Friday, May 28, 2010

sejambak bunga drpd yg tersayang.

im sure you guys have watched 'Valentine's Day' right?
the other night, syahir ijat and I watched it together..(finally)
after a few attempts becos something went wrong somewhere..
and the next day, i got a call from this flower shop telling me he has a bouquet of flowers for me.
he said...the sender was someone called TREE.
it was unexpected. at first i thought it was a joke.

i should be receiving this bouquet on wednesday..
but i was not home that it was sent on thursday..
as you can see that the flowers are fully bloomed.

hey MR.TREE, what a surprise huh? =))
so you got one thing crossed from your list.
i wonder what's next? hehe.
i guess we would have to wait right..
sadly, nothing is going to happen soon =(

a bouquet of fresh roses =)
thanx MR.TREE. i love you =)

i'm sorry for everything.
please know that you have a part of me with you.
my life is just incomplete without you my dear.
i hope things will sort out better sooner.
i love you so much...
i regretted for everything that went wrong between us.
missing you sweetheart.. ='(
you're on my mind more than i may show
you're in my heart more than you may know
and the last thing that i want
is to you to fall apart
we cant change the things
that we done, that's in the past
but fighting wont get us anywhere
so if you want
here's my hand....
i love you syahir aizat..forever

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mr TREE said...

thanx sayang..=)
its my pleasure to see you happy..
and i hope i can make you happy all the time..
yeah.. we have to wait..
and yes.. i will always wait for you..
i miss you sooo much baby..='(
muahxXx~ i regret everything i did too...
but i guess for our own good aite..
but i will always wait my dear..
my hands will always open for you..
and in my heart.. you are always there..=)