sekor lipas.
sorry la lipas.kau sbgi makhluk perosak.tpaksa dibunuh.
dan aku sbgi manusia.tpaksa bunuh kau utk seimbangkn alam nih.
what the heck??!

paling geli lipas.
paling x suka serangga!
eeii eiii eiiiiiiii~~~~

Saturday, July 11, 2009

first week.

cant believe that i'm in my second year already.
wow.i thought being a 2nd year student is more relaxed.
well.last year they seems like dat.

its a very tiring week!
or maybe sbb baru first week.
setelah dua bulan bermalas-malasan.

lets first 3 nights in ukm are very frightening.
of course u guys have heard about the incident right?
and it is also bcause i'm sleeping alone.
huhu.serious menakutkn.even until now.
kesian rumate kene tido sorg2 weekend ni sbb aku dah balik umah.
as usual.
first week of the semester students are busy deciding what subject to take or maybe just drop it and take next sem.
and its very hard to access smpweb to register the subject.

starting from next week.
setiap hari pun kelas akan habis petang.
gosh.dari pagi smpi petang.
dah la kelas sume jauh.hurm..
serious penat minggu ni.
begitu jugak utk minggu2 yg akan dtg.
i've decided that i'm not going to take Ko-K this sem.

enough about that ya.
from time to time.
i've been thinking that time and place are tearing us apart.
which means we got less time to spend for each other.
and there's always other things to be done.
i just hope that we managed to survive in this situation.
it's sad though.
its good to know that ur doing great over there.
i miss you.and i always do.
hope you would feel the same way too.

take care people.


buat tag mirad for the first time.

If your friend liked your ex, what would you do?
*ade aku kesah?

Name 10 people that you can tell ANYTHING to:

*syahir aizat
*amira adnan
*siti maryam mohd amir.

Hows your ex doing?
*buat ape nk amik tau.hidup lagi la kot

If someone hit you, what would you do?
*buat blur

Do you know anyone whose name starts with a Z?
*sape2 yg name die mula dgn Z lah

Who was the last person to smoke a cigarette in your presence?
x hengat.

When is the last time you touched drumsticks?
*mase cuti aritu.main rockband!

Have you ever dated someone longer than a year?
*surely yes.

Have you ever flirted with a friends crush?

Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
*mumsy.tnye bile nk amik.

What are you listening to ?
*nabil - dari jauh

What are you excited about?
*nothing excites me more than seeing him smile.oh.except nk balik rumah for the weekend

Seven days from now will you be in a relationship?
*already in a relationship lah.

Last movie you watched?
*dreamgirls kat star movies.

Have anyone ever given you roses?
* yes.

If you were abandoned in the wilderness, would you survive?
i think so.

First person to text today?
*pepam.tnye die ade call ke tadi.

What is your favorite color?
blue.purplish pink.pinkish purple.purple.

What color are your eyes?
*warna mata yg same dgn malaysian yg lain.

How long does it take you to shower?
15-30 mins

Can you speak any other language than English?

What do you have planned for tonight?
nothing.just go online and do random stuff.hoping that he will be back soon.

1st thing you ate ?
kimchi flavoured noodle

What was the 1st thing you drank?
*warm water

What were you doing at midnight last night?
*online and waiting for him.

Are you left handed?

Do you regret anything?
*yeah.ade la bnde2 dulu2.

Tagging is the fun thing friends:
sape2 yg rase nk buat.