Monday, March 18, 2013

see you in heaven.

i keep wanting to post this but i often feel sad just thinking about it.
i even deleted a picture of us from this post because reminiscing it is just too hard.

after 4 years abah passed away, my mum joined him and atuk.
when abah passed away suddenly due to ischemic heart disease, I felt like the world collapsed on me.
so sudden, so shocking. just like that. Allah is Great isn't He?

for 4 years, i can say that i have been accompanying my mum almost everywhere.
while i was still in the university, i go home every weekend just not to make her feel alone.
i went to the park with her every time, i went to the market with her every week.
and since she was diagnosed with cancer, i cried so hard every time i think about it.
thinking that there was not much time to spend with her.
i know she is not recovering at all. but i just kept it to myself and pray and spare a little bit of hope.

Allah loves her. i know. He loves her that is why He took her away from us.
so that she could be in a better be with my daddy and her father =')
she died in her sleep, just like she wanted. painless. thank you Allah.
for giving me this wonderful person to be my mother.
she has fulfilled her duty faithfully as a beloved mother to us and as Your loyal servant.

goodbye umi, i love you so much :')
wait for me in heaven, inshaAllah..


May Maisarah said...

Al-fatihah. tahziah lagi sekali, alia.. insyaallah sama2 kita doakan agar roh mereka dicucuri rahmat Ilahi. amin... keep going, sayang. Allah is always with us. :)

AsMiza said...

be strong alia n aina...semoga mereka ditempatkan di tempat orang2 yang beriman...

cik gojes :) said...

i feel terrible not knowing how to comfort my on besties. insyaallah, semoga umi ditempatkan dalam kalangan orang yang mum and dad kirim salam takziah to your family and we also feeling your lost. tabah okay Alia sayang. we'll meet later on :)

i love you.

Cik FaFa said...

takziah alia, aina n family. :(

syahir ijat said...

bersabar tau syg,.. i will always be there for u if you need anything. kite sama2 doakan umi aman di sana.=)