Monday, September 29, 2008

I am selfish..

dont know why..?
what's wrong with my mood today?
like suddenly i want to hear this song...selfish by n'sync
well...truthfully...i am selfish..
selfish for something that i truly want..
for something that i only want to keep it for myself..'s like...everything?? =P

I just don't understand
Why you're running from a good man, baby
Why you wanna turn your back on love
Why you've already given up
See I know you've been hurt before
But I swear I'll give you so much more
I swear I'll never let you down
Cause I swear it's you that I adore
And I can't help myself, babe
Cause I think about you constantly
And my heart gets no rest over you, you you, yeah

You can call me selfish
But all I want is your love
You can call me hopeless, baby
Cause I'm hopelessly in love
You can call me unperfect
But who's perfect?
Tell me what do I gotta do
To prove that I'm the only one for you
What's wrong with being selfish

I'll be taking up your time
Til the day I make you realize
That for you there could be no one else
I just gotta have you for myself
Baby I would take good care of you
No matter what it is your going through
I'll be there for you when you're in need
Baby believe in me
Cause if love is a crime yeah
Then punish me
I would die for you
Cause I don't want to live without you
What can I do, oh

Why do you keep us apart
Why won't you give up your heart
You know that were meant to be together

Why do you push me away
All that I want is to give you love
Forever and ever and ever

Selfishly I'm in love with you
Cause I've searched my soul
And I know that it's you

To prove that I'm the only one for you
What's wrong with being selfish selfish selfish
So what's wrong with being selfish

ALIA MMG SELFISH! (ngehehe..)
i'm selfish because i love you..
i'm selfish because i want you..
i'm selfish because i dont want to lose you..

Sunday, September 28, 2008

seharian bersama si cantik...

its saturday though..
of course there are a lot of cars on the road (duh!)
but yana manage to drive her own car...instead of having abg rizal drive us to ou..
we're planning to go to ou..
tp x pg pun snanye..
let's see....the whole day we spent at the curve...n cineleisure..
we're odw to damansara~~
ohhh...penat suda pusing vincci carik kasut raya utk si yana nih...poyo2 dpn cermin..hihi.i bought a necklace worth rm32...n luckily i got 20% off..n we keep on taking pictures until the guard came n said like...err...x bleh amek gamba dlm kedai...uhh?? we took a dozen pics already n skang baru nk ckp?? siyes da pnat gle pusing2 the whole mall carik kasut si cantik nih..aduhai....
we've been friends since kindergaten~ until now...haha..
yana + aLia + aina

yana + aina
yeahh...pas carik kasut....pusing2 flee market plak kat luar the curve tu...baru la rase fresh sket...dpt fresh air...huu~ kitorang berbuka at the apartment..n restaurant tu mmg mcm suasana dlm apartment...n we had the ramadhan buffet...we ate with yana's whole family..bcause we're going to celebrate her bday as well...time tu mmg lapar n penat usual...saye mmg mkn byk...i took a whole plate of spaghetti with some udang masak mussels juge...n the next plate amek nasi goreng dgn chicken's rm48 per head! expensive...but's worth it..and i got really bloated..oooppphh~~ and abg rizal lagi kate....alia pg amik lagi...huhu...i just finished one plate of spaghetti n one plate of nasi goreng....x larat nk makan lagi~ (to me baby= sorry sweetie...nnt gf u gemok!)

we're ready to eat!
happy birthday to yana~~
mau pulang suda~

we rock ikano tonite! (haha!)

fuh~ we're done for the day! our tummy are already full~ and what's left in our pockets are only butterflies...haha~ i had fun spending time with yana...bkn slalu pn...and sgt penat! but puas hati..
oh ya....
sian si dia...
x msg dgn die seharian pun...
miss him so much...
mcm mane la bile die da fly nnt...
hope our relationship would last til the end of time....

Friday, September 26, 2008

seminggu di rumah..

makin lame makin bosan..
tiap hari buat rutin same...(maybe)
oleh kerana saye kanak2 terpelihara..
jadi i cnt go out sesuka hati..
bosan n malas..
bertambah malas...
bertambah tambah malas...
bertambah tambah tambah malas....

oih sedarlaaa~~
nnt ad exam..

Thursday, September 25, 2008

blog ni mmg berguna..(kot)

bosan lar buat assignment...
nk buat assignment.
but in my head there's loads of things to think about..
pas cuti ad xm...
xm is just around the corner actually..
then x bwk balik notes bioD..
aduh..sedey gila kalau cmni..
asal baru tau xm lab bioD same week dgn xm lab microb..
mok pnye pasal lah nih...
bitau aku bile...
da la tipu aku smlm...siot jer..
dlm kebosanan menyiapkan assignment est yg x sudah2 ni...
usya2 kat youtube for any interesting songs...
n now my current interest is in indo songs..
let's see....

tangga -kesempatan kedua (best!)
afgan feat nagita - yang kutahu cinta itu indah (okay la)
alexa - jangan pernah pergi (no comment)
jikustik - selamat malam (catchy..selamat malam dunia~ kita lewati malam berdua oh baby~)
jikustik - dia harus tahu (i've always like this band!)
pilot band - sepanjang hidupku (sepanjang hidupku hanya ingin bersamamu, disetiap waktu..)
angkasa - jangan pernah selingkuh
nineball - hingga akhir waktu (xkn pernah akan ada yg lain disisi.segenap jiwa hanya utkmu)
d'cinnamons - selamanya cinta
nineball - maaf..harus pergi..

lagu indo mmg sesuai utk org mood jiwang2 ni..
xpn yg pasrah putus cinta ke ape...
byk lagi la...
tp ni je yg berkesempatan nk tgk..
till next time...
chaLoOo~ =)

+lots of love n happiness+

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ur my addiction.. =)

harini aiman balik rumah..
ade laa nk kne buli nih..
my youngest bro is always the one yg kne buli or ape2..
youngest la katekan..
anyway...aiman dgn aina ad rumah mmg kecoh!
diorng x bleh dok dekat...nnt msti gaduh..
that must wait for tomorrow bcause aina will be home esok. =P
oh ya..raya this time will be at kuantan..
sgt best!
msti wan masak sedap2..hihi...with all my cousins sume..(diorng sme comel2!)
since my cousins sme kecik2 lagi..

+the other part+
what a dream come true..
crazy in love with you..(AGAIN??!!)
you make my life worth living baby..=)
just because of you..
i'm happy..happy..happy..~
saying the word three times means that i really2 mean it..
and i hope that ur happy too...
ya lor...being with me mmg akan pening kpale..
haha...i admit! tp ni baru xde ape2 yg x diigini terjadi lah..
just hope that it will really really really work this time..
i'm lucky i'm in love with my best friend. ^_^
saaaaayang sangat2.

i say dat this pic buat die nmpk cm kne admit la...mcm smart jugak la die nih..
weekkKkKk~ =P

Old Miss Diary~

mcm biase..
ape2 movie menarik yg ditayangkan di kirana...
msti aku masuk blog pnye...
patut nye nk tgk cite antu pasni..
tp takut ahh tgk sorg2...

The plot revolves around Mi Ja, a down on her luck thirty-something woman whose life is going nowhere fast, and who seems doomed to live out her days as a lonely old maid. Things start to look up when she finally manages to land some work as a voice-dubbing actress, which brings her back into contact not only with a former crush, but a possible longshot love prospect in the form of handsome young producer Ji Hyun Woo. This makes for all manner of complications, as does the odd behaviour of her three grandmothers, who seem to be making a late bid for romance themselves.

The film’s romantic elements are handled with a surprising subtlety and realism, with the road to love being a long and rocky one, peppered with painful mishaps, most of which stem from Mi Ja’s all too believable insecurities rather than comical misunderstandings. It certainly helps that beneath his mock-cool exterior, Ji Hyun is quite blatantly a social misfit in his own right, and though the viewer never learns much about him beyond a few hints of his inner turmoil, the two do seem to be a good match, and their relationship develops in a convincing fashion. It goes without saying that the film takes the inevitable dive into melodrama towards the end, with some tragedy and shock revelations thrown in for good measure, though there are at least mercifully few tears or cheap tugs at the heartstrings.

tp seriously cite die cm lawak laa...

pening kpale tgk...sbb pmpuan ni bengong sgt..

such a day dreamer..should see urself la..

but the story have a very2 sweet ending..

at the end the girl got really upset..

the story ends when the guy kisses her..(smpi bengkak lips die lor)

now i know dat d guy...maybe laa..didnt know how to confess..

but just express it in his actions...not by words...haha~

sweet sweet sweet~~ =)

part best ble kat lif laki tu pnye apartment...then both their hands are full with stuff...

pmpuan tu kiss lif tu pnye butang2...(bcause it have sensors..kiss pun da dpt tekan)

the next time..laki tu kiss plak butang2 tu..sbb kan dat girl da pnah kiss..

hahaha~ overall cite tu hillarious + bengong + sweet

xde la romantic sgt..

me misses me baby much2~~ =)

die pg jamming mlm ni..wondering mlm ni die nk nyanyi lagu ape ek..


+lots of love and happiness+

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


i've customized my page~
so u xbleh kate i malas lagi~
tp i think i prefer the old one kot..
the colours are better..
byk kaler bleh nmpk dgn jelas..
yg ni certain kaler je kan?
pape pon sbb layout die cantek.
muahxXxXx~ =)

i dunt know..

hari ni da selase..
study x mule lagi..
malas malas malas..
sangat malas..
bkn malas utk ape..
hanye malas utk bukak buku lab manual microb..
so far ape yg da buat ek cuti ni..

5 days at home..
-bahan for est da carik..
-blog x deco agi..
-i've read half of eldest already (2nd book of eragon) yet still lmbt agi nk abes..
-i've managed to learn how to play pop n music with 9 buttons (usually 5 buttons)
-kad raya x tulis agi
-main djmax kat psp tiap pagi

+playing a lot of games i'm afraid that i might get arthritis..haha~+

byk agi bnde nk wat kot..
maybe hanye saye yg rase xde ape nk buat..
oh yea...sbb buku microb anta fotostat kat aina..
then lec notes x masuk spin..
oh damn...
sib bek saye salin nota..

kat rumah tido lewat...
bgn pun lewat..
tp die x kesah..hihi..
die kate...tido je laa...pkl 1 nnt bgn..
memanjakan aku btol... =P
love you baby~

everynite pg terawih..
but tonite i went alone with abg ngah..
mom is not coming..
she's very pissed off with all of us..
n we break fast in silence..
n i feel that our home is very empty..
with everyone doing their own stuff..
keep locked up in their room...
well..its our fault jugak..
kesian umi..
met ustzh maznah (dia ajar sume adik beradik saye mase kat skola agama dlu)
met nadh's mum...(but nadh is not coming..sigh...its hard to meet her's been like 6 years?)
didnt meet any of my ex-skulmates dulu..
sume ad kat U maybe..

the good thing pg terawih at home is the chance to meet with my old friends..
but still....susa nk jmpe diorng skang.

merapu lahh..
ape ek nk buat utk hari2 seterusnye...............

+lots of love+

Saturday, September 20, 2008

wishing for a sweet ending..

i'm able to smile again..
for having you...
for being with you...
be with me to guide me..
be with me to lead me..
be with me to protect me...
be with me to console me...
sitting and wishing...
hoping for a shooting star..
to grant my wishes...
praying and waiting...
for all the wishes to come true...
for being with you is all i think about...
for being beside you is what i dream about..
cant believe i'm lucky...
lucky to have you..
for my wishes has came true...
and eternal love is all i want..
trying to love is all i'm trying to do..
hoping that you are trying too...
i will try to give my best..
the best for you...
i will try to appreaciate...
appreciate the love you gave me..
i will try to dedicate..
dedicate all the love in me....
for you.....

Friday, September 19, 2008

there's something about you.

just got home this afternoon.
balik naek tren...
then took the lrt to dang wangi...
went to mum's office..
yea2..still tired though..
didnt sleep last night..
watched why2 love..
damn..i'm wasting my time watching movies again..
but how do i resist it??
since to actor is damn good looking..(haha!)

'bitau aku bile kau nk really imprtnt thing to tell you'

'okay2...what is so imprtnt that u cant wait? if i go home tmoro i'll tell u if i can go on9 okay? =) '

it didnt turn out the way i want it to be..
because only i want it to happen..not him..

'if we get to know each other..u'll hate me..aku bukan lelaki yg kau cari la'

there's something about you that i dunt want to let go..
there's something about you that i want to know more..

but u rejected urself.....
i thought ur the one that would give me hope..
that would turn my rainy days into endless sunshine..
but it's okay....
i dunt put high hopes...
because i know...
if those hopes failed me...
i'll be hopeless again..

cinta itu tidak buta..tetapi kita yg buta kerana cinta.
i will always be the girl who smiles..though inside...she tries to hide the pain.

lots of love


Monday, September 15, 2008


These feelings I can't explain
Months and even years of yearning
For the beauty that never come
Each day I find only dying souls
I know we have to enjoy the life
Yet I'm still complaining everything
Ever seems like never...
No more
Colours translated as black in sight
Overshadowed by uncertainty
When will it become calm again?
Storms of disillusion wrecked my mind
Pull me to the state of total chaos
I know we have to enjoy the life
Yet I'm still complaining everything
Where is my faith as I had in the past?
I need to get it back right now!

i'm waiting...waiting...waiting...

i dunt realize that actually i'm waiting...waiting...waiting...
waiting to come back home...~
this friday dah start cuti mid sem..
holiday for two weeks...
alone for one week...(adik2 x cuti lagi)
then the other week will be spend merrily~
hari raya of course..
still.....byk keje lor...
kene rancang cuti nih nk wat pe...

+lots of love+

Thursday, September 11, 2008


for using harsh words in the previous post..(yg dah dlete)
saye rase saye terlalu ikut mood saye yg hot-tempered..
sorry to those who are related..
u know who u are..
n if u r reading...i'm asking for ur apology..

woke up after taking a short nap..
back from some bazaar in gombak..
went to erisya's house..
since tomorrow class starts at 10..
then i realised like..
teruk nye saye ni...i'm not being myself or something..
wlpn control la sket..
i beg for ur apology..

i dunt know who to trust..
i dunt know which to believe..
i guess i just believe in me..

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bad luck strikes again??


bangun lewat lagi...7.15 maybe...


tp buat ape je???

ape2 lahh.....harini abes klas at 10..

chem xde..x dpt nk usya dat guy...(bkn die tgk saye pon~)

haha...ape aku merepek nih...isk..

neway...back to the topic...

rushing to go to est class...malas nye~~ tp harini nk kne wat presentation la plak..

tumpang alif pg klas..


"alamak...tertinggal file dlm bilik~"

aduhhhhh.....pasrah gue..

damn it!

bermula lah sesi moody saye pada hari ini... =/

mestilaa saye pasrah + kecewa...

i stayed up last night just to finish the outline for est project..

in the end...i left the file at room????

damn damn can i forget~

huhu...relax suda... est class i learned about cooperation..

meaning dat in my all the groups..

we are suppose to mix with the chinese(there's no indian in my est class anyway)

from here..atleast...i know how to cooperate with them..

some of them are really ade jugak yg malas2..

tp mostly they are really hardworking n ready to cooperate if we ourselve cooperate with them...

tp masalah nye skang ni..(it is based on my friends experience bout their group)

org len leh cooperate..but still ade yg mementingkan diri sendiri...

rase cm hell pon ade....aishh...

menyusahkan org len je..pastu nk suh org len buatkan keje die plak..

hello~~~~ ingt org len tu kuli die ke...

kau ingt kau senior kau bleh buli kitorang ke?? ingt kitorng takot??? this happened to my friend laa..not me..

xde sape berani nk buli saye...ngahahahahaha!

oh yea...i'm thinking to sign up for the intensive program for learning english and bahasa malaysia..haha!

dah lame x blaja bi mcm kat skola...teringin nk join program tu..

hope its not full yet!

enough blabbing n nagging...

til later~

+lotsa love+

Monday, September 8, 2008

Fabulous dishes~ NO to AYAM!

sgt puas hati bila dpt berbuka puasa di rumah...

mentang2 rumah da dekat dgn Uni...

went to bazaar at kj...met some of my diorng mcm x knal saye je..

bli laa sket2...coz kat umah umi da masak sedap...

balik rumah laa time nk spend beli ape2...

since i'm not using my own money.. =P

haha..ya lor...

kat uni kene jimat...

lgpun xde byk food yg best2..

time balik rumah laa nk melantak puas2....


gosh...2 weeks b4 midsem break...

busy2....lots n lots of assignments n xm to think about..

aduhai...makin lame makin malas pulak...

ape nk jadi ni..

microb is getting harder and complicated...

with all the diseases and viruses to remember...

huhu..bile da blaja microb...rase nk makan ayam tu dah kurang...

meaning...risau kalo ayam yg dijual x bersih or its already rotten or somewhat..

yea..kalo x pnah kne xkn laa x mkn ayam rite..

jadi vegetarian maybe...ngahaha...(bleh percaye ke alia vegetarian??)

no lah...i just dunt want to eat chicken outside...unsure if it is safe to eat...

afraid if it is rotten...or maybe contaminated...

sometimes cant believe some of the bact in the lab...such as E.coli..

we use a lot of E.coli in the lab..for experiments..

it might cause some harmful diseases...huhu..

yet..the students still are not aware of it...

bukanlah saye nak kate E.coli infect chicken...hek..

chicken ape ek...Salmonella maybe...

ape2 pun...ALIA says NO to AYaM!

hanye ayam yg dimasak di rumah saje yg saye akan makan...(as if??)

esp KFC...i will try to avoid eating KFC...huhuhu...


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Seducing mr. Perfect...

menghabiskan masa menonton cerita ini di kirana..

Min-joon is a believer in true love and always very dedicated to her current boyfriend. However, men always break up with her - her latest boyfriend ends their relationship on her birthday. Distracted by the latest break-up, she bumps into a car and a man steps out of it - who turns out to be her new boss, Robin Heiden. Heiden has very clear ideas about a relationship and love: both are a game of power and Min-Joon seeks advice from him, as she doesn't want to get dumped again. However, when she starts to treat men like Heiden treats women, she realizes that she prefers her older behaviour, even if that means that she gets dumped again; she doesn't see love as a game of power and never will. Heiden, who has to deal with his own heartbreak, as he loved a woman so much that she had to shoot him to get the message across that she wasn't interested in him, starts to soften at Min-joon's attitude towards life. He eventually falls in love with her and both get into a real relationship and a happy ending of their own.
One of the unique concepts of the movie is that Robin Heiden speaks only in English, while Min-Joon speaks mostly in Korean. The two seem to understand each other perfectly without any outside translation. This was a new style of dialogue for Korean films, and it is partially credited for the film's success.

this story at first mcm merepek...

she tried a few 'operations' to make her new boss apologise with kneeling knees to her...

but he is so dry....xde perasaan...aih..

bkn xde perasaan actually...cume he keep his feelings inside...

sume org pun ade perasaan meh...

n she end up acting like a fool when her 'operations' failed..

but its quite an exciting story act...

just watching it for fun..or maybe kalo nk amek tips for broken hearts out there...

but yeah...the older you is the one who you are comfortable to be..

but time and situation changes people rite...

so it does not mean that you will always be the way you are dari dulu sampai skarang...

Friday, September 5, 2008

admiring you M.a.D.L.y!!!~

hari jumaat....

odw back from klas etnik....

it's about 6.45pm...

"aina ade nmpk uub alia" (not my twin..but my fren yg bernama aina mardhiah)

+wondering....uub sape plak nih..uub tu name bf kwn aku...die ingt uub tu someone yg kite minat kot....+

reply dgn excited skali...

"dkt mane???"

"dkt cafe laa..."

yeahh~~ i'm heading to the cafe anyway...nk beli food for berbuka...dgn hati yg berbunga~ +ngehngehngeh+

asked my another fren to order for my kuey teow bandung...sangat excited...mane org yg saye admire??~~

yeah...dah nmpk...ddk dkt dgn meja jepun tu..

ngeeeeeee~~~ ooopsss....

tapi which one is he????? (dats the main prob now)

tp xpe...sib bek pki baju laen2...


die x prasan saye pun... =/ +sob+

xpe queue mau beli air....

got my teh o' fren nk balik room ikut blkg...

"eh...ikut la sane...nk tgk........"

mulut kwn tu dah menunjuk2 dkt somewhere...


ade blkg je....alamak...malu~ (tp die wat bodo x perasan)

waaaaaa~~ menjerit dlm hati!

sgt suke bile nmpk die....kdg2 bile turun nk dinner kat cafe after maghrib..msti saye dinner awal...x dpt nmpk slalu...aih..kalo terjumpe tu....good luck maybe..hehe...

"nnt aku nk jadi mcm ustzh kau...simpan cinta dlm hati..last2 kawen jgk dgn guy yg die minat.."

"eleehh...itu die simpan aku da tau x pyh laaa nk simpan dlm hati konon"

"hahaha...mane la tau...kot2 jadi kenyataan..."

smiling all the way back to my room....ngahahahaah...

+the conversation bout him ends there..+

after berbuka conversation yg menyakitkan hati pula.....x pyh laa cerita....

p/s= i still miss the old one....i dunt know where u are...but i'm still right here...die saye sayang die...


Thursday, September 4, 2008

after all this time...

After all the broken stones, that were thrown for no good reason,
Inside, she is loving him still, After all this time,
And though her heart bears the scars, no sign of healing,
It’s alright, she is loving him still, After all this time

Trying to push the past away,
Still waiting for the lights to change,
But she’ll try, try,
For the sake of their pride, pride,
Learning to barely feel the pain,
The thicker the skin the less the strain,
And though it’s really hurting,
She ain’t breakin, breakin, breakin,
She is loving him still,
After all this time,

Now he knows, his weakness shows, selfish soul,
Never changing, but that’s fine,
Cos she’s loving him still, after all this time
And to the outside eye, you see a family getting by,
And it all seems perfect, and that’s how she wants it,
Cos she’s loving him still,
After all this time,

After all, after all, after all this time

Oh, bones, have to grow,
Age it shows, though we try and hide it,
Inside, she is loving him still, After all this time
And behind his tired eyes,
She sees the boy with his arms wide,
Who made her feel like an angel,

Oh that’s why…
She is loving him still,
For the rest of her life,
She is loving him still,
For the last so many miles,
She is loving him still,
After all this time

+its hard to accept...but i still love you...its for eternal...after what you have done...i still love you the same....even you're with someone else rite now...+