Wednesday, December 24, 2008

you got what you deserve

results are out...
bangun pun dah lewat..
so x excited sgt nk tau dpt brape..

all i can say to myself is...
to work harder next sem..
which will be starting next week..
jgn main2 la wei..~~
its not that bad actually..
but knowing that other friends got better result..
ohhh..quite sad... =(
you can say that...
u cant compare with them bcos they're taking diff course..
but stilll........~

"mcm mane kite study..mcm tu la result nye"

saat2 mcm ni laa rindu gile kat kwn2 mase mtrx dlu..
dello pagi2 lagi dah msg dah..tnye result
sorry la dello..aku baru nk tido time tu..
bobo said its okay..ur doing fine...
dello pun kate mcm tu juge..
miss them so much =(
they are the ones who comfort me when i'm down..
those who i can talk to..
lepak2...mkn2 kat same2..bengong2 same2..
smpikn bile x jmpe weekend pun..
rase mcm dah lame x jumpe...

now diorng sume kat U laen2..
jauh2 plak....xleh nk hang out same2 dah..
please dunt forget me u guys!
love you so much~
wish you luck in your future undertakings~
lots of love

sbb korg ade baru kem ni best!

my mtrx besties~

ur my sumone when i have no one

Monday, December 22, 2008

+after 20 days+

all the way from perak to selangor..
for sure..
distance wont tear us apart..
the journey on the early morning of 20th december..
really worn him out..
but we both know it's worth it kan?

after 20days not seeing him...
i feel so nervous..and plus the very very excitement...
now u know why i cant wait for 20th of december rite?
(yelaa...betul laa dello ckp =P)
(insomnia la konon~) haha

20th december
we didnt go anywhere..
since our plan A didnt work out..
so we just move on to plan B...
i invited him to come over to my house..
and we just celebrate our 3rd monthly anni there..
he bought 3 slices of cake from secret recipe..
and 3 candles...
hahaha...sempena our 3rd monthly anni.. =)

we spent our day just talking about stuffs...what's going on...
hee...i gave him a hand-made frame..
not actually hand-made laa..
tp self decorate..
and he gave me this cute red devil beanie (sbb die kate saye dah jahat skang)
a beautiful + colourful hp strap and a bar of cadbury chocolate....
so thoughtful of him.. =)
we spent the day watching movies..
sepi and p/s i love you..
we just want to watch the movies together...
sbb itu baru tgk..haha..
and then we spent our time finishing those cakes...hahaha
u agak....mengambil masa yg lame.. =P

cappucino cheese,chocolate indulgence,chocolate cheese

21st december
despite of my 'insomniac' thingy..
i'm going to sunway pyramid with my dear syahir aizat today..
well...yea....agak bengong...disorientation...hahaha...
bengonglahh saye..
i took the train from paramount to kl sentral..
met him at taman jaya station..
and off we go to kl sentral..
okay kiddies..
kalo nk pg sunway pyramid nek public transport..
you can go either by ktm until subang jaya..and then took the cab or bus..
first thing we got there...of course we went to buy the movie tickets..
we wanted to watch yesman..
and then we went to the blue atrium...
which where the ice skating ring is...
ye saye...kami nk pegi ber'ice-skating'..
that's why i'm so over-excited..
best gile~~
you guys should really try and go ice-skating with ur partners..
haha...we really really really had fun..
maybe because this is the first time for syahir aizat...
and its the umphteen time for me. =P
wow...and he is really sweating sbb nervous kot?
haha..omg..this is really fun..we difinitely are going to do this again..
insyaallah... =)
those expressions..happiness..excitement...laughs..
i take a mental photograph of him for my own hall of memories...
we had our lunch at sushi groove....
sangat sedap...(for me)
worth the price..and of course suitable for our grumbling stomach

it's movie time~
the story was freakingly hillarious~
u just cant stop laughing...haha~
best2...mcm nk tgk lagi je.. =P
later we went to the arcade..
mcm aktiviti tetap plak la kan gi arcade ni... =)
main ddr,ez2dance yg mcm s*it!
susah nk mampos lagu die....tersilap pilih difficulty...hoho!
then kitorng just lepak2 and pusing pyramid je..
penat lorr..
and i guess sunway is difinitely larger than mid?
dah bape kali pegi pun x abes pusing lagi..
well dear...
looks like our plan have gone smoothly..
and sorry nizam..x dpt gi wedding abg kau...
aina je laa yg jadi wakil aku ek?
hik...reallly had the excitement...
extremely tired...
after a few more rounds of ddr with abg ngah...
balik trus kiok!
chalo! until next time..
p/s=i love you syahir aizat..

Saturday, December 20, 2008

insomniac i am?

lately i'm facing the difficulty to sleep -> insomnia..
it never happened before during this holiday season..
only in this week maybe..
dunno why..
i tried to sleep....
my body is tired..but my head just couldnt shut down..
in the end...
i just lay awake in the dark..
thinking nothing.. +blank+

okay..right's 6.19am
which is very impossible for me to be awake at this time of hour..
usually i'm still sleeping right now..
dozing off , nothing to care about...
but what about now??
oh dear dear...
it's the second time this happened..
or...third time i guess...huhu...

so i decided to google up in the internet at this early hour of 21st dec
what's wrong with me?!
let's see what i've got...hee~

insomnia -> involve in difficulty falling asleep when you first go to bed at night, waking up too early in the morning, and waking up often during the night.

all types of insomnia can lead to daytime drowsiness, poor concentration, and the inability to feel refreshed and rested in the morning.
fyi, hours of sleep is depends on the individual...
a person might only sleep for only 4 hours...
and they awake feeling refreshed the next day..
this means the person already got a restful sleep..
a life-threatening disease are unlikely to cause problems with sleep..
mostly because of poor sleeping habits...
(just like me maybe..?)

it says there that...insomnia might likely cause:
-dark circles under the eyes
-posture changes
-reduced energy level.. far...i only have dark circles under my eyes..
and a little bit of disorientation..
oh...sbb tu ke bengong2 kebelakangan nih?
erk...huaaa..~'s see what the causes of insomnia might be
-bed or bedroom that does not promote sleep
-diseases such as such as an enlarged prostate, cystitis, COPD, arthritis, heartburn and heart or lung problems
-exhilaration or excitement
-lack of exposure to bright light or sunlight
-jet lag
-sleeping too much during the day
-stress and worrying
-wake-sleep pattern disturbance

okay wow..
i only jot down those which are likely to be related to my condition right now..
aging? i've just turned 19 last november.. =P
and yes, i have a bed which does not promote sleeping...or maybe the pillow..
i'll wake up the next morning and go to my brother's room...
so that i can sleep on his fluffy pillow...
diseases? should i know? huhuhu..
maybe yes..maybe no...
lately i didnt control my eating habits...oh god...
S.m.S -> save my soul
excitement?? totally! haha
lack of exposure to sunlight??
errr...maybe...didnt get out from this house...
for...a week?
c'est normal~
jet lag? no no..~
sleeping too much during the day?? for sure! haha...
i sleep at 4am and wake up 2pm the next day~ LoL

okay..the conclusion = wake-sleep pattern disturbance..
insomnia lahh saye~

ways to overcome it?
-avoid emotional upset or stressful situations before bedtime
-eat light snack before bedtime.e.g warm milk
-establish a regular bedtime
-take ur tv,or computer out of ur bedroom! (haha! as if~~ =P)
-use bedroom, for bedroom activities only! baek~~

haha..u can find articles about insomnia anywhere,anytime..
but who cares!
i'm posting this in my blog anyway...
xnk bace sudah~

-saye insomnia kah? =P -
+lotsa love+

i'm just an observer

i'm just an observer...
i only watch and see...
i open my eyes and watch around me...
what u've been up to lately..
and i dont know how to tell you..
i dont how how to talk to you...
what have gone wrong?
everything is wrong with you..
it's like...
i dunt know u anymore...
u just keep urself in ur room..
not talking to anyone in the house..
u just talk with ur frens..
and talk to the computer..
who are they?
are they good to you?
do they treat u rite?
and yes...all of them are guys..
and now dont u tell me that ur girlfriends dunt want to be ur friends anymore..
what wrong with u?
ur bills are mountain high..
i know u have the money to pay
but why dont you use it on something more useful..
or maybe more money is coming next term?
that now you are spending them lavishly?
its not that i'm being bossy..
i know its ur life...
but for once...
please think what's best for you...
please learn how to appreciate...
please be thoughtful enough about how people are concern about u..
those who cared....who loved you...
those whom you have thrown away...
far far away...
i hope someday you would realize...
which is good....and which is bad....

Thursday, December 18, 2008


yeah baby yeahh!!~

sabtu akhirnya tiba....

esok sabtu~


eventhough it's not like we planned earlier..

but i hope it's going to be a great day for the two of us..

insyaallah.. :)

+lots of love+

Saturday, December 13, 2008

20dec minggu depan ye..

ape ade 20dec ni...
rock the world 8?
nk pegi ke?
no no....i'm going sumwhere else..
nervous pun ad...nape nk nervous plak ni..
mcm laa x pnah klua dgn die..
dah lame x klua kot?

nk pegi mane ek...
klcc? mid? sunway? mines?? alamanda??
no no...last two jauh sgt..hehe

heee...suda ade bnde yg mau kasi kat die..
baru siap 10%
project tahun dpn la ye kasi.. =)
maybe on our 4th anni?
hee..x sabar nye nk kasi..
simple...but maybe...okay kot? =P

huhu...cuti pun suda mau habis..
result bile laa nk klua...aduhai...


Monday, December 8, 2008

ipt band comp

i just came back from jb on thursday morning....
the ipt band comp or ipt wind orchestra was held in persada,johor..
sponsored by johor corporations..
from 2nd-3rd of december 2008..

all the rules and regulations...same saje mcm sbp wind orchestra..
and at first i was like..
" pun ade orkes...ipt pun ade orkes...bleh join"
and of course akan ade lagi tahun2 akan datang..
this was the first time it was carried out..
pengarah tu kate...
"ceo-ceo pun ramai yg tau main alat why dont kite anjurkan ptandingan orkes for ipt students"

ukm mmg last minute pnye style..
a week after examination baru nk start berlatih..
means students sume dah pulang bercuti and ramai yg xnk join dah..
and yes...pihak pengurusan inform lambat sangat..
so...luckily i live in petaling jaya..haha!
we started our practice one week earlier..yes...hanye satu minggu utk berlatih..
and ukm main lagu "spain" by chick corea and arranged by jay bocook n "yang mana satu" by tan sri p.ramlee arranged by en.adzan..
"yang mana satu" mmg petik jari je..
but "spain"..errr....dunno how to describe the song..
jazz...catchy...lively...and hanye 2 minutes plus..
haha...mcm mane agaknye lagu tu ek?
kalo berminat nk dgr mcm mane lagu cari sendiri ek..

truthfully...hanye satu minggu...mmg x cukup nk practice main lagu spain tu.
mostly student ukm yg join ptandingan ni...sme beginners je..
yg tatau basic ape2...and then trus main..
just know how to blow and notes...
dont know ape2 lagi articulation..intonation...+sigh+
but i'm proud of them for their semangat..
walaupun tatau main...gagahkan jugak nk main..
and merapatkn lagi the bond between chinese and malay..
bcos majority mmg week together...we had lots of fun..yeay!

best nye ade band waktu cuti..meaning..
i got to spend more time with my syahir aizat!
yeay~~ before die balik cuti..
sangat best!
weekend msti luang masa dgn die..
maybe pegi somewhere watch movies or ape2..
jumaat,sabtu,ahad.....just for you sayang..~

kami gerak ke jb hari selasa..2nd of december..early in the morning...about 9am
aih...mcm biase laa...bdk2 band msti akan ad perasaan mcm..
"i'm proud to be in this band" haha!
okay..not all of them...but i do have feelings like that..
just like way back in seratas...aih..gila rindu zaman2 kat skolah..

the best part is..
smpi di jb...tried to call panda(ridzuan)..sbb nmpk a group of uitm students in the lobby..
and he's coming towards me looking somewhat like..unbelievable ke ape..
dlm hati msti die mcm "btul ke alia ni?" =P
and dgn spontan nye nmpk juge syahid...and i called out for him..
gmbire nye dpt jmpe kwn2~ esp panda...syahid da slalu jumpe..haha~
being section-mates with him for 3 years...n now he's my rival?
agak kagum dgn band uitm...sbb for sure diorng sume ade asas dlm musik and dpt memainkan lagu2 dgn baik..

okay..the competition was on the 3rd of december..
6 orchestra groups from 5 universities (uitm,ukm,utm,uum,upsi)
upsi sent 2 senior group and one junior group..

1st - uitm = malay folklore symphony + declaration,ballade and final (a suit in one moment)
2nd - upsi senior = alvamar overture + gunung kinabalu
3rd - upsi junior = last to defend + itulah sayang

of course...they played very well...
uitm deserve the 1st place..
ukm main dgn teruk...ya lorr....x cukup org plak..
we'll try again next year!
tp still rase mase sbp wind orchestra lagi best..
i mean dari segi management...persembahan...quality... =)
miss those moments back in school...

abes pertandingan...terus pack our things..mau pulang suda..
b4 balik singgah danga bay dulu..
hehe...1st time pegi johor nihhh~~
okay..die mcm theme park ek??
amik piccies byk2,sewa beskal yg leh naik 2 org tu..then main bumper car..
so much fun!
just wished that i could go there with my dear syahir aizat..
=) mesti lagi best!
smpi ukm pukul 2 pagi...gila penat!
but it's worth it kan? =)

at danga bay, johor
dgn panda!!!!!~~

ukm banders

geng bus skolah (ajai xde)

saxophonist and tubist

alia n ong (clarinet) sim (trombone) maggie(flute) shikin (trumpet)

say E!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

selamat pagi cinta? twilight!!!!

we (alia + syahir aizat) went to alamanda..
and as usual..went to watch the movies.
we wanted to watch selamat pagi cinta and twilight..
didnt know anything bout the story (twilight) at first..
tapi sbb my kazen kate best..and the story is adapted from a book..
and of course buku itu bertajuk twilight...
and maybe it's just the two of us..
so org kat counter tu pon promote selamat pagi cinta..
in my head was like
"eyh..rilek laa..ktorng mmg nk tgk cite tu pon"

we've been waiting for the story (s.p.c) since we watched the trailer for the first time..
let's see....itu mungkin sebulan yg lepas kot..
n hoping dpt tgk on 20hb nov..
tp xpe lah...dpt tgk jugak.. =)
selamat pagi cinta?
agak sedih..sedih ke??
boleh la...x best snanye cite tu..huhu
it's just a common love story laa..
yg straight forward...n there's not much complication in their relationship..
as for suci n azam..suci kena kahwin dgn org pilihan keluarga..
n azam sacrificed for the one he truly loves.
while for julia n ilham...ilham is diagnosed with leukemia..and their marriage is at first based on a 50cent coin..
"kalo syiling ni tunjuk wau 3 kali..kite kawen.."
ridiculous rite? nk wat cane..itu jln cerita cinta mereka...haha~

oh ya....when we're in the movies watching selamat pagi cinta..
i dunno...minah sblh ni moody kot..
i think i am not talking loudly...or maybe dia yg pasang telinga kot..
"dik..nk borak lepas movie bleh tak?"
oh damn....dlm hati ni mmg geram nk mampus..
budak2 kecik blkg tu siap terpekik2..menangis meraung lagi..
n budak dpn kitorng siap gelak2...n diorng pun berborak juga?
rase mcm nk amik air and just +splash+ at her face..
ur just jealous ur boy doesnt want to talk to you!
shit you la!
n yeaaa....crita tu pun mendatar je..SO WHAT??

okay...the best part is...TWILIGHT!!!
damn! the cullens mmg MOTO-MOTO (hot-hot)
so hot until u said it two times...haha(eh..tu madagascar la)

"I'd never given much thought to how I would die."

"Dying in the place of someone I loved seemed like a good way to go."

Bella moves to Forks, Wash., to live with her dad after her divorced mother remarries. She thinks of it as an exile. Certainly she doesn't think anything good will come of it. She's from Phoenix, and she hates the cold and rain. She's a high school junior, so she doesn't relish the idea of starting over at a new school. She's uncertain about her relationship with her dad.

But she fits in better than she anticipates. Or at least she thinks she does until she meets Edward Cullen. Butterflies start circling in her stomach the moment she sees him, but all he does is glare at her. It might take a while to smooth out the bumps, but Bella's determined to make it work with her white-faced dreamboat

Edward's coven—family—of vampires is a loving one. Each member is committed to protecting the others, even Bella when she becomes part of them through her relationship with Edward. Edward explains to Bella that they are "vegetarians," meaning that they have learned to survive on the blood of animals.

okay...cerita ni mmg romantik habis..
haha~ dah ler pg tgk dgn my dear syahir aizat...mmg laahh sgt2 romantik~
plus edward cullen (robert pattison) yg sgt hot!
(perempuan mmg mcm tu) get what i mean? =P
n cerita ni best..berbanding dgn selamat pagi cinta..
n when i told ajai n shikin...
ajai just said.."cerita melayu mmg x best"
ya lorr...ingtkn cerita tu mmg excited la nk tgk..nasib baik tgk twilight..
atleast ade satu yg best..n satu kurang best.. =)

n we bought bkn 'we'...syahir aizat bought (he paid for it!) 2 hippos~~~~
comel gila2~~ hahaha..
mmg nk sgt hippo xnk beli sendiri...nk org kasi..baru akan lebih menghargai...hee~
so now syahir aizat da beli kan..yeay~~
one for me....and one for you!
tatau kenapa suka haiwan2 yg mcm ni..not the real animal!
soft toy die dah ad hippo....nnt nk ade kambing.lembu.katak.kura2(kura2 dah ade) haha~
sume pun nk..ish alia nih~~ =P

"you're like a new own personal brand of heroin"

+i'm ur gloria n ur my moto2+
ur my drug baby+

Thursday, November 27, 2008

tagged by irsya

.: Perihal 7 jawapan :.
Anda mestilah jujur dan amanah ketika menjawab soalan2 killer ni.

1. 7 ciri wanita/lelaki idaman anda.
++fair n lovely?
++kemas (messy tp smart diterima =P)
++honesty is the best policy
++not demanding
++one who understands my mood swings
++can tolerate with me n my bad mood day

2. 7 wanita/lelaki yang pernah anda minati sepanjang hidup.
++pierre andre~
++angelina jolie?
++abg angkat saye?
++brad pitt!
++justin timberlake
++syahir aizat. =P (pasti akan minat die sepanjang hidup)

3. 7 perasaan sekiranya keluar dengan seseorang yang anda minati
++xde perasaan pon?
++segan + malu
++feeling wierd maybe
++do i look okay?
++berdebar2 with excitement
++nk borak ape ekk?

4. 7 tempat istimewa yang ingin dilawati bersama pasangan anda
++gold coast,brisbane

5. 7 barangan/sesuatu istimewa yang MUNGKIN akan anda hadiahkan pada pasangan anda.
++something that can keep our memories.
++photo album maybe?
++hp strap with his name
++teddy bear kambing yg besar
++stokin tidur jari2 yg ade jahit name die
++gelang yg juge ade name die
++home-made frame?

6. 7 tajuk lagu yang akan anda nyanyikan untuk pasangan anda.
++cinta antara kita?
++you make it real
++real love

7. 7 rakan yang anda tag dan mahu mereka buat perihal 7 nih. WAJEB WEI.mereka musti diberitahu akan perihal ini.
++malas la nk tag sape2...

nnt syahir aizat mintak nyanyi kat dia mcm mane~
+lots of love+

Friday, November 21, 2008

adakah ini mmg cara utk pengukuhan silaturahim?

okay truthfully....i dunt know what is the purpose for tagging n being tagged..
n i dunt do survey's?
disebabkan telah di'tag' oleh cik bibo...(n penah ditag oleh alip..but still malas nk buat)
okay..let's try....and maybe after this bleh tag org lain pule.. =P

01. what is the most important thing in your life ?
++my maybe?

02. what is the last thing you bought with your own money ?
++a book? and some stuff..hehe

03. where do you wish to get married ?
++my home sweet home.. =)

04. how old do you think you will get permanently owned by your lover ?
++let's see...permanently...means married? =P 25 maybe?

05. are you in love ?
++hell yeah!

06. where was the last restaurant you had dinner at ?
++mcd midvalley..(bosan!)

07. name the latest book you bought ?
++the joy of scrapbooking..haha~ (alamak~~)

08. what is your full name ?
++alia najiah bt lokman. (and mind you...the spelling is A.L.I.A)

09. do you prefer mother or father?
++i only have my mum..

10. name a person that you really wish to meet in your real life for the first time?
++i've already met the person i wanted to meet? so nk jumpe sape lagi?

11. christina or britney?

12. do you do your own laundry?
++nope...hehe~ the mesin basuh baju did it for me..=P

13. the most exciting place you want to go?
++there's still a lot of places i've never been.

14. hugs or kisses ?
++hug hug!!~

15. point out five things about the person who tagged you
++a sweet smile. =)

16. eight things i’m passionate about
++my dear syahir aizat..
++arts n creativity
++soulful songs
++english novel
++colourful thingy

17. eight books i have read recently
++molecular biology of the cell.
++the joy of scrapbooking
++dalam hati ada cinta
++itu aje?
++nothing more..

18. eight songs i’ve been listening over and over again
++malam - plague of happiness
++ternyata - estrella
++bila rasa ini rasamu - kerispatih
++situasi - bunkface
++when the rain begins to fall - papa bear
++life is wonderful - jason mraz
++cinta antara kita - duta
++in loving memory - alter bridge

19. eight things i learned this year
++fundamentals of microbiology
++that chicken is dirty (i dunt eat kfc now)
++bacterias are unique
++viruses are complex
++how to let go of the person you have lost.
++to be independent
++save money and budget my spendings
++n i have learned to love syahir aizat. +wink+

20. persons you tag
++errrr.....nk tag sape ehh? =P
++syahir aizat..hehe!
++fung sze
++nk tag pam lagik!

berjaya gak buat bende tag-tagging nih...
mcm seronok? atleast when u have things to write back...hehe..
oh ya....quite busy at home..
people keep on coming to my house..
to wish bon voyage to mum... i've been helping in the kitchen..
preparing the food and cutleries...
til later~ chiaow~

oh ya...i love you sayang..
i always did...and i always will..
i know ur busy studying...
i will wait okay? =)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

temporary freedom

after two weeks+ of struggling..(yeke?)
habis sudaa exam!
yeay yeay yeay~~

so now my hols are starting...
and let's see...
ape mau buat ye while staying at home until 28th of dec

+ main game all day long? maybe not..
+ movies anyone?
+ find ideas for 'the project'
+ completing 'the project'
+ looking for good english novel...or mungkin pinjam dari kazen saje?
+ going out with friends?

baru pulang aje lorr..
nnt2 laa pke ape lagi nk buat..hehe
any ideas people?

gonna miss my syahir aizat the most..
and alhamdulillah we got to spend 'some' time together..
a lot of time together actually..hehe
every second counts....
and it is running out...

these are the moments...
when everything seems perfect..
like how we want it...
these are the moments to share..
to cherish the joy and happiness...
and hopefully..
these will last forever...
until the end of time..
distance wont put us apart...
because i know..
you will always be inside my heart...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

okay whatever!

what am i thinking??
isnin last paper wehhh...
favourite subject plak~
dont spoil it~
teringat plak mr.yeoh kate...
"selagi x ingat...jangan tido! everything must be on your fingertips~"
yea be it!

apa nak cerita?

what a day....
ingt nk balik rumah terus..
tapi sangkut kat midvalley...
pe cite??
well babe...ur alia najiah mmg unpredictable...

let's see...
okay...first of all...we went to bought tickets for madagascar 2..
then went to eat my fave yoshi...hehe..
sedap2~ thanx syg! mmg kenyang smpi malam..
lepak mph..want to look for any ideas for my 'project'.. =P
went to the arcade also while waiting for the movie..
ahhh..gila2....i've been laughing my head off all the time while playing at the arcade..dunno what is so exciting...
n i think this is the first time i felt so excited while playing that bashi2..
(bashi2 ke? sedap je kasi name sendirik kat game tu...)
so bashi2 it be...hehe!
usually main dgn abg pun pakai ketuk je gendang tu dgn xde perasaan..
maybe i played it with my syahir aizat.n that is what i'm excited actually..
hahaha...mmg bengong!
and the excitement goes all day long~

tgk trailer pun bleh gelak cam hell..(happy sgt la konon..smpi terbawak2 mse tgk movie =P )
it's only the trailer..what more the movie? first...quite hilarious
and there's a little bit of cute love in the story...
You have Alex's return and reunion with his parents,
with adversary coming from an earlier generation,
there's Marty who discovers that he's no longer unique but the same as every other hundredth zebra out there,
Glora looking for love with other hippos now that there's no lack of suitors,
n ade pulak Moto-Moto yg quite disgusting for me..
well...cerita je..
and Melman fighting his own cowardice to reveal his feelings for Gloria.

"i lost you once....and i'm not going to lose you again..."

overall..i can give a 3.5/5 rate for the story..
bukanlah tgk movie n then keluar...dgn mengatakan 'buang duit je tgk cite ni'
quite fun actually.. =)
smpi kan syahir aizat rela tgk cite ni buat kali yg kedua..haha~

kenape alex ye? hehe!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

suka dan duka 5 nov 08

dlm mood exam..harijadi pulak dah..
thanx to those who wished me..
thanxie~~ =)
let's say....
sedikit sebanyak..dpt laa release tension study...
thanx to ukm too..
sbb kasi hadiah..

kertas mikrobiologi asas stbp1043 final sem 1 2008/2009

i think this year's bday is the most meaningful..n paling gembira..(ye kot?)
when the clock strikes 00.00..
i got a call from my beloved syahir aizat..
n of course....didnt expect anything except a bday wish from him..
but surprisingly..he asked me to meet him outside the block..
n i was like...'what the heck??!! it's 12am!~ '
mmg...x percaya yg dia ade kat luar..xkn la semata2 nk wish sanggup dtg mlm2?
kelam kabut gak laa dibuatnye..
with a big blue box tied with purple ribbon..
on top of it he lit a small heart shaped candle..
omg!!!~ sangat excited of course..
cant wait to blow the candle n forgot to wish.. =P
then he sang the birthday song to me..
auwww~~ sgt berada di awangan..
thanx sayang...

hilang semua kerisauan utk menghadapi paper microb esoknye..
maybe sbb terlalu gmbira?
wlpn jawab paper tu mcm tahpape..
tp still dpt jwb dgn tenang n gembira..
terima kasih cinta...

then mlm tu mak kirim birthday gift through her friend..
n i was like...
'laaa...i have plans tonight~ bile kwn umi nk dtg ni....'
gelabah gak la...since we have planned it earlier..
n really dont want to spoil it..
tp x sampai hati kalau kwn mak dtg n i'm not there...
huhu...lagi terharu sbb mak kirim hadiah through her friend..
since her house is in bangi..huhu..
thanx umi~~
"sorry la sbb tu je yg termampu umi bagi.."
"xpe laa's the thought that counts... =)"

yeahh...then pegi dinner dkt secret recipe dgn syahir aizat..
celebrate birthday laa katekan..
thank you so much dear..
kan best kalau birthday tiap tahun pun rase happy mcm ni.. =)

the sad part is...
this year we(alia n aina) did not get to celebrate our birthday with abah..
+sob sob+
n the sadness is shared with the whole family..
sgt terasa kehilangannya sbb our birthday is on the 5th..and dad's is on the 6th.. the years to come..
there's no one to share the joy..the happiness of celebrating birthdays without you dad..

+eventhough ur gone...but the memory lives on..+

Saturday, November 1, 2008

selamat datang ke november..

sejak dari dulu
ku menyintaimu
kau tahu begitu namun kau berpura
ku masih teringat kau peluk diriku
yg telah membuat ku menyintai mu

sudah berapa lama
diriku ini
tak bertemu mu
mungkin ku harap jua
kau merindu ku
sebagaimanaku rinduimu

cinta antara kita
tiada penghalangnya
walau akhir usia
ku menyinta dirimu
ku hanya menunggu mu
menyata kau cintaku
ku kan berjanji
menyintamu syg….

setelah kau pergi jauh dari sisi
tiada ku cinta selain dirimu
ku ingin bersama dgnmu selamanya
walaupun sehingga ke akhir nyawa
mungkin kau tak mengerti
maksud ku dulu pada dirimu
kiniku kan menyinta dirimu itu sehingga ke akhir waktu

lagu ni lagu from dunia baru the movie - cinta antara kita
i took the lyrics from someone's blog..
and there are quite some responses about this song..
mostly they wrote that this song reminds them about their lovers..
and i also...
share the same respond..

to my dear syahir aizat...
thanx for waiting all this while...
only now that we got to be together..
i wish that it would be earlier..
but i'm glad that i'm the one who make you happy..
and i hope that i could always be there for you..
and when the rain begins to fall..
i wish that i could be the sunshine in your life..
really hope that we will lasts forever...
until the end of time..

+ku kan berjanji..menyintamu sayang..+

Friday, October 31, 2008

sweetie B.u.T.a.n.G!

sorry ya sbb suda lame x update blog..
quite a lot of things happened in this week.
start with sunday night..
ad festival seni..kunon malam penilaian for kokurikulum...
mula2 sgt tension...sbb pkcik tu x puas hati about my shirt..
kate x leh pki t-shirt..dah ni je kemeja yg saye leh carik~
kalo t-shirt hitam saye pun ad 10 helai~
aduhai...terpaksa pakai tshirt kelab yg sgt besar....huhuhu..
chill aje lahh....disebabkan syahir aizat is coming to watch the performance...xnk laa moody2...
habis festival seni pg makan dkt d'astria~
yeahhh...liverpool menang! =P

actually our plan on monday was like hanging out or having a small gathering with seratasian friends..
but in the end chetot cant make it (die yg dok mengajak sume org at first..)
agak plan mesti diteruskan..
so our plan B is just keluar berdua..hehe
n kalo nk diikutkan plan...
kitorng pakai baju butang same2~~ hee~~
we bought that t-shirt when we went to kami the gig at bukit jalil.
mmg tertarik kat tshirt tu...sbb die butang2....(kate pun baju butang dowh~)
n its buttons are colourful...hehe..
i love colourful things..~

at first mcm segan gak la pki baju butang same dgn syahir aizat..
tp sebab die cool je.....pasangan die pun kena laa cool jugak...
wlpn dlm hati ni Tuhan je la yg tau betapa segan nye..
x penah2 nk keluar pakai baju same..aduhai..

when we arrived in mid...we bought the tickets first..
we bought tropic thunder and bangkok dangerous..
then we went to coffee bean...for our breakfast..
waaa...ade beg ni cantik...main thing sbb beg tu besar...n colourful..
haha...saye suke bnda warna warni~~ sangat ceria~~ =)
tp tgk je la...x beli pon..hehe..

while waiting for our first movie..
pusing2 gardens..
hehe...gardens mmg utk pusing2 cuci mata je..
sbb mmg xkn beli barang kat situ...
kenape ek.... ntah la...
best gak pusing2 window shopping...
lagi best sbb ad dgn syahir aizat...hahaha~

tropic + bongok gila..
worth watching...wlpn at first tatau cite tu pasal ape..
tp mostly bile ben stiller and jack black berlakon...mmg best.. ma ma ma ma make me ha ha happy~

pas movie lepak burger king jmpe kwn2...
ad dina and her friend..iliey...lin...farah shakinah...zaid..lampard..
borak2 la kejap...then blaa buat hal masing2...
x mkn kat burger king sbb nk makan kat sushi king~

pas smbhyg asar..trus cpt2 grak gi sushi king atas..
takut penuh laa..public holiday kan..
now its my turn to treat for the food.. =P
agak hampa...the service is not like i expected..
yelaa..sushi king atas kan..
kalo sushi king bwh service mesti excellent pnya.. =P
aduhai...x dpt nk makan kanitama maki..chuka kurage gunkan..california temaki
huhuhu..semua favourite pun x dpt makan..
except for chawanmushi..tuna mayo..inari..
tgh smgt nk mkn ..sushi yg diidam plak x smpi2..bengang sungguh..

oh ya..sblm pulang singgah kat kfc..nk beli pesanan rummate..
and coincidently terjumpe sakinah and naz bersama bf baru naz..hehe
n for sure they are shocked when they saw me with syahir aizat..
plus we're wearing the same t-shirt...aduhai...=P

really had a great day..
dpt jumpe kwn2...
n of course sbb dpt keluar dgn my dear syahir aizat.. =)
kunon nye ni last outing kitorang laa....
sbb masing2 pun dah nk exam...aih..
makin byk spend mase dgn die..
makin sedih rase nye...
mcm mane laa bile die dah fly nnt..
so...bile die masih ade kat malaysia laa nk spend mase puas2 dgn die..
love him so much....

Saturday, October 18, 2008

a week of happiness

rabu pegi alamanda..

friday night we had dinner at village view..
quite a romantic place..
with its dim lighting...and its surrounding...
so we also ate 'romanticly'..
haha....the food are also quite nice...
with its juice in an unique glass...
nice nice...~
although that waitress keep on staring at us..
haha...puas laa kite mengumpat die ekk.. =P
ignoring everyone around...
we are in our own sweet sweet world~
thanx sweetie~

so today..which is saturday..
we went to KAMI the G.I.G at bukit jalil
the main reason is that zati asked me out..
and maybe we could go and watch the gig together..
omg...she came all the way from perlis just to watch KAMI the gig??
oh ya...kalo nk mesti boleyy aje laa zati tu.. after KoK..
me n me babe took the train to bukit jalil..
quite tiring actually...
tp buat tatau aje sudeyh~
n msti die penat juge...sbb last nite pegi tgk late nite movie..
n zati n her friends for sure penat gile...all the way from perlis..
and x rehat ape sume...pastu pusing kl baru dtg bukit jalil...
so sume org pun penat...

me n me babe arrived quite early..
and it was like...
'eh...jadi ke x gig ni?' sbb mase tu x ramai agi..
minum milo ais kejap...then pusing2 situ..
at 1 sumthin baru die nk mula laa 1st performance..
and it was about to rain..
oh dear.....
i was like...kesian gila laa zati kalau x dpt tgk ni semata2 sbb hujan..
kitorang pun berhujan laa sekejap sambil tgk performance..
then its about to get heavier...
nk muat sume bwh payung pun x termuat..
kesian syahir aizat kebasahan..(die bukan dok bwh payung pon)
macam baru lepas mandi pulak...
rosak rambut ye sayang~~ hahaha
risau pulak nnt die demam..
then terpaksa laa berteduh jauh sket from stage..
since the performance is until late night..
and i cant go home too late...
about 5 me n my dear syahir aizat pun gerak menuju ke midvalley..
sempat la tgk couple.laila's lounge...and a few x knal sape..
sgt teruja tgk laila's lounge... =)

odw to ktm....tjmpe qayum lak...
aduhai...laju je nk tego qayum...
n we both forget that we're a couple now..
n qayum was like...shocked..
hahaha..lawak pun ade..
unbelieveable pun ad...
haha..ape kan daya...dah nk terkantoi dgn die...

tiba di mid baru lahh nk makan..
breakfast+lunch+dinner = yoshinoya

sangat laahh gembira...
1st..i got to meet my best buddy..merangkap my ex-rumate kat mtrx..
dpt teddy dari die...birthday present in advance kate nye..
geee~~ thanxx babe!
then of course...
got to spend the day with my dear syahir aizat..
sorry sweetie..
lagi skali u kena spend the whole day with me..=)

+lots of love+
+the truth is that i'm afraid of losing you+

KAMI the G.i.G!
zati n her friends~

aLia + zati~
love you babe!!!!~