Monday, December 28, 2009

speed dating

our very first speech communication class or it is call workplace comm now..
we are told to introduce ourselves generally..
kinda like that speed dating style..
whattaheck? i've never been on speed dating before? the word SPEED you should know what i mean huh.
our task is to introduce ourselves as much as we can in about 2 mins..
and to 11-12 people.
kering tekak aku wey~ with those loud voices people next to each of us.
but hell what an experience! although its not really dating.
haha.kalo dating aku pun tanak buat =P


i met these people..
+ enjoy scrapbooking (wow! i love scrapbooking too! what an expensive hobby =/ )
+ one chinese girl who have interest in music and plays violin and piano.
(the one and only person in that class in fact)
+ a chinese guy who is studying biology but want to be a bussinesman who sell tractors and kenderaan2 berat.
+ a girl who asked me whether i wore braces before.
+ she adores my teeth~ :D
+ the one who loves malay novels (i prefer english)
+ one who like to snap pictures of herself. agagagagagagagaga~
+ love to travel (lots n lots of 'em)

when i went to the cafe..
i saw this one guy..cute.putih. 50:50. cute:handsome
byk kali dah nmpk die sbnrnye.
tp kali ni bersama awek.
muka die nmpk gembira=happy.
so aku terfikir.kalo kite tgh couple..
kite akan menonjolkan riak wajah gembira,seronok ke?
maybe i look like that when i'm with him =)
gembira pulak mengenangkannya.

you know the word is the same..
i love you
you know who you are... :)

p/s = smpi hati wannor xde interest same dgn aku~~ =P


wAnNor said...

haha.. alia..
x pueh hati dr td lg rupanye..
huhu.. ala.. td kita x dating, aku x tau ur interest, cmne nk interested ngan ko??
hehe.. jgn mare.. i really interested about u..
ur teeth?? haha..

Irsya said...

hoh..tengok tajuk ingatkan ko da curang.terkejut gak aku... huhuhu.setia walaupun jauh..kagum ah..hahahah....

Irsya said...

2 minute cukup ke nk ckp suma tu? hahahah

[aLia-nL] said...

irsya ; hoi.jgn ckp pasal curang okayyyyy.haha.walaupun jauh.hati kami dekat tau =P

wannor ; kau xyah dating ngan aku pun WAJIB ade same interest ngan aku~~