Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ur my addiction.. =)

harini aiman balik rumah..
ade laa nk kne buli nih..
my youngest bro is always the one yg kne buli or ape2..
youngest la katekan..
anyway...aiman dgn aina ad rumah mmg kecoh!
diorng x bleh dok dekat...nnt msti gaduh..
that must wait for tomorrow bcause aina will be home esok. =P
oh ya..raya this time will be at kuantan..
sgt best!
msti wan masak sedap2..hihi...with all my cousins sume..(diorng sme comel2!)
since my cousins sme kecik2 lagi..

+the other part+
what a dream come true..
crazy in love with you..(AGAIN??!!)
you make my life worth living baby..=)
just because of you..
i'm happy..happy..happy..~
saying the word three times means that i really2 mean it..
and i hope that ur happy too...
ya lor...being with me mmg akan pening kpale..
haha...i admit! tp ni baru xde ape2 yg x diigini terjadi lah..
just hope that it will really really really work this time..
i'm lucky i'm in love with my best friend. ^_^
saaaaayang sangat2.

i say dat this pic buat die nmpk cm kne admit la...mcm smart jugak la die nih..
weekkKkKk~ =P


P.U.M.P said...


ur drugs =P said...

u're my drugs 2..~
raya nanti hepi2 ye baby~

p/s:tak smart pun..die yg comel~

[aLia-nL] said...

hehe...i'm ur drug..n ur addicted. =P