Tuesday, June 30, 2009

part of the list

style of your hair
shape of your eyes and your nose
the way you stare.
as if you see right through to my soul

it's your left hand and the way
that it's not quite as big as your right
the way you stand,in the mirror
before we go out at night
our quiet time.
your beautiful mind.

they're a part of the list
things that i miss
things like your, funny little laugh
and the way you smile,or the way you kiss
what i noticed is this
i come up with
something new,every single time
that i sit and reminisce

the way your sweet smell
lingers when you leave the room
stories you tell,as we lay
in bed all afternoon

i dreamed you now,every night
in my mind is where we meet
and when i'm awake
staring at pictures of you asleep

touching your face,invading your space.
oh,and you'll live in my memories.
forever more i swear

wow.mungkin aku jugak terkena sindrom tension skang ni.
since last week(kot) mcm rmi yg tension. usual.putting on that fake smile.
xpe la..nk wat cane kan.

missing you is a part of the list =)

take care people~

Sunday, June 28, 2009

KLue Urbanscapes 2009!

at first i didnt have a clue about urbanscapes.
but then at fb they were talking bout going to urbanscapes and blablabla..
so..i did check urbanscapes website..
and what is it all about..
its kinda like arts,music,film and fashion festival..
it was held at KLPac,Sentul West..
which i am lucky bcause my uncle lives there
haha~ so senang ahh nk bodek mak mintak tiket ;)

we arrived at KLPac about 3pm kot.
thought that more people would be there at night
hell was already crowded when we reached KLPac.
we are all very very excited! haha~
first we went to the marketplace.
if u havent or didnt want to buy the tickets.
then the marketplace and exhibitions are free =)

oh ya..went there with just rm10 in my pocket.haha~
tu pun pau mak~~ =P in case nk kne balik naik tren ke ape..
gosh..really wanted to buy urbanscapes t-shirt =(
maybe next year~ huhu
jln2 tgk pameran and usya THE BOX.
around 4pm mcm tu we went and searched for the X-LAWN STAGE.
to watch the performances.

it is interesting because there are many kinds of performances.
there's street performances, the sunset disco, dance. folk, movies & short films.
most of the time we watched the performances lah~
sempat tgk 40 winks,pop shuvit,yuna,teleburydgn pesawat.
ingtkn nk tgk GSC dgn diorg perform lmbt sgt..
around 10pm mcm tu..
40 winks, pop shuvit and pesawat was really awesome!!

pastu ktorg gi koi cntre~
best sgt tmpt tu~ around there jugak la =) first urbanscapes was really awesome and
LEGEN...wait for it....DARY!
yeaahh~ so next urbanscapes bleh pegi lagi ;) (kalau ade lah)
ktorg balik pas tgk pesawat perform.
hehe..tido umah acu mlm tu~

till later people.
oh..esok ade QTI..wish me luck ;)
take care yah!


p/s = for pics,please take a peek at my fb ;)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

air mail!

spanjang minggu ni aku tunggu posto dtg.
kot2 nk anta parcel dari perancis.
harini cadangnye baru nk majuk dgn die.
pagi ni agak merajuk la.
smpikn die call2 dkt skype pun aku xnk jwb.
padahal bukannye aku xtau.
die tgh tido time aku call sebelum tu.
so mungkin die x perasan or x dgr aku call.

pastu aku rase,pak posman tu dah dtg.
tp biarlah bibik yg amik surat.
'non...non...non liaa~ ni ade surat.dia suruh sain'
ahh...non non plak bibik aku nih..

hee~ voila~
my parcel dah smpi~
best nye~ first2 ingtkn baju.
oh..ade bag.pastu ade poskad-poskad.from marseille,la garde,& cannes~
hehe..then ade surat cinta~~
yeay~~~ surat cinta dari france nihhhh~
oh..not forgetting those keychains ;)
thanx syahir aizat~
x jadi lahh nk majuk =P
thanx tau~

you made my day syg~ =)

and its so thoughtful of you for buying me a new bag.
sbb aritu kena ragut kan.
nape x kasi hp baru.purse baru.kosmetik baru.
ah sudah..demanding plak~
hahaha...xde lah..memain je ;)

thank you soOoOo much!
love you~


keychains from monaco,marseille,paris
my heart belongs in paris ;)

Monday, June 22, 2009

driving lesson (-_-")

harini cikgu tu suh bwk sorg2 dulu..ntah ape die nk wat tah..
gosh..nervous doh...sbb ni 2nd time nk blaja bwk keta..
yg ingt pun nek turun bukit je..
3-pointer n reverse parking x ingt pun.

msti lah gi nek bukit dulu..
nek bukit yg x turun2..
kalo turun pun secara kebelakang..
malu gilaa~~ dah ler bwk sorg2 +dushdush+
x pun mati enjin je.bodo punye clutch.
(oh..stop blaming la!)
until aina's instructor came and guide me..

what the hell alia??!!
then pegi la buat reverse parking plak..
err...kalo nk reverse tiang mane? tiang ape? kat mane??
dah peluh2 dah dgn budak2 yg amik kelas teori tgk lagi..
dah ler sorg2 =/
skali reverse langgar tiang daaaa~~
malu yg amat!!
aduhai..klua kete then pegi laa angkat tiang tu balik..dgn tersengih2 nye..
gosh~ mampos reverse wat bukit lagi..
haha..okay laa kali ni..selamat naik n selamat turun.

then nk try la lagi parking tuh..
adoi....langgar tiang depan plak!
bape byk tiang nk langgar daaaa~~
haa..yg ni mmg bodo punye gear.
dah masuk reverse,reverse je la!
(oh stop blaming.ur the driver!)

dtg laa lagi cikgu aina..ajar cane nk reverse parking..
sambil gelak2 kat aku sbb langgar tiang lagi..
adoi~ lucky her dpt cikgu yg sporting gitu..
ni aku punye...masuk kete je dok gayut dgn sape tah..
tension je~
huu..~ pnat laa nk blaja bwk kete ni.
hope esok dpt bwk elok2...n x langgar2 tiang...n selamat turun bukit..

balik umah tension dgn bibik plak..
sibok laa bibik ni!
perasan rajin! sengal! haishh~

syahir ijat...... =(

Thursday, June 18, 2009

esok =(

really want to go and watch WOC finals esok...
tp ade kenduri plakk kat umah wan.
nak pegi nak pegi nak pegi!
tp msti xleh punye.
kene tunggu tahun dpn punye lah nampak nye.

harap2 dpt pegi~

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

here fishy fishy~

dah beli ikan ;)
ade 6 ekor semuanye.
4 guppies and 2 which i forgot its name.
hee~ best nye dah ade ikan.
nnt bleh die bertelur byk byk byk~~
xleh beli byk2..sbb fish bowl yg ade kat umah tu kecik aje.
nnt lah bile ade duit bleh beli akuarium trus. ngee~

really looking forward to this saturday.
hoping that i can go and watch WOC finals.
harap2 abg ngah x keje.
amin~ hihi.

x lame lagi cuti dah nk abes. nye dok umah smpi xnk masuk blaja lagi. =P
xde lah~
later peeps.
take care okay.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

fobia kot?

seriously..pas ape dah jadi smlm...rase mcm..
betul ke kena ragut?
antara percaye dgn x percaye je..
bile ingt balik rase mcm takut sgt..
takut kalau2 bnde lain plak yg kena curi..
mase tu rase mcm..

nk bawak beg pun..
rase nk peluk kuat2..
biar laa ape org lain nk kate..
"sayang sgt kot kat beg tu"

thanx korg..~
for ur support and advice..
korg pun hati2 gak tau..
peluk beg tu kuat2~

syahir aizat!
+calin + bisou+


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

kena ragut!

lame gila x update blog ni..
ye ade laa bnde nk dituleh..
mcm vavi laahh wey!

back from melaka tadi..ingt nk pegi pasar malam at tmn maluri..
ape kan nasib.
turun van je trus kena ragut..
huu~ seriously i'm shocked..
when i got my feet back to reality..only that i realized my handbag has been snatched..
cos it took me about 5-10 secs to realize wether my bag terjatuh or what..
and when i screamed it was too late.
bcos the motorcyclist had gone away..

oh dear!
maybe it is just not my day =(
there goes mum's gucci handbag.2 handphones.and of course my purse.
haih~ cancel aku nk gi ice skating sok..sialan pnye keling
and yea..kena buat ic baru lagi.hadoi~
and maybe terpaksa tangguh driving lesson till dpt ic baru..
byk bende dlm purse tu la. =(
wlpn bukan dokumen2 penting except for bank cards..IC..
ade gambar org2 yg aku sayang =(((

so friends..
dunt msg/call me at my num for awhile..
bcause it has been suspended until i make the new sim card.
sumpah pasni aku xnk pegi pasar malam kat sane..
hurm...berhati2 lahh ye kawan2...
hope that the same thing wont happen to you guys out there..