Monday, November 30, 2009

they turned me upside-down!

-since leaving high school, i havent met with my dearest Zafirah Zakaria.
-oh.Bibu i often met her, since she's studying in U.M. ;)
-my dearly missed Ezatul Ereena. was a sectionmate of mine.a part of the Royal Rhapsody family. and of course.the issues we talked about is band..orchestras..blablabla.exchanging thoughts and experience.
-Amira Adnan.fairly well-known.need not to mention.haha.the bestest of friend. =))
-we met Farah Shakinah by coincidence =P

oh.i am never a huge fan of twilight.but for mirad's sake.we watched twilight saga:new moon. but who cares..worth the money just to be with my girls ;) (kan aku dah ckp.twilight bukan best sgt pun mirad) LOL~ we sure had tonnes of fun aite? gossips about batchmates.seniors.juniors.catching up on each other and friends.its a perfect day and a great gathering. ;) but seriously.feels like i havent had enough of you guys yet. =(( hope to see you guys again.. =) i had a great time with you guys.thanx!

ku rasa ku dansa di angkasa~
haha.never thought of going to times square and playing the rides there. suddenly had the urge to ask chetot out to times square. "eyh.jom naik roller coaster kat times square?" haha.what a freakingly hectic day.and its my first time to barf out after riding the roller coaster. and guess what.the vomit is pinkish orange in colour.because of the cotton candy we had before riding the roller coaster.haha.this too,i had a really great day with my darling Chetot and my dear brothers.hee~ times square has always been a 'thing' for my big i mentioned that i wanted to go to cosmo's world..he,too, wanted to follow =P great,huh? but i dont know why, from the start, i had a super headache.haha.well~ first experience ;)

i miss US =((

the bookmark of memories ;)

Monday, November 16, 2009

hoHohoHoliday~ has started~and i feel so relaxed.but what am i gonna do? oh..i'm thinking of borrowing some story books from my as much movies as i can.not forgetting cooking~ ;) wanna try some new recipies..hee~ and i really should start taking care of my eating habits.owh darn~ i've been filling my 'early' holidays with food.foodFOODfood.sedapnye~~ tony ramos.kyros kebab.1901.sushi king.fattening.YEAY~ (alaa..dah lame x makan pizza :( ) haha.what you know.time passes so 5-weeks holiday will be over without me realising it.hee~ too bad this time there's no band activities. rindu nk main band =( hopefully next sem there will be more band activities that will involve students.nak pegi tgk feskum la. =P

and i want to spend my time as often as i can with you syahir aizat =)
i know,time difference always makes it hard on us..
but i also know that we could get over it.
i miss you :(

happy holidays people! ;)
take care always.

Friday, November 6, 2009

happy birthday to me.

first of all..thanx to all the birthday wishers~ hee..its enough by just remembering it.either remember it by heart, or you noticed it on facebook.anyways..thanx a lot guyss~ it's nothing big and there's nothing special about it pun =) it's a coincidence that we dont have any paper to sit on the's just me and aina.and we went to The Mines~ yippy~ takpe la aina.kite berdua pun seronok juga =) and i had sushi as my birthday lunch. and cake as dessert~ ngee.oh. and an unplanned movie "Pisau Cukur" haha.Shahredza Minhat!!!! thanx aina mardhiya, for making my day~ (sorry alep.pinjam awek kau kejap.bukan slalu dpt pinjam aina ni.haha)

heee...thanx syg~ i already knew the moment your video appears that there's a cake with you~~ hik.sbb nmpk cahaya candle die~ =P but the time you show it to me really touched me =( terharu sangat syg buat mcm tu kat org..thanx a lot syahir aizat.eventhough we are far..there's always a way to show our love for each other kan. and again...thank you soOo much~ oh ya.and for the present also.hik.'DUN WORRY' now i wont =) i love you syg.soOo much.hope that there are still many more birthdays and important events for us to celebrate together.forever.

"jauh itu hanya jarak.
tetapi tetap dekat dihati"