Saturday, March 28, 2009

happy birthday syahir aizat~

27th of march..
gave a lot of memories to both of us..
not only celebrating his 20th birthday..
but there are incidents in between..
a moment to remember~

as usual, every friday we will be having our friday night's out =P
ohh..kitorng tgk cite knowing dgn talentime.. best =)
esp talentime..a simple story..but it really touched my heart..
sedih.. =/
we had our last sushi..our last ddr...our last karaoke..our last movies that night..
sorry bcos i've ruined our last sushi...never intend to hurt you...
or make you dissapointed..huhu
yup2..something else is in my mind...something to be carried out later that night..
sorry..sorry..n sorry...

special thanx to aina mardhiya and muhd alif aiman..
for helping me to arrange all this candles while we're out to alamanda..
despite of their tiredness after the teater competition..
thanx guys~ nnt aku blanja kayh~

this is all i can afford to do for you..
on our last night out tgether.. =)
and sorry for all the misunderstandings dat happened between us..
just to give you something to remember..
and something to bring with you...
when you go away....
just to show how much you mean to me..
and how much i appreciate ur presence in my life..

happy birthday syahir aizat =)

off we go to 24hrs mcD~

p/s= korg doa laa hubungan kami ni kekal

insyaAllah =)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

happy birthday chetot~

happy birthday happy birthday~~~
my best buddy~
aku masih muda...
kau sudah tuaaaaa~~
wek wek!!~
harap2 persahabatan kite smpi aku dan kau tuaa jugaa~~
hee~~ muahxXxXxXx!
(too bad ur in melaka,kalau x..bleh kite celebrate same2)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


al-fatihah buat azamir mokhtar..
yg pergi menghadap Ilahi pada 22 march yg lepas..
i dont know how to put the words right..
but only the ones who have lost their loved ones..
knows the true feeling of losing..
the emptiness...sadness..
apetah lagi ibu bapa yg kematian anak..
pemergiannya harus diredhai..
semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat..

Saturday, March 21, 2009


my firefly..
ur my sun in the rain..
ur my smile when i'm in pain..
dunt lose ur bright light..
when we're in a fight..
i just want to keep you close..
i'm afraid if you fly away..
i wont be able to catch you..
i'm in &*^%$$#@ mood..
confused..blur..x faham..
i just hope that i can understand you more..
sorry that i'm not perfect =(

Friday, March 20, 2009

mcm dem.

wifi kat kolej dah cm shit
nape plak diorng kate pengguna vista xleh nk connect..
XP bleh plak..
what the hell...

biarlah...bukannye nk online pun..
n that is why its hard for me to post anything rite now.
balik rumah baru boleh post blog..

i've been busy busy busy this whole week..
za'ba's annual dinner is next week..
pening kapla mau pakai baju ape...
susah nye sbb ajk kena beli dua set pakaian mengikut tema..
since the dinner is held for two days..

batik lahh...english couture lahh..tahapehape lahh~
hari2 pun nk siapkan backdrop tu..
n he is so unorganized..(stop blaming other people!)
okay fine~~~~
akibatnye..minggu ni tah bape kali ponteng kelas pagi.
sbb terlajak tido~
dem dem!

hopefully dinner ni berjaya dgn meriahnye..
we'll see..

firefly come back to me
make the night as bright as day
i'll be looking out for you
tell me that ur lonely too..
firefly come lead me out
follow u into the sun
that's the way i want to be
firefly come back to me..
+i'm minor in a major kinda way+

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

dimana kan ku cari ganti~

pagi2 lagi dah mendung..
pkl 7.30pagi pun baru mcm pkl 7pagi..

payung kesayangan tertinggal plak kat blkg dewan kuliah smlm..
lupe nk amik pas exam..
dgn harapan payung tu masih ade kat situ..
jln je la walaupun hujan rintik2..

still hoping that the umbrella would be there..
oh my beloved umbrella..

harapan tinggal harapan...
payung kesayangan dah hilang..
hilang mane pun xtau..
makcik tu amik kot..

makcik2...pulangkan balik payung saye boleh?

huhu...sedih nye
payung tu best pulak..
besar..smpi boleh muat 3 org..
wannor pun bleh muat skali..
so precious... =(

nasib baik ade payung lagi..
sorry wannor...kau x bleh nk pinjam payung aku lagi..
nnt aku beli baru...kau boleh pinjam okay?

p/s = i have 2 umbrellas

Sunday, March 8, 2009


this is the greatest feeling..
the feeling that will soon be gone...
gone as the time changes..
but never gone in my heart..
my precious soul..
the soul that i shall keep..
for its happiness is mine..
letting it go too deep..
and now afraid if it might go away...
the greatest feeling is when i'm with you.
far in distance..
close at heart..
no matter how far you are..
we would never be apart..


p/s: bestnye dah beli baju jape~ nnt nk beli byk2 la~ ^_^

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

can you see me?

A=kwn kpd B dan C
B=kwn kpd A
C=kwn kpd A jugak

A and B are usually seen tgether at class..bcause they go to class tgether and they sit tgether like everytime?

A and C are ex-rummates.

the other day, A and B went to C's room...

"yg B ni kwn A ke? x pnah nmpk pun sblm ni..slalu nmpk A sorg je.slame ni A dgn sape?"

and rite there..

B is thinking..

'can you see me now? or you only see my friend?'

'i'm always with her in class..since last term?

and you've been talking to her since then..and i was sitting next to her everytime...cant see me still?'

mungkin akan terjadi bile kwn die dtg..

and nk duduk sebelah die...

n tbe2 x jadi duduk..

sbb ade org lain..

and maybe you'll say..

"oops...i dunt see you just now? where dyou come from? out of nowhere?"

i'm lost without you my 'kawan' :(

Monday, March 2, 2009

bosan? sunyi maybe

klang je..
tp rase jauh sgt...
baru first day...rase mcm lame je lagi nk tiba jumaat.
this week is a trial for the years to come..
one week...baru satu hari..
belum satu minggu..
belum satu tahun..
belum 4 tahun...5 tahun...dotdotdot...

luckily we managed to see each other last nite..
n we both know its worth it rite?
although its been raining the whole night..
thanx :)

cepatlah balik..
miss you already