Saturday, December 20, 2008

insomniac i am?

lately i'm facing the difficulty to sleep -> insomnia..
it never happened before during this holiday season..
only in this week maybe..
dunno why..
i tried to sleep....
my body is tired..but my head just couldnt shut down..
in the end...
i just lay awake in the dark..
thinking nothing.. +blank+

okay..right's 6.19am
which is very impossible for me to be awake at this time of hour..
usually i'm still sleeping right now..
dozing off , nothing to care about...
but what about now??
oh dear dear...
it's the second time this happened..
or...third time i guess...huhu...

so i decided to google up in the internet at this early hour of 21st dec
what's wrong with me?!
let's see what i've got...hee~

insomnia -> involve in difficulty falling asleep when you first go to bed at night, waking up too early in the morning, and waking up often during the night.

all types of insomnia can lead to daytime drowsiness, poor concentration, and the inability to feel refreshed and rested in the morning.
fyi, hours of sleep is depends on the individual...
a person might only sleep for only 4 hours...
and they awake feeling refreshed the next day..
this means the person already got a restful sleep..
a life-threatening disease are unlikely to cause problems with sleep..
mostly because of poor sleeping habits...
(just like me maybe..?)

it says there that...insomnia might likely cause:
-dark circles under the eyes
-posture changes
-reduced energy level.. far...i only have dark circles under my eyes..
and a little bit of disorientation..
oh...sbb tu ke bengong2 kebelakangan nih?
erk...huaaa..~'s see what the causes of insomnia might be
-bed or bedroom that does not promote sleep
-diseases such as such as an enlarged prostate, cystitis, COPD, arthritis, heartburn and heart or lung problems
-exhilaration or excitement
-lack of exposure to bright light or sunlight
-jet lag
-sleeping too much during the day
-stress and worrying
-wake-sleep pattern disturbance

okay wow..
i only jot down those which are likely to be related to my condition right now..
aging? i've just turned 19 last november.. =P
and yes, i have a bed which does not promote sleeping...or maybe the pillow..
i'll wake up the next morning and go to my brother's room...
so that i can sleep on his fluffy pillow...
diseases? should i know? huhuhu..
maybe yes..maybe no...
lately i didnt control my eating habits...oh god...
S.m.S -> save my soul
excitement?? totally! haha
lack of exposure to sunlight??
errr...maybe...didnt get out from this house...
for...a week?
c'est normal~
jet lag? no no..~
sleeping too much during the day?? for sure! haha...
i sleep at 4am and wake up 2pm the next day~ LoL

okay..the conclusion = wake-sleep pattern disturbance..
insomnia lahh saye~

ways to overcome it?
-avoid emotional upset or stressful situations before bedtime
-eat light snack before bedtime.e.g warm milk
-establish a regular bedtime
-take ur tv,or computer out of ur bedroom! (haha! as if~~ =P)
-use bedroom, for bedroom activities only! baek~~

haha..u can find articles about insomnia anywhere,anytime..
but who cares!
i'm posting this in my blog anyway...
xnk bace sudah~

-saye insomnia kah? =P -
+lotsa love+


deloOmeloO said...

insmnia kunun...
same jek kite..ko xinsomnia pon mengong al~heeee..

me3rad Th3 hapPin3sS said...

r u thinking of or wut??

[aLia-nL] said...

mirad...ape kau tulis? aku x phm..hehe..aku bengong skang nihh..~ sorry

insomniac~ said...

my syg sakit nanti sape susah..=(

Syahid said...
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Syahid said...

if you cant sleep..count d sheeps..or you can count ur hyppos~ moto..motomoto..motomotomoto.. motomotomotomoto n dot3 hehehe =)