Monday, December 28, 2009

speed dating

our very first speech communication class or it is call workplace comm now..
we are told to introduce ourselves generally..
kinda like that speed dating style..
whattaheck? i've never been on speed dating before? the word SPEED you should know what i mean huh.
our task is to introduce ourselves as much as we can in about 2 mins..
and to 11-12 people.
kering tekak aku wey~ with those loud voices people next to each of us.
but hell what an experience! although its not really dating.
haha.kalo dating aku pun tanak buat =P


i met these people..
+ enjoy scrapbooking (wow! i love scrapbooking too! what an expensive hobby =/ )
+ one chinese girl who have interest in music and plays violin and piano.
(the one and only person in that class in fact)
+ a chinese guy who is studying biology but want to be a bussinesman who sell tractors and kenderaan2 berat.
+ a girl who asked me whether i wore braces before.
+ she adores my teeth~ :D
+ the one who loves malay novels (i prefer english)
+ one who like to snap pictures of herself. agagagagagagagaga~
+ love to travel (lots n lots of 'em)

when i went to the cafe..
i saw this one guy..cute.putih. 50:50. cute:handsome
byk kali dah nmpk die sbnrnye.
tp kali ni bersama awek.
muka die nmpk gembira=happy.
so aku terfikir.kalo kite tgh couple..
kite akan menonjolkan riak wajah gembira,seronok ke?
maybe i look like that when i'm with him =)
gembira pulak mengenangkannya.

you know the word is the same..
i love you
you know who you are... :)

p/s = smpi hati wannor xde interest same dgn aku~~ =P

Thursday, December 17, 2009

nak pegi.nak pegi.NAK PEGI!

bukan senang utk aku nak bangun awal ok.
serious aku cakap.
tapi dua tiga hari ni aku bangun awal.
awal la bagi aku.(pkl 8 tu awal laaa~)
dengan harapan ade la benda yang menarik aku nak buat pada hari2 tesebut.
oh.nak cakap pasal harini. (17 dis)

aku bangun awal sebab aku nak pegi times square.
ade drumline battle klwmbc.
nak pegi. nak pegi. NAK PEGI!
aku bangun and kejut abgngah & adik aku.
diorg sume tido lagi =((
dah bitau dah drumline pkl 9pagi.
last skali aku ngan abgngah gerak gi times square pkl 11am.
geram. geram. GERAM!

mesti la dah habis.haih.
kalau lah aku boleh drive kereta sendiri.
dah lame aku gerak sorang2.(kalau laaaa...)
klwmbc grand final sabtu ni...
nak pegi. nak pegi. NAK PEGI!
tp umi kate nak balik kuantan plak.
tak tau lah....kalo umi nak balik kuantan..ikut je la.
ape la sgt klwmbc ni kan =((
tp dah ade passes for grandstand plak tu.. (dgn penuh harapan)

result dah keluar. boleh tahan lah.
bersyukur sebenarnye.
semoga sem baru membawa semangat baru.
tekad dan azam yang baru.
aku bangga aku x fail gene expression! wuhuuu~
(ntah2 bagi org lain senang kot?)

take care peeps!
until later..
adios amigos~

Thursday, December 10, 2009

it doesnt puff out right~

i did baked potato today.
not potatoes because i only baked ONE potato.
my first attempt didnt puff out right~
how come at wendy's their baked potatoes were soft~
mine are not as soft as wendy's.
geesh~ love wendy's baked potatoes with cheese~ yummy! >.<
i shall try again next time.
practice makes perfect!

umi kate.die dah daftarkn kami utk kelas memasak pada hari isnin bersamaan dgn 14hb dis.
super excited!!
we're going to learn how to bake butter n choc cake including the icings~
yippeE yippee yeay!
nanti bile buat makan2 kat rumah.boleh laa buat kek itu :D

dah mula rasa bosan duduk rumah.
sebab dah 2 minggu x pegi jalan2.oh bosan!
nak keluar :(
nak makan sushi. :((
next week pun pegi tgk klwmbc je la.hee...cant wait!

bila bosan..saye rindu..
saye rindu...saye akan tunggu...dan tunggu...dan tunggu...
i'll be right here waiting for you :)

take care people ;)

Monday, December 7, 2009

get well soon umi.

my mum is sick today.
actually...she has been sick since saturday.
due to the non-stop pouring rain.
and it has been raining all evening today.
and i get cold feet easily..(is that the right word?)
have u guys ever heard of Reynaulds disease?
its when your fingers get cold easily..
even at not-so-cold-temp..maybe in the movies,or air-conditioned room..
it will eventually get better when ur exposed to enough heat ;)

since mum is her lovely daughters had to prepared dinner.
well...been helping her in the kitchen everydayyy~
so today we cooked..stuffed tofu..sup tulang.(bones soup? haha~)..and ikan gorengg~~ =P
ikan goreng pun jadi la kan.hehe.
i love to cook.when i know what to cook.
but i really hate it when bibik always interfere everytime i want to cook something.

good luck for those who're sitting for their exams~
not forgetting my dear syahir aizat~
i know you can do it syg~
buat elok2 ok? muahxXxXx~
i love you :)

*cant wait to catch KLWMBC next week!*

adios amigos.
take care yah! ;)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

band comp results!


1st - Sekolah Dato' Abdul Razak
2nd - Uitm
3rd - UPSI

and come sdar got to compete in the woc comp.
the have their own SBP WOC comp? and yeahh..this year,high schools can also participate.
not just SBP lah~ but SBP woc comp is already for cluster and SBP schools? (starting this year)
huh~ whatever lahh...but sure the old one was preferable.
i thought its for IPTA/IPTS only?
haha.but they sure are great musicians~ bcause they get the beat down all those senior musicians.
heyyy...those uitm players are great! but SDAR won first place??
wow....thats unbelievable.
*hoping that ukm will join next year*

holiday will end in 2 weeks time!
results arent out yet *nervous!*
new motivation!

chiaow~ ;)
take care people.