Friday, November 6, 2009

happy birthday to me.

first of all..thanx to all the birthday wishers~ hee..its enough by just remembering it.either remember it by heart, or you noticed it on facebook.anyways..thanx a lot guyss~ it's nothing big and there's nothing special about it pun =) it's a coincidence that we dont have any paper to sit on the's just me and aina.and we went to The Mines~ yippy~ takpe la aina.kite berdua pun seronok juga =) and i had sushi as my birthday lunch. and cake as dessert~ ngee.oh. and an unplanned movie "Pisau Cukur" haha.Shahredza Minhat!!!! thanx aina mardhiya, for making my day~ (sorry alep.pinjam awek kau kejap.bukan slalu dpt pinjam aina ni.haha)

heee...thanx syg~ i already knew the moment your video appears that there's a cake with you~~ hik.sbb nmpk cahaya candle die~ =P but the time you show it to me really touched me =( terharu sangat syg buat mcm tu kat org..thanx a lot syahir aizat.eventhough we are far..there's always a way to show our love for each other kan. and again...thank you soOo much~ oh ya.and for the present also.hik.'DUN WORRY' now i wont =) i love you syg.soOo much.hope that there are still many more birthdays and important events for us to celebrate together.forever.

"jauh itu hanya jarak.
tetapi tetap dekat dihati"


Anonymous said...

bila bln 11 ja sll pk besday sndr n twin seratas ni..
tp x igt bl.. hehe..
owh ya..
hepi belated besday kak alia..
arap bhagia ngn fam n dia.. ;)
moga murah rzki..
kimslm kat kak aina ek..

Anggunnya said...

Salam Alia, Maaf tak reply lebih awal. Ada masalah sikit dengan blog baru tu.

Kalau masih berminat, polo t-shirt lelaki ada. Ada sizes juga (perempuan free size)


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.sarina said...

'jauh itu hanya jarak. tapi dekat di hati'

aaaaaaaaaaaa! sedap gile ayat tu <3

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