Saturday, March 28, 2009

happy birthday syahir aizat~

27th of march..
gave a lot of memories to both of us..
not only celebrating his 20th birthday..
but there are incidents in between..
a moment to remember~

as usual, every friday we will be having our friday night's out =P
ohh..kitorng tgk cite knowing dgn talentime.. best =)
esp talentime..a simple story..but it really touched my heart..
sedih.. =/
we had our last sushi..our last ddr...our last karaoke..our last movies that night..
sorry bcos i've ruined our last sushi...never intend to hurt you...
or make you dissapointed..huhu
yup2..something else is in my mind...something to be carried out later that night..
sorry..sorry..n sorry...

special thanx to aina mardhiya and muhd alif aiman..
for helping me to arrange all this candles while we're out to alamanda..
despite of their tiredness after the teater competition..
thanx guys~ nnt aku blanja kayh~

this is all i can afford to do for you..
on our last night out tgether.. =)
and sorry for all the misunderstandings dat happened between us..
just to give you something to remember..
and something to bring with you...
when you go away....
just to show how much you mean to me..
and how much i appreciate ur presence in my life..

happy birthday syahir aizat =)

off we go to 24hrs mcD~

p/s= korg doa laa hubungan kami ni kekal

insyaAllah =)


yana.lili.lala said...

ye2..moga2 kekal

Anonymous said...

ye kak alia..
insyaALLAH kekal..
kl jg btol2.. siyes..
insyaAllah boleh.. Amin..

amira + adnan = gLam mirad said...

sweet gLe ko skang...
btuah en.pokok...
hope yg nie sampai kawen...
miss u dear~

ur romeo said...

thanx so much my cyg~
i love you...=)
i miss you...='(

f.s.z.e said...

weee~ sweetnye!

[aLia-nL] said...

haha..thanx korang~

Anonymous said...

ha.. lupa..
sweet gler..
siap lilin2 ag..
owh.. dia ka pokok??
xnah tau.. hehe

-ainaLaAa- said...

sumpah best gler nak mampos pokok!!!
jeles gler yang amat sgt!

Syahid said...