Friday, October 31, 2008

sweetie B.u.T.a.n.G!

sorry ya sbb suda lame x update blog..
quite a lot of things happened in this week.
start with sunday night..
ad festival seni..kunon malam penilaian for kokurikulum...
mula2 sgt tension...sbb pkcik tu x puas hati about my shirt..
kate x leh pki t-shirt..dah ni je kemeja yg saye leh carik~
kalo t-shirt hitam saye pun ad 10 helai~
aduhai...terpaksa pakai tshirt kelab yg sgt besar....huhuhu..
chill aje lahh....disebabkan syahir aizat is coming to watch the performance...xnk laa moody2...
habis festival seni pg makan dkt d'astria~
yeahhh...liverpool menang! =P

actually our plan on monday was like hanging out or having a small gathering with seratasian friends..
but in the end chetot cant make it (die yg dok mengajak sume org at first..)
agak plan mesti diteruskan..
so our plan B is just keluar berdua..hehe
n kalo nk diikutkan plan...
kitorng pakai baju butang same2~~ hee~~
we bought that t-shirt when we went to kami the gig at bukit jalil.
mmg tertarik kat tshirt tu...sbb die butang2....(kate pun baju butang dowh~)
n its buttons are colourful...hehe..
i love colourful things..~

at first mcm segan gak la pki baju butang same dgn syahir aizat..
tp sebab die cool je.....pasangan die pun kena laa cool jugak...
wlpn dlm hati ni Tuhan je la yg tau betapa segan nye..
x penah2 nk keluar pakai baju same..aduhai..

when we arrived in mid...we bought the tickets first..
we bought tropic thunder and bangkok dangerous..
then we went to coffee bean...for our breakfast..
waaa...ade beg ni cantik...main thing sbb beg tu besar...n colourful..
haha...saye suke bnda warna warni~~ sangat ceria~~ =)
tp tgk je la...x beli pon..hehe..

while waiting for our first movie..
pusing2 gardens..
hehe...gardens mmg utk pusing2 cuci mata je..
sbb mmg xkn beli barang kat situ...
kenape ek.... ntah la...
best gak pusing2 window shopping...
lagi best sbb ad dgn syahir aizat...hahaha~

tropic + bongok gila..
worth watching...wlpn at first tatau cite tu pasal ape..
tp mostly bile ben stiller and jack black berlakon...mmg best.. ma ma ma ma make me ha ha happy~

pas movie lepak burger king jmpe kwn2...
ad dina and her friend..iliey...lin...farah shakinah...zaid..lampard..
borak2 la kejap...then blaa buat hal masing2...
x mkn kat burger king sbb nk makan kat sushi king~

pas smbhyg asar..trus cpt2 grak gi sushi king atas..
takut penuh laa..public holiday kan..
now its my turn to treat for the food.. =P
agak hampa...the service is not like i expected..
yelaa..sushi king atas kan..
kalo sushi king bwh service mesti excellent pnya.. =P
aduhai...x dpt nk makan kanitama maki..chuka kurage gunkan..california temaki
huhuhu..semua favourite pun x dpt makan..
except for chawanmushi..tuna mayo..inari..
tgh smgt nk mkn ..sushi yg diidam plak x smpi2..bengang sungguh..

oh ya..sblm pulang singgah kat kfc..nk beli pesanan rummate..
and coincidently terjumpe sakinah and naz bersama bf baru naz..hehe
n for sure they are shocked when they saw me with syahir aizat..
plus we're wearing the same t-shirt...aduhai...=P

really had a great day..
dpt jumpe kwn2...
n of course sbb dpt keluar dgn my dear syahir aizat.. =)
kunon nye ni last outing kitorang laa....
sbb masing2 pun dah nk exam...aih..
makin byk spend mase dgn die..
makin sedih rase nye...
mcm mane laa bile die dah fly nnt..
so...bile die masih ade kat malaysia laa nk spend mase puas2 dgn die..
love him so much....

Saturday, October 18, 2008

a week of happiness

rabu pegi alamanda..

friday night we had dinner at village view..
quite a romantic place..
with its dim lighting...and its surrounding...
so we also ate 'romanticly'..
haha....the food are also quite nice...
with its juice in an unique glass...
nice nice...~
although that waitress keep on staring at us..
haha...puas laa kite mengumpat die ekk.. =P
ignoring everyone around...
we are in our own sweet sweet world~
thanx sweetie~

so today..which is saturday..
we went to KAMI the G.I.G at bukit jalil
the main reason is that zati asked me out..
and maybe we could go and watch the gig together..
omg...she came all the way from perlis just to watch KAMI the gig??
oh ya...kalo nk mesti boleyy aje laa zati tu.. after KoK..
me n me babe took the train to bukit jalil..
quite tiring actually...
tp buat tatau aje sudeyh~
n msti die penat juge...sbb last nite pegi tgk late nite movie..
n zati n her friends for sure penat gile...all the way from perlis..
and x rehat ape sume...pastu pusing kl baru dtg bukit jalil...
so sume org pun penat...

me n me babe arrived quite early..
and it was like...
'eh...jadi ke x gig ni?' sbb mase tu x ramai agi..
minum milo ais kejap...then pusing2 situ..
at 1 sumthin baru die nk mula laa 1st performance..
and it was about to rain..
oh dear.....
i was like...kesian gila laa zati kalau x dpt tgk ni semata2 sbb hujan..
kitorang pun berhujan laa sekejap sambil tgk performance..
then its about to get heavier...
nk muat sume bwh payung pun x termuat..
kesian syahir aizat kebasahan..(die bukan dok bwh payung pon)
macam baru lepas mandi pulak...
rosak rambut ye sayang~~ hahaha
risau pulak nnt die demam..
then terpaksa laa berteduh jauh sket from stage..
since the performance is until late night..
and i cant go home too late...
about 5 me n my dear syahir aizat pun gerak menuju ke midvalley..
sempat la tgk couple.laila's lounge...and a few x knal sape..
sgt teruja tgk laila's lounge... =)

odw to ktm....tjmpe qayum lak...
aduhai...laju je nk tego qayum...
n we both forget that we're a couple now..
n qayum was like...shocked..
hahaha..lawak pun ade..
unbelieveable pun ad...
haha..ape kan daya...dah nk terkantoi dgn die...

tiba di mid baru lahh nk makan..
breakfast+lunch+dinner = yoshinoya

sangat laahh gembira...
1st..i got to meet my best buddy..merangkap my ex-rumate kat mtrx..
dpt teddy dari die...birthday present in advance kate nye..
geee~~ thanxx babe!
then of course...
got to spend the day with my dear syahir aizat..
sorry sweetie..
lagi skali u kena spend the whole day with me..=)

+lots of love+
+the truth is that i'm afraid of losing you+

KAMI the G.i.G!
zati n her friends~

aLia + zati~
love you babe!!!!~

Thursday, October 16, 2008

yesterday once more..=)

suda pegi tgk eagle eye~~~
omg...really want to watch this movie...
dunno anything bout the story at first..
just because shia labeouf yg berlakon...i'm all excited~~
and plus...
i'm watching it with my dear sweetie.. =)
we went to alamanda..
dekat laa jugak ek?? xpnah tau plak..huhu..
if it isnt going out with you...
i wont know where alamanda is~
mcm penat mungkin excited mau keluar same kamu..
lupekan segala kepenatan...huhu..

when we arrived at alamanda..
go and bought the tickets first...
and then pegi beli latte at dunkin donut..
oh...i wanted the cold latte...not the hot one..
its my fault jugak...for not asking the cold one..
xpe lahh....dunt want to make any fuss..
quite nice...and then lepak a&w for a while..
abes cool laa root beer float tu? ngekKKkkk~~
spending time with u is the sweetest moment.. =)

gila teruja tgk shia labeouf berlakon...
smpi x perasan pun org kat sebelah tu..
lagi2 bile dpt popcorn sekotak..
sib bek x beli large punye..
usually mesti akn beli yg large...hehe
rase mcm dah x sedap plak popcorn tu...
yelahh...tgk wayang plak dgn org yg x ske mkn popcorn.. time when i'm going to watch movies with you...
i dont want to buy any popcorn...
as hands will get cold..nape ek...
its okay...ur hands are i can stay warm in the movies.. =)

oh tidak...we went to the arcade...
and played a few games...
disebabkan baru je mkn popcorn sekotak sorng2...
so i'm quite full....
main arcade dulu la konon nye nak kasi lapar balik..
hek....aduhai...agak segan laa nk maen arcade dgn die..
tp wat bodo jek...maen aje suda~
hoho...gile first time mcm ni...

then baru pegi mcd..
hey...i'm supposed to pay for the food!
huhuhu...ini tidak adil.. time.. =)
agak lame laa lepak mcd..
borak2 n all.. =)
lupakan kekusutan hal est...
dont want to spoil my mood when i'm with you...

when we were just about to go back...
its raining when we got out from the movies..
didnt expect the bike will get wet too...
huhu..its okay...its not something bad laa syg..
i got to spend more time with you rite? =)
ahh...mcm happy plak ble jadi cmni...

so we're going to watch our second movie of the day..
senario the movie..gile mcm hampeh..
sape2 yg bace blog ni..sile jgn tgk senario di panggung..
not worth it la...
kalo ikut kan hati nk je klua n then curik2 masuk panggung lain..
aih...sakit hati jugak laa sbb buang duit kat movie hampeh cmtu..
aduhai...xpe laa...lepak2 dlm panggung suda..

knape laa rase mcm klua this time...
is full with sweet moments..
i wish to treasure this moment with you dear..
and sadly...we didn't manage to snap even one pic that day..
so happy...dunt know...maybe its because i'm with you..
the one i never expected to go out with..
the one i never expected to be with... =)
so madly in love with you...

Friday, October 10, 2008

ameerali x best pon??

just because i want to eat nasi pattaya...
pegi ameerali pun ade...
ekkk syg??
suey pnye mamak....lmbt gile nasi pattaya tu..
mcm sedap..
sorry ye..
post kali ni mmg tujuan khas nk mengondem ameerali.
ameerali = fave lepak spot utk syahir aizat
mcm mane pnye service daaaa~~
nasi ayam mamak tu cepat plak smpi..
when the pattaya arrived...the nasi ayam was as cold as ice sudaa..(gile hiperbola)
wlpn fareez maju mamak kedekut tu mahal..
but still they have a good nasi pattaya okie dear??
x apelahh....
asalkan kenyang suda...and i got to eat with you sweetie =)

its our second date together..
oh ya...our first date was quite unexpected actually..
but it ends up really sweet dat night.. =)
when i had a rough day...
you were just there to calm me down..
when things are tough for me to handle...
you were just there to put things down..
aih...i'm so happy to have you..
so happy that i'm afraid to lose you...
balik from having dinner with him..
trus je dgr lagu faber drive...

"when i'm with you...i'll make every second count cause i miss you..whenever ur not around..."

+missing you always sweetie..+ =)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

its not the time to breakdown..

what a day...
bad day i guess?
i had microbiology lab exam today..
and it was like shit!
no no....bukan shit laa..
most of the questions i managed to answer..
but...paling sedih sbb tersilap jawapan..
bukannye tak tau..
okay..bear in mind that the first choice is always right..
huhu...salt tolerate microbe is STAPHYLOCOCCI okay~
and dgn bongok nye i just canceled that staphylo and confidently write strepto...
rugi rugi rugi!!
really hope that it will be okay.. =(

chem's result is out..
and i was hoping that i would get good result..
it's not like what i expected..
and the others also got quite the same..
teruk jugak la..
but some managed to get 95%
well..the highest is 95..
am i over confident?
i don't know..
i should try harder next time..
and my friend was like....die x bace ape2 lagi...skali result agi hebat..
what the hell..
pasrah gue~

xde mood langsung mase chem tadi..
exam sucks....result sucks...damn! (tu la...asik ngumpat org je..kan x berkat..huhu)
i just want to go back to my room and listen to my ipod..
and i just want to talk to my baby..

oh damn!
it was raining heavily..
at first we waited for a while at DAM.
waiting for the bus there...
when we saw the bus coming we were running like mad..
and the bus left...without us...(apekah????)
bas U rupenye..aduhai...
and innocently me and aina tumpang payung this chinese..
(nasib bek budak lecture~ fuhh..)
okay...hujan pun dah renyai2....lega sikit lah..
but then..bus x sampai2 pun..
hujan lebat~~~ waaaaaaaaaa~
3 orang satu payung mane muat dooowwwwwwwwwww~
x terfikir pun nk bwk payung pegi kelas...
and suddenly it was raining like hell...
baju dah basah gila2...
dah boleh perah laa kot baju kurung ni...
water is dripping...aduhai..
menambah ketensenan hari ini..+sob+
thank god i'm wearing the right baju kurung..
means that bukan kain licin...(kalo x sure dah melekat kat badan..)
and x transparent juge..huuu....

"langit x selalu cerah kan? sebab tu harini hujan...semua orang pun kena hujan ni.."

"oh?? langit x selalu cerah and that's why it's raining today? pas2 tbe2 org x bawak payung plak...mmg unlucky la harini"

"x bleh kita nak marah hujan kan?.." friend is leaving for cairo..
sedih jugak laa..
since she is the one who always listen when i'm nagging...when i'm blabbing..
huu...mane2 pegi pun dgn die juga..
lepas ni nk pegi dgn sape??
sorang2 mungkin..
aina msti sibuk dgn bf die..
xkn nk menyibuk all the time..
dah la pegi klas pun dgn alif..
aih...x apelah...maybe later someone will be my new friend..
it just that....i'm less talkative when i'm with aina..
since kitorang agak baru rapat la..
so kalau nk mengadu or mengata ape2...mcm x selesa..
erisya dah xde...sape nk jadi geng lambat pegi klas..
huu...sape nk jadi geng lambat siap keje..
waaaa...nnt xde sape nk teman tgk movie smpi pkl 6 pagi..
nnt xde sape nk teman pegi makan..
nnt xde sape nk teman gi jalan2..
and i was wondering..
dalam hidup kita ni...
why are there so much uncertainties?
or is it ourself yang rase uncertain?
it's all in the state of mind...

just hope that tomorrow will be a better day..
a better day for all of us...

missing you baby..
everytime i listen to the song..
i think of you.. =)
what would i do without you..

(Every night and now) when I go to sleep
I couldn't stop dreaming about you
Your love has got me feeling kinda weak
I really can't see me without you
And now you're runnin round in my head
I'm never gonna let you slip away again
It's real love that you don't know about

Every now and then when I want you
I wish that I could tell you that I want you
If I could have the chance to talk wit cha
If I could have the chance to walk wit cha
Then I would stop holding it in
And never have to go through this again, again
It's real love that you don't know about

Girl, girl I'm goin outta my mind
And even though I don't really know you
I must've been runnin outta time
I'm waiting for the moment I can show you
And baby girl I want you to know
I"m watching you go
I'm watching you pass me by
It's real love that you don't know about

Saturday, October 4, 2008

raya sakan laa kot?

ye laa kot..
let's see..
bangun pun da lewat...tibe2 je..yana ajak gi open hse ain..
mmg laa plan nk gi...tapi mcm...btul ke nk gi???
so....pegilahh kami...
ade gak arr jmpe kwn2 skolah rendah..
al-amin..ain bedah herself..lizzie...tu je la kot?
n dak sri aman pun ade..duh??
haa...dak kmpk pun first i thought die ni junior kat kg tunku ke...
but then aina kate die dak kmpk...dak accounts...oh..okay..
rmi org gak la at her open house..
n we're like..makan aje lah...huhu..
no comment..

"pe cite nadh ek?"
" laa call die...kite redah umah die jom.."
"serious ke? kot2 laa die xde kat umah"
n i called her house...
"nadhilah tido.."

"smlm msti die lepak x ingat..tido smpi petang nihh"
"selambe ahh gi...msti ade umah pnye...time cmni arr nk redah.."

and after we went to ain's we go to nadh's house..
tunggu 10 minit gak arr dpn pagar umah die..
n kitorang pun da start cuak..
ye laa kan...tetamu x diundang..huhu
called her at her hp...barulahhh nk bangun..haiyo...

lepak2 jugak laa..borak2 n all..'s been 6 years x jumpe die langsung..
n then suddenly ntah dtg dari mane alia n aina dpn pagar umah die...
cant stay long babe...
n she told us that she'll be going to year maybe..
ohhh...n i finally realized like....i'm glad that we can see her that day...
will never know if i wont get to see her in the future..
alia aina rihana n nadhilah..
childhood besties..
pas skolah rendah...x kumpul dah mcm ni...
i mean the 4 of us together..
aih..suddenly i miss the old times..
hahaha...when we were still kiddies...
baru skarang la dpt jmpe balik..
yea...n both of them has changed...
time changes people..

lepas pulang from nadh's house..
pegi umah auntie kat tmn melawati...
dgn nurul pnye nenek kat segambut kot..
huhu...penat raya..penat mkn juge.. =P
bersama kazen2 mmg seronok.. hihi
that's what raya means maybe?
the time to be with ur cousins..
and the whole big fat family.. =)

miss him though...
seronok je die gi raya kat ipoh..
miss him already..+sigh+
aLia + yana + aina + nadh(nadh mmg baru bgn tido!)
baju hijau itu aisyah..(baru kenal)
ridhuan n aiman~
bengong lahh mereka..
okay..aina mmg sudah gemok?
at ain's house
keje kami mmg amik gamba aje okay?

off to nadh's house pulak
nadh! cepat bukak gate~~

sorry the photos are unorganized...malas mau susun balik..

Thursday, October 2, 2008

sweetie =)

oh ya...
aliff MA called all the way from japan to wish me slamat hari raya!
bukan excited mcm..
woww...u called all the way from japan??
thanx bro!
too bad u cant come home for hari raya..
n u just finished ur exams kan..
we'll catch up later next time kay?
next time kau balik msia aku tuntut mcflurry! =P

for me dearie ;)

sweetie sweetie..
its just you n me..
the night is dark...
yet its full with sparkling stars..
tomorrow morning sun..
will keep on shining bright for us..
wishing you and me to have a great day..
even we're far apart..
i know you are still here in my heart.
how i love you.
no words can say.
how i love you..
no actions could display.
wish the night would not end..
for all the time we have spent..
when the morning sun spill its light..
i wish that you are here by my side..
with a simple wish..


ohhh raya...~ i told earlier..this year's raya will be in kuantan..
hanya pada raya pertama okie?
pagi2 da siap untuk sembahyang raya...
kate nye nk tgk sape bgn awal dulu..
skali tido mati x ingat daa~~
tgk match manU that nite??
aduhai sayang...
org da siap baru mau bangun ka?
ohh...not me...but him. =P
went for raya prayers at masjid apetah kat Indera Mahkota..
the Sultan of Pahang went there too~
hihi..x sangka plak..then ade laa nmpk Sultanah Pahang tu..
x kuasa lahh saye nk salam dgn kamu..
pulang from raya prayers pak de came with his family..
and pakcik latif pun suda ade..
cepat2 isi kuih dlm bekas n put it in front..
and yes...
as expected..
2 large families came to berhari raya at wan's house..
smpi 3 generasi sekali?...
generasi pertama n kedua saye kenal (familiar though wlpn xtau nama)
generasi ketiga sudah x kenal...n sume org pun da grow up..
n i was like...sape diorng sume ni??
i only know that they are dad's relatives..uncles aunties cousins...
but who??
in the years to come...maybe i dont even recognize my cousins..
mcm tu lahh budak2 skarang...bukan nk amik tau sedara2 die..
hehehe...ditujukan hanya kepada saye...(kot?)
tp mmg tiap tahun pun diorng dtg beraya kat umah wan 1st day of raya..
huhu..quite tired dat day sbb kena fill up the drinks..paper cups..kuih n all the food...just to make sure the food are there for the guests..

oh ya...
i dont really get the motive of celcom advertisement yg..
"kakak...kakak nk jadi kakak saye??"
i start wondering because the whole family keep on teasing me with that word...since they call me kakak and aina adik..
"ye mi...."
"kakak nk jadi kakak saye?"
"alaaaaa...~ umi ni~~ "
baru la nk suh buat ape2..huhu...saje nk kene kan..aduhai...

pegi beraya kat kuantan x jumpe lemang pun..
rumah wan pun xde lemang...rumah wan anjang..pak teh..mak teh pnye mak.. kuantan dah x mkn lemang ke?
tahun depan kot..
rugi je puasa sebulan..
raya sehari je...dah tambah balik berat badan yg hilang puasa sebulan tu..
hohooho..(sorry ye...saye x suke timbang berat badan)

raya 2008..
first raya without abah..
first raya with him..

wlpn insan yg kita sayangi pergi tinggalkan kita...ade lagi yg masih menyayangi.. =)

since raya pun 30hari.(mungkin)
and i dont want to type 30posts about hari raya only..
so...biaselah kan...raya mmg byk bnde jadik..
smpi x tertulis dlm blog..hoho..
hari raya pertama je la ek.. =P

x menyempat nk kire duit nihh..tulis name ekk kat sampul tu..nnt hilang~

abg + aLia + aina

aina + aLia

susun cantik2 ye...potong kecik2...kuih ni mahal..(ek?)

brownies for raya~ =)

bdk2 mmg dtg nk beraya..since my auntie is a students die pun dtg la beraya

my angel cousins~ hee.~ comel la diorng ni... (the one wearing baju kurung is like aina junior..because she looks like aina when aina is small..haha!)

hello cutie~ muahxxXxx!