Saturday, July 11, 2009

first week.

cant believe that i'm in my second year already.
wow.i thought being a 2nd year student is more relaxed.
well.last year they seems like dat.

its a very tiring week!
or maybe sbb baru first week.
setelah dua bulan bermalas-malasan.

lets first 3 nights in ukm are very frightening.
of course u guys have heard about the incident right?
and it is also bcause i'm sleeping alone.
huhu.serious menakutkn.even until now.
kesian rumate kene tido sorg2 weekend ni sbb aku dah balik umah.
as usual.
first week of the semester students are busy deciding what subject to take or maybe just drop it and take next sem.
and its very hard to access smpweb to register the subject.

starting from next week.
setiap hari pun kelas akan habis petang.
gosh.dari pagi smpi petang.
dah la kelas sume jauh.hurm..
serious penat minggu ni.
begitu jugak utk minggu2 yg akan dtg.
i've decided that i'm not going to take Ko-K this sem.

enough about that ya.
from time to time.
i've been thinking that time and place are tearing us apart.
which means we got less time to spend for each other.
and there's always other things to be done.
i just hope that we managed to survive in this situation.
it's sad though.
its good to know that ur doing great over there.
i miss you.and i always do.
hope you would feel the same way too.

take care people.



Ery Farieha said...

tau xpe!
bz gile.

part-time-lover said...

hey alia najiah~ tabah k?
kn my bby ni kuat~ =)
study elok2 k?
we hug n nothing can tear us apart..=)