Wednesday, October 28, 2009

e-gad~ *yawn*

+jom-jom study!+
currently am waiting for 3.30pm. i got exam for biometry and experimental designs. oh my god.why the hell is the clock ticking slowly. and i am just so sleepy rite now~ damn. its been a cold day since last evening. hakhak. thinking doing review questions with aina n nabila is enuf. and should i go to sleep or just wandering aimlessly on the internet. still have assignments to be done. sure is freaking out for gene expression exam on monday. gosh! feels like i'm gonna have a suicide thinking bout gene expression. understand it YES. memorizing it NO. wtf. hopefully i'll pass the paper. if not. i'll be seeing dr.kalai's face next semester. again~ and will keep hearing she says 'dumbass,dumbos,amnesia,blablabla~'

Thursday, October 22, 2009

exams,here i come!

sorry cos i havent post anything for quite awhile.

Good Luck in your exams people!
Bonne chance~
jgn lupa baca doa okay sebelum jawab soalan =)
semoga Tuhan permudahkan kita utk menjawab dgn baik.

hee~~ cuak cuak CUAK !

get well soon baby..
i'm worried bout you..
hope ur doing fine over there..
wish that i could be with you..
and i'll take care of you..
and i'm sorry for my stupidity recently.
i love you..and i miss you so much =(

p/s = i dont see any possibilities in getting 3.0 (atleast!) n above this sem (-_-") oh god... really hoped that i could maintain/improve my CGPA..insyaAllah~

Thursday, October 1, 2009

what's next?

last night..
u had an argument with your boy.
the next time all you know is he hates you.
you called your bestfriend for a you&me time.
but she never called you back.
and you are too sad+lazy to bring things up and retold the story all over again.

the next day.
you took the bus as usual.
when you arrived at class you got kicked out for being late.
and you just walked your way back to your room.

what's next?

bak kata PakTua,
'befriend yourself then look outward befiend others'

semoga hari esok dan hari-hari akan datang menjadi lebih baik.

the moment you though your class is at 5...
it's actually at 4...

ape lagi lepas ni...?