Monday, May 31, 2010

the lovetale of..


dah la.takde ape yg nak diperkatakan lagi.
he is really super great (and all the nice things) nice to me.
i'm just too blind to see.
come on lah alia! nape heartless sgt ni ;(
shit shit shit!

ur pathetic la alia!
dah ada org sayang mcm nak mampos pun tak penah nk appreciate.

mirad ni mcm paham2 je aku tgh tekanan perasaan.
aku rasa mcm nak terjun laut and lemas!
or go to any concert and shout my lungs out!
right now.just by saying his name.i feel like i wanna cry.
sobsob.somebody help me.
i want to be someone better.a better me.

Friday, May 28, 2010

sejambak bunga drpd yg tersayang.

im sure you guys have watched 'Valentine's Day' right?
the other night, syahir ijat and I watched it together..(finally)
after a few attempts becos something went wrong somewhere..
and the next day, i got a call from this flower shop telling me he has a bouquet of flowers for me.
he said...the sender was someone called TREE.
it was unexpected. at first i thought it was a joke.

i should be receiving this bouquet on wednesday..
but i was not home that it was sent on thursday..
as you can see that the flowers are fully bloomed.

hey MR.TREE, what a surprise huh? =))
so you got one thing crossed from your list.
i wonder what's next? hehe.
i guess we would have to wait right..
sadly, nothing is going to happen soon =(

a bouquet of fresh roses =)
thanx MR.TREE. i love you =)

i'm sorry for everything.
please know that you have a part of me with you.
my life is just incomplete without you my dear.
i hope things will sort out better sooner.
i love you so much...
i regretted for everything that went wrong between us.
missing you sweetheart.. ='(
you're on my mind more than i may show
you're in my heart more than you may know
and the last thing that i want
is to you to fall apart
we cant change the things
that we done, that's in the past
but fighting wont get us anywhere
so if you want
here's my hand....
i love you syahir aizat..forever

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sunday, May 23, 2010

my heart belongs to you.

we dont even talk anymore
and we dont even know what we argue about
dont even say i love you no more
cause saying how we feel is no longer allowed
some people will work things out
and some just dont know how to change

lets dont wait till the water runs dry
we might watch our whole lives pass us by
lets dont wait till the water runs dry
we'll make the biggest mistake of our lives
dont do it baby..

now they can see the tears in our eyes
but we deny the pain that lies deep in our hearts
well maybe that's a pain we cant hide
cause everybody know that we're both torn apart
why do we hurt each other
why do we push love away

i messed up..for the zillionth time..
i just hope we can work things out..
and be like we used to be..i know its hard..
but i always believed in you...
i believed in US.

i'm sorry..
i always love you..

Monday, May 17, 2010

masak masak : tartlets and pastries.

hoi hoi!
kini aku dah tau nk buat tartlets sendiri! hoyeh~
(mcm pelik jugak.mcm mana la cikgu ni tau yg aku buat mini-cakes utk umi haritu ye?)
whatever it is..i'm so excited bout this tartlets and pastries class.
because now i can make something that i love to eat..hee~
i really love to eat pastries.especially yg manis-manis tu.haha
(tanda-tanda bakal menghidap penyakit diabetes)
we learned to bake mexican bun, cream puff, blueberry cheese tart,fruit tart and egg tart.

tartlets are easy..but i want the hands-on learning before i can start making them on my own.
ye lah..kalo tak jadi.rugi je kan? =P
here are the pictures taken during class ;)

.alia and aina. ;))
.fruit tart.

.blueberry cheese tart.

.mexican bun.
its quite complicated to make this.but hey..we made it ;)
.custard cream puff.
abgngah's fave~
its not as delicious as beard's papa's or those abgngah bought from inchon.
but atleast we know the basic to make them =)
yes.lepas ni tak payah nk beli tart mahal-mahal kat bakery lagi.
dah boleh buat sendiri.nnt buat banyak-banyak..makan banyak-banyak sampai muak~
ok abgngah.esok jom DDR sampai patah kaki! ;D
p/s : cikgu kata suruh jual.haha.korang berani ke nak try tartlets aku buat nnt? ngeeee~

Thursday, May 6, 2010

happy birthday umi =)

happy birthday umi =) mum was very surprised because i baked them. ;)
malas nk letak toppings...leceh...~ so...guna resipi yg yana kasi...
tadaaaa~ ni la hasilnye kat bawah ni.hihi..
i think i put a little too much coco agak pahit =P
but it turned out just nice...boleh la kan...saje2 nk buat...
thanx yana for the recipe!

umi ckp...die tak perasan flower sprinkles tu tulis 'happy birthday umi'...esoknye (which is today) baru die perasan.heee...nasib baik x mkn lagi yg ada huruf2 tu..fuh~

happy birthday and happy mothers day umi..
i love you sooo much~
abg ngah belikan umi vacuum baru...hehe
and she received a lot of presents from her friends =)
nnt nk blaja buat tartlets plak ;)
"if you love in me..the way that i trust in you"
i wish that i can be the best girlfriend you ever had
but i always dissapoint you.