Sunday, July 5, 2009

bangi, i'm back!

cant believe that new semester is starting.
gosh.i havent prepared anyting yet!
just packed my stuff and chiaow~
no worries..i'll buy those stuffs later.
and i'm totally sleepy like....all day?? a condition like this.
i dare say that..i'm afraid that i will spend most of the time sleeping =P
no lah.but.urgh.. room is on the 4th floor!
gosh..why does i always got the top floor.
since in seratas...then at ukm??

oh no no no...tak mahu =(
this means dat.once i got into the room.
i'll never go out anymore.unless for toilets.haha.
you FAT-ASS! so lazy~
who cares aite? ;)

oh, hello juniors!
once again.i'm a senior.
haha.gosh.maybe i'll be the invinsible one =P
excited dat new sem are starting.
at the same time, not even prepared a single thing!
whaddup with that??
typical malaysian students.
i guess?

needless to say that...bangi is no fun without you.
huhu.i just want you to be with me.
its okay.hope you'll get the connection fast!
cant wait to go online with you..YOu yOu YOU!
syahir ijat..
syahir ijat..
syahir ijat.. =(

i really miss you..

take care people!
enjoy ur day.
may the shine of happiness pour upon you guys always.

p/s = roomatenye balik rabu.damn, i'm scared shitless.takut =/ sbb xde sape teman.hehe.wannor kan ade~~ =P


yana.lili.lala said...

alia! kite same...tingkat 4..takot! huk huk

ezy eizyanie said...

ezy pown kat upm da++

Ery Farieha said...

selamat kembali ke zaaba~
hahahah :P

Lin said...

grab award anda di