Friday, September 19, 2008

there's something about you.

just got home this afternoon.
balik naek tren...
then took the lrt to dang wangi...
went to mum's office..
yea2..still tired though..
didnt sleep last night..
watched why2 love..
damn..i'm wasting my time watching movies again..
but how do i resist it??
since to actor is damn good looking..(haha!)

'bitau aku bile kau nk really imprtnt thing to tell you'

'okay2...what is so imprtnt that u cant wait? if i go home tmoro i'll tell u if i can go on9 okay? =) '

it didnt turn out the way i want it to be..
because only i want it to happen..not him..

'if we get to know each other..u'll hate me..aku bukan lelaki yg kau cari la'

there's something about you that i dunt want to let go..
there's something about you that i want to know more..

but u rejected urself.....
i thought ur the one that would give me hope..
that would turn my rainy days into endless sunshine..
but it's okay....
i dunt put high hopes...
because i know...
if those hopes failed me...
i'll be hopeless again..

cinta itu tidak buta..tetapi kita yg buta kerana cinta.
i will always be the girl who smiles..though inside...she tries to hide the pain.

lots of love



P.U.M.P said...

weh al
sape new guy ni
nak kenal gak dow

aLia NaJiaH LoKMaN said...

haha...kau nk knal??
u knew him all ur life la~~
so xyah la nk knal2..

im yours =) said...
sorry..make u sad je..