Sunday, March 3, 2013

traumatic march.

the beginning of march has been a panic day for my family and I.

trauma, panic, sadness, all in one.

but we will never lose hope, faith, and always pray.pray.pray.

up till this day, i still can't tell the truth, the exact truth to friends and relatives what has been going on.
I just can't bring it up or talk about it.
at times I found it hard to explain or answer when they asked how was it, how has it been going, is everything alright..

ya Allah.please grant us strength to go through all of this ='(

our prayers will always be with you.
Allah kan ada =')


May Maisarah said...

Alia kenapa ? harap2 semuanya baik-baik saja. amin... =)

popoko said...

i hope u and ur family will be patient and strong to face it syg..=(( i know its been hard for u and ur family lately, but always remember Allah is testing you guys. We just have to pray and hope everything is going to get better soon. InsyaAllah, everything He does has a reason behind it. Be strong syg. I will always be here to do my best to support you.