Thursday, October 2, 2008

sweetie =)

oh ya...
aliff MA called all the way from japan to wish me slamat hari raya!
bukan excited mcm..
woww...u called all the way from japan??
thanx bro!
too bad u cant come home for hari raya..
n u just finished ur exams kan..
we'll catch up later next time kay?
next time kau balik msia aku tuntut mcflurry! =P

for me dearie ;)

sweetie sweetie..
its just you n me..
the night is dark...
yet its full with sparkling stars..
tomorrow morning sun..
will keep on shining bright for us..
wishing you and me to have a great day..
even we're far apart..
i know you are still here in my heart.
how i love you.
no words can say.
how i love you..
no actions could display.
wish the night would not end..
for all the time we have spent..
when the morning sun spill its light..
i wish that you are here by my side..
with a simple wish..


1 comment:

rihays said...

i will be always by ur side baby..~
i will be always shine 4 u..
u're always in my heart..~
even we're far apart..=)

love u so much~ n much much more~

u're so sweet sweetie..=)