Saturday, October 18, 2008

a week of happiness

rabu pegi alamanda..

friday night we had dinner at village view..
quite a romantic place..
with its dim lighting...and its surrounding...
so we also ate 'romanticly'..
haha....the food are also quite nice...
with its juice in an unique glass...
nice nice...~
although that waitress keep on staring at us..
haha...puas laa kite mengumpat die ekk.. =P
ignoring everyone around...
we are in our own sweet sweet world~
thanx sweetie~

so today..which is saturday..
we went to KAMI the G.I.G at bukit jalil
the main reason is that zati asked me out..
and maybe we could go and watch the gig together..
omg...she came all the way from perlis just to watch KAMI the gig??
oh ya...kalo nk mesti boleyy aje laa zati tu.. after KoK..
me n me babe took the train to bukit jalil..
quite tiring actually...
tp buat tatau aje sudeyh~
n msti die penat juge...sbb last nite pegi tgk late nite movie..
n zati n her friends for sure penat gile...all the way from perlis..
and x rehat ape sume...pastu pusing kl baru dtg bukit jalil...
so sume org pun penat...

me n me babe arrived quite early..
and it was like...
'eh...jadi ke x gig ni?' sbb mase tu x ramai agi..
minum milo ais kejap...then pusing2 situ..
at 1 sumthin baru die nk mula laa 1st performance..
and it was about to rain..
oh dear.....
i was like...kesian gila laa zati kalau x dpt tgk ni semata2 sbb hujan..
kitorang pun berhujan laa sekejap sambil tgk performance..
then its about to get heavier...
nk muat sume bwh payung pun x termuat..
kesian syahir aizat kebasahan..(die bukan dok bwh payung pon)
macam baru lepas mandi pulak...
rosak rambut ye sayang~~ hahaha
risau pulak nnt die demam..
then terpaksa laa berteduh jauh sket from stage..
since the performance is until late night..
and i cant go home too late...
about 5 me n my dear syahir aizat pun gerak menuju ke midvalley..
sempat la tgk couple.laila's lounge...and a few x knal sape..
sgt teruja tgk laila's lounge... =)

odw to ktm....tjmpe qayum lak...
aduhai...laju je nk tego qayum...
n we both forget that we're a couple now..
n qayum was like...shocked..
hahaha..lawak pun ade..
unbelieveable pun ad...
haha..ape kan daya...dah nk terkantoi dgn die...

tiba di mid baru lahh nk makan..
breakfast+lunch+dinner = yoshinoya

sangat laahh gembira...
1st..i got to meet my best buddy..merangkap my ex-rumate kat mtrx..
dpt teddy dari die...birthday present in advance kate nye..
geee~~ thanxx babe!
then of course...
got to spend the day with my dear syahir aizat..
sorry sweetie..
lagi skali u kena spend the whole day with me..=)

+lots of love+
+the truth is that i'm afraid of losing you+

KAMI the G.i.G!
zati n her friends~

aLia + zati~
love you babe!!!!~


pecinta alia said...

thanx 4 the week of happiness sweetie..

Anonymous said...

so.. u r alia..
u r lucky..

dalila said...

finally he got you..
hahaha...nice 2 meet you neway~

Anonymous said...

yargh! tag kamu!


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