Monday, March 18, 2013

see you in heaven.

i keep wanting to post this but i often feel sad just thinking about it.
i even deleted a picture of us from this post because reminiscing it is just too hard.

after 4 years abah passed away, my mum joined him and atuk.
when abah passed away suddenly due to ischemic heart disease, I felt like the world collapsed on me.
so sudden, so shocking. just like that. Allah is Great isn't He?

for 4 years, i can say that i have been accompanying my mum almost everywhere.
while i was still in the university, i go home every weekend just not to make her feel alone.
i went to the park with her every time, i went to the market with her every week.
and since she was diagnosed with cancer, i cried so hard every time i think about it.
thinking that there was not much time to spend with her.
i know she is not recovering at all. but i just kept it to myself and pray and spare a little bit of hope.

Allah loves her. i know. He loves her that is why He took her away from us.
so that she could be in a better be with my daddy and her father =')
she died in her sleep, just like she wanted. painless. thank you Allah.
for giving me this wonderful person to be my mother.
she has fulfilled her duty faithfully as a beloved mother to us and as Your loyal servant.

goodbye umi, i love you so much :')
wait for me in heaven, inshaAllah..

Monday, March 4, 2013

sbp wind orchestra 2013 preliminary round.

aaannnnndd, here are the schools that made it to the finals this year :

SSP - Vesuvius & Tanjung Puteri
Sains Kuching - Overture Jubiloso & Suriram
SESMA - Nostradamus & Khabar Dari Temasik
STAR! - Diogenes & Lenggang Mak Limah
SDAR - Dragon Fight & Tanah Pusaka
MCKK - Primavera & Awan Yang Terpilu
SMSAH - Perseus & Overture Melayu
SAS - Samurai & Jalan-Jalan
TKC - Hikayat Melayu Inderaputera & The Star of Dreams

sedih SERATAS tak berjaya layak ke peringkat akhir, walaupun berjaya dapat anugerah emas.
but two of my favourite schools made it to the finals this year~ yeays!
cuba lagi tahun depan my dear Royal Rhapsody. jangan putus asa.
we've come a long long way to get where we are now =)
i still love you RR! and will always give my ultimate support to you guys ;)

and again, sorry for the misinformation for whoever read my facebook status earlier ;(
malu gilaaa. baru nak excited.ahaks.

p/s ; boring jugak kalau lagu sama dok main banyak kali :)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

traumatic march.

the beginning of march has been a panic day for my family and I.

trauma, panic, sadness, all in one.

but we will never lose hope, faith, and always pray.pray.pray.

up till this day, i still can't tell the truth, the exact truth to friends and relatives what has been going on.
I just can't bring it up or talk about it.
at times I found it hard to explain or answer when they asked how was it, how has it been going, is everything alright..

ya Allah.please grant us strength to go through all of this ='(

our prayers will always be with you.
Allah kan ada =')