Wednesday, March 4, 2009

can you see me?

A=kwn kpd B dan C
B=kwn kpd A
C=kwn kpd A jugak

A and B are usually seen tgether at class..bcause they go to class tgether and they sit tgether like everytime?

A and C are ex-rummates.

the other day, A and B went to C's room...

"yg B ni kwn A ke? x pnah nmpk pun sblm ni..slalu nmpk A sorg je.slame ni A dgn sape?"

and rite there..

B is thinking..

'can you see me now? or you only see my friend?'

'i'm always with her in class..since last term?

and you've been talking to her since then..and i was sitting next to her everytime...cant see me still?'

mungkin akan terjadi bile kwn die dtg..

and nk duduk sebelah die...

n tbe2 x jadi duduk..

sbb ade org lain..

and maybe you'll say..

"oops...i dunt see you just now? where dyou come from? out of nowhere?"

i'm lost without you my 'kawan' :(


share-ice-at said...

syg.. jangan feel lonely k?
u know that i always there with you..
in ur heart..=)

"start cari kawan bnyk2~ =) "
"cari ur second mirad~"

Anonymous said...

kak alia~~
btoi ckp rrr syahir ek..
cr kak mirad d 2nd..
tp mgkn xsm.. tkcr~~

amira + adnan = gLam mirad said...

ak cam xpaham La pLak ngan post ko nie...
wut r u trying to say deary???
sape yang sie2 kan kesayangan aku nie???

[aLia-nL] said...

huhuhu...x phm sudeh..sbb maybe bnde ni x pnah jadi kat kau.. =(

amira + adnan = gLam mirad said...

cakap sket nak majuk..
ade yang kene sekeh kang..
neway dear...its part of Lyfe...
kekadang kawan pon bLey jadi Lawan...
about being noticed by others...aku notice ko sLaLu pe...
cheer up kayh...
miss u a Loadz~

hot2 said...

u r not invisible la syg..~
tgk..mirad pun bleh nampak tau~ =)