Sunday, June 28, 2009

KLue Urbanscapes 2009!

at first i didnt have a clue about urbanscapes.
but then at fb they were talking bout going to urbanscapes and blablabla..
so..i did check urbanscapes website..
and what is it all about..
its kinda like arts,music,film and fashion festival..
it was held at KLPac,Sentul West..
which i am lucky bcause my uncle lives there
haha~ so senang ahh nk bodek mak mintak tiket ;)

we arrived at KLPac about 3pm kot.
thought that more people would be there at night
hell was already crowded when we reached KLPac.
we are all very very excited! haha~
first we went to the marketplace.
if u havent or didnt want to buy the tickets.
then the marketplace and exhibitions are free =)

oh ya..went there with just rm10 in my pocket.haha~
tu pun pau mak~~ =P in case nk kne balik naik tren ke ape..
gosh..really wanted to buy urbanscapes t-shirt =(
maybe next year~ huhu
jln2 tgk pameran and usya THE BOX.
around 4pm mcm tu we went and searched for the X-LAWN STAGE.
to watch the performances.

it is interesting because there are many kinds of performances.
there's street performances, the sunset disco, dance. folk, movies & short films.
most of the time we watched the performances lah~
sempat tgk 40 winks,pop shuvit,yuna,teleburydgn pesawat.
ingtkn nk tgk GSC dgn diorg perform lmbt sgt..
around 10pm mcm tu..
40 winks, pop shuvit and pesawat was really awesome!!

pastu ktorg gi koi cntre~
best sgt tmpt tu~ around there jugak la =) first urbanscapes was really awesome and
LEGEN...wait for it....DARY!
yeaahh~ so next urbanscapes bleh pegi lagi ;) (kalau ade lah)
ktorg balik pas tgk pesawat perform.
hehe..tido umah acu mlm tu~

till later people.
oh..esok ade QTI..wish me luck ;)
take care yah!


p/s = for pics,please take a peek at my fb ;)


ezy eizyanie said...

gud leck qti dear~

++deloOmeloO++ said...

hehe.syoknye die..=D
gud luck ea al...