Friday, October 10, 2008

ameerali x best pon??

just because i want to eat nasi pattaya...
pegi ameerali pun ade...
ekkk syg??
suey pnye mamak....lmbt gile nasi pattaya tu..
mcm sedap..
sorry ye..
post kali ni mmg tujuan khas nk mengondem ameerali.
ameerali = fave lepak spot utk syahir aizat
mcm mane pnye service daaaa~~
nasi ayam mamak tu cepat plak smpi..
when the pattaya arrived...the nasi ayam was as cold as ice sudaa..(gile hiperbola)
wlpn fareez maju mamak kedekut tu mahal..
but still they have a good nasi pattaya okie dear??
x apelahh....
asalkan kenyang suda...and i got to eat with you sweetie =)

its our second date together..
oh ya...our first date was quite unexpected actually..
but it ends up really sweet dat night.. =)
when i had a rough day...
you were just there to calm me down..
when things are tough for me to handle...
you were just there to put things down..
aih...i'm so happy to have you..
so happy that i'm afraid to lose you...
balik from having dinner with him..
trus je dgr lagu faber drive...

"when i'm with you...i'll make every second count cause i miss you..whenever ur not around..."

+missing you always sweetie..+ =)


lalalala~ said...

ameerali memang hantar makanan cepat pada pelanggan setia die je.. yg baru2 dtg tu, memang dpt lambat..=P hehehe~

alif nsm said...

hahaha...2 myb fktor wajah 2... klu owg2 yang mcm ak g msti dpt cpat....har2...