Wednesday, October 28, 2009

e-gad~ *yawn*

+jom-jom study!+
currently am waiting for 3.30pm. i got exam for biometry and experimental designs. oh my god.why the hell is the clock ticking slowly. and i am just so sleepy rite now~ damn. its been a cold day since last evening. hakhak. thinking doing review questions with aina n nabila is enuf. and should i go to sleep or just wandering aimlessly on the internet. still have assignments to be done. sure is freaking out for gene expression exam on monday. gosh! feels like i'm gonna have a suicide thinking bout gene expression. understand it YES. memorizing it NO. wtf. hopefully i'll pass the paper. if not. i'll be seeing dr.kalai's face next semester. again~ and will keep hearing she says 'dumbass,dumbos,amnesia,blablabla~'


E-gad? said...

hahaha.. the pic is really not related anyway~ XD
hey~ jg la suicide syg~
alalala.. cian die~~
bersemngat la kay?~=)
You're the best~ i know you can do it~

enaLiF said...

nnt gene kta study sma2 tau..