Thursday, October 22, 2009

exams,here i come!

sorry cos i havent post anything for quite awhile.

Good Luck in your exams people!
Bonne chance~
jgn lupa baca doa okay sebelum jawab soalan =)
semoga Tuhan permudahkan kita utk menjawab dgn baik.

hee~~ cuak cuak CUAK !

get well soon baby..
i'm worried bout you..
hope ur doing fine over there..
wish that i could be with you..
and i'll take care of you..
and i'm sorry for my stupidity recently.
i love you..and i miss you so much =(

p/s = i dont see any possibilities in getting 3.0 (atleast!) n above this sem (-_-") oh god... really hoped that i could maintain/improve my CGPA..insyaAllah~


izzAti said...

good luck!

enaLiF said...

gud lak alia...