Monday, November 16, 2009

hoHohoHoliday~ has started~and i feel so relaxed.but what am i gonna do? oh..i'm thinking of borrowing some story books from my as much movies as i can.not forgetting cooking~ ;) wanna try some new recipies..hee~ and i really should start taking care of my eating habits.owh darn~ i've been filling my 'early' holidays with food.foodFOODfood.sedapnye~~ tony ramos.kyros kebab.1901.sushi king.fattening.YEAY~ (alaa..dah lame x makan pizza :( ) haha.what you know.time passes so 5-weeks holiday will be over without me realising it.hee~ too bad this time there's no band activities. rindu nk main band =( hopefully next sem there will be more band activities that will involve students.nak pegi tgk feskum la. =P

and i want to spend my time as often as i can with you syahir aizat =)
i know,time difference always makes it hard on us..
but i also know that we could get over it.
i miss you :(

happy holidays people! ;)
take care always.

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