Tuesday, June 30, 2009

part of the list

style of your hair
shape of your eyes and your nose
the way you stare.
as if you see right through to my soul

it's your left hand and the way
that it's not quite as big as your right
the way you stand,in the mirror
before we go out at night
our quiet time.
your beautiful mind.

they're a part of the list
things that i miss
things like your, funny little laugh
and the way you smile,or the way you kiss
what i noticed is this
i come up with
something new,every single time
that i sit and reminisce

the way your sweet smell
lingers when you leave the room
stories you tell,as we lay
in bed all afternoon

i dreamed you now,every night
in my mind is where we meet
and when i'm awake
staring at pictures of you asleep

touching your face,invading your space.
oh,and you'll live in my memories.
forever more i swear

wow.mungkin aku jugak terkena sindrom tension skang ni.
since last week(kot) mcm rmi yg tension. usual.putting on that fake smile.
xpe la..nk wat cane kan.

missing you is a part of the list =)

take care people~

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ezy eizyanie said...

sabar okeh++
alia kuat+++