Thursday, May 6, 2010

happy birthday umi =)

happy birthday umi =) mum was very surprised because i baked them. ;)
malas nk letak toppings...leceh...~ so...guna resipi yg yana kasi...
tadaaaa~ ni la hasilnye kat bawah ni.hihi..
i think i put a little too much coco agak pahit =P
but it turned out just nice...boleh la kan...saje2 nk buat...
thanx yana for the recipe!

umi ckp...die tak perasan flower sprinkles tu tulis 'happy birthday umi'...esoknye (which is today) baru die perasan.heee...nasib baik x mkn lagi yg ada huruf2 tu..fuh~

happy birthday and happy mothers day umi..
i love you sooo much~
abg ngah belikan umi vacuum baru...hehe
and she received a lot of presents from her friends =)
nnt nk blaja buat tartlets plak ;)
"if you love in me..the way that i trust in you"
i wish that i can be the best girlfriend you ever had
but i always dissapoint you.

1 comment:

+DyRo+ said...

aL dh pndai msak =)
it's a gud effort indeed.
btw, miss u lol~