Sunday, December 6, 2009

band comp results!


1st - Sekolah Dato' Abdul Razak
2nd - Uitm
3rd - UPSI

and come sdar got to compete in the woc comp.
the have their own SBP WOC comp? and yeahh..this year,high schools can also participate.
not just SBP lah~ but SBP woc comp is already for cluster and SBP schools? (starting this year)
huh~ whatever lahh...but sure the old one was preferable.
i thought its for IPTA/IPTS only?
haha.but they sure are great musicians~ bcause they get the beat down all those senior musicians.
heyyy...those uitm players are great! but SDAR won first place??
wow....thats unbelievable.
*hoping that ukm will join next year*

holiday will end in 2 weeks time!
results arent out yet *nervous!*
new motivation!

chiaow~ ;)
take care people.

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