Monday, December 7, 2009

get well soon umi.

my mum is sick today.
actually...she has been sick since saturday.
due to the non-stop pouring rain.
and it has been raining all evening today.
and i get cold feet easily..(is that the right word?)
have u guys ever heard of Reynaulds disease?
its when your fingers get cold easily..
even at not-so-cold-temp..maybe in the movies,or air-conditioned room..
it will eventually get better when ur exposed to enough heat ;)

since mum is her lovely daughters had to prepared dinner.
well...been helping her in the kitchen everydayyy~
so today we cooked..stuffed tofu..sup tulang.(bones soup? haha~)..and ikan gorengg~~ =P
ikan goreng pun jadi la kan.hehe.
i love to cook.when i know what to cook.
but i really hate it when bibik always interfere everytime i want to cook something.

good luck for those who're sitting for their exams~
not forgetting my dear syahir aizat~
i know you can do it syg~
buat elok2 ok? muahxXxXx~
i love you :)

*cant wait to catch KLWMBC next week!*

adios amigos.
take care yah! ;)


you know who i am =) said...

harap2 umi will be ok~
huyo~ best nye die masak~
hee~ esok bleh die masak lagi kan?
sejuk pale umi makan masakan anak2 die~ =)
gud luck in your cooking~ =)

p/s: thanx for the wish~ i love you~ =)

izzAti said...

ckp kt mama ko, get well soon auty!

b!b said...

semuga beliyau cepat sembuh
jadik anak baik ye alia & aina :D
masak shedap2...ngeeee~