Thursday, October 1, 2009

what's next?

last night..
u had an argument with your boy.
the next time all you know is he hates you.
you called your bestfriend for a you&me time.
but she never called you back.
and you are too sad+lazy to bring things up and retold the story all over again.

the next day.
you took the bus as usual.
when you arrived at class you got kicked out for being late.
and you just walked your way back to your room.

what's next?

bak kata PakTua,
'befriend yourself then look outward befiend others'

semoga hari esok dan hari-hari akan datang menjadi lebih baik.

the moment you though your class is at 5...
it's actually at 4...

ape lagi lepas ni...?


Anonymous said...

ermm.. siannya..

Me3raD mYraD said...

Leya...seriousLy sorry dear...
reaLLy sorry...didnt meant not to caLL u back Last but it happened dat keje sayee habis sangat Lambat...
then i tried to caLL u but no repLy..sorry i cant be there whwn u need me...jgn sedey2 eyh...
sorry again dear~

.sarina said...

huhhh, simpati sy pd kak alia.
xpe2, ad la tu bende baek akan dtg.
trust it, there are more than what meet the eyes. cewah. ;)

aimee said...

dr shiela was having 'that time of the month' agaknye. abaikan.

[aLia-nL] said...

wafa = hukhuk.nak wat cane.
sarina = thanx dear..
aimee = ntah la weh..aku rase slalu je ade student dtg around that time....nape aku plak yg kene ='(

Me3raD mYraD said...

jangan Laa mara dear...sorry~