Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Old Miss Diary~

mcm biase..
ape2 movie menarik yg ditayangkan di kirana...
msti aku masuk blog pnye...
patut nye nk tgk cite antu pasni..
tp takut ahh tgk sorg2...

The plot revolves around Mi Ja, a down on her luck thirty-something woman whose life is going nowhere fast, and who seems doomed to live out her days as a lonely old maid. Things start to look up when she finally manages to land some work as a voice-dubbing actress, which brings her back into contact not only with a former crush, but a possible longshot love prospect in the form of handsome young producer Ji Hyun Woo. This makes for all manner of complications, as does the odd behaviour of her three grandmothers, who seem to be making a late bid for romance themselves.

The film’s romantic elements are handled with a surprising subtlety and realism, with the road to love being a long and rocky one, peppered with painful mishaps, most of which stem from Mi Ja’s all too believable insecurities rather than comical misunderstandings. It certainly helps that beneath his mock-cool exterior, Ji Hyun is quite blatantly a social misfit in his own right, and though the viewer never learns much about him beyond a few hints of his inner turmoil, the two do seem to be a good match, and their relationship develops in a convincing fashion. It goes without saying that the film takes the inevitable dive into melodrama towards the end, with some tragedy and shock revelations thrown in for good measure, though there are at least mercifully few tears or cheap tugs at the heartstrings.

tp seriously cite die cm lawak laa...

pening kpale tgk...sbb pmpuan ni bengong sgt..

such a day dreamer..should see urself la..

but the story have a very2 sweet ending..

at the end the girl got really upset..

the story ends when the guy kisses her..(smpi bengkak lips die lor)

now i know dat d guy...maybe laa..didnt know how to confess..

but just express it in his actions...not by words...haha~

sweet sweet sweet~~ =)

part best ble kat lif laki tu pnye apartment...then both their hands are full with stuff...

pmpuan tu kiss lif tu pnye butang2...(bcause it have sensors..kiss pun da dpt tekan)

the next time..laki tu kiss plak butang2 tu..sbb kan dat girl da pnah kiss..

hahaha~ overall cite tu hillarious + bengong + sweet

xde la romantic sgt..

me misses me baby much2~~ =)

die pg jamming mlm ni..wondering mlm ni die nk nyanyi lagu ape ek..


+lots of love and happiness+


i perasan je i ni alia's said...

em..mcm best je movie tu..
sori g jamming td,.. tapi dpt gak online..siap dpt dgr suara die yg lunak merdu lagi..=) miss u badly..ouch~=)

[aLia-nL] said...

haha...teruk la men2 je...