Monday, December 22, 2008

+after 20 days+

all the way from perak to selangor..
for sure..
distance wont tear us apart..
the journey on the early morning of 20th december..
really worn him out..
but we both know it's worth it kan?

after 20days not seeing him...
i feel so nervous..and plus the very very excitement...
now u know why i cant wait for 20th of december rite?
(yelaa...betul laa dello ckp =P)
(insomnia la konon~) haha

20th december
we didnt go anywhere..
since our plan A didnt work out..
so we just move on to plan B...
i invited him to come over to my house..
and we just celebrate our 3rd monthly anni there..
he bought 3 slices of cake from secret recipe..
and 3 candles...
hahaha...sempena our 3rd monthly anni.. =)

we spent our day just talking about stuffs...what's going on...
hee...i gave him a hand-made frame..
not actually hand-made laa..
tp self decorate..
and he gave me this cute red devil beanie (sbb die kate saye dah jahat skang)
a beautiful + colourful hp strap and a bar of cadbury chocolate....
so thoughtful of him.. =)
we spent the day watching movies..
sepi and p/s i love you..
we just want to watch the movies together...
sbb itu baru tgk..haha..
and then we spent our time finishing those cakes...hahaha
u agak....mengambil masa yg lame.. =P

cappucino cheese,chocolate indulgence,chocolate cheese

21st december
despite of my 'insomniac' thingy..
i'm going to sunway pyramid with my dear syahir aizat today..
well...yea....agak bengong...disorientation...hahaha...
bengonglahh saye..
i took the train from paramount to kl sentral..
met him at taman jaya station..
and off we go to kl sentral..
okay kiddies..
kalo nk pg sunway pyramid nek public transport..
you can go either by ktm until subang jaya..and then took the cab or bus..
first thing we got there...of course we went to buy the movie tickets..
we wanted to watch yesman..
and then we went to the blue atrium...
which where the ice skating ring is...
ye saye...kami nk pegi ber'ice-skating'..
that's why i'm so over-excited..
best gile~~
you guys should really try and go ice-skating with ur partners..
haha...we really really really had fun..
maybe because this is the first time for syahir aizat...
and its the umphteen time for me. =P
wow...and he is really sweating sbb nervous kot?
haha..omg..this is really fun..we difinitely are going to do this again..
insyaallah... =)
those expressions..happiness..excitement...laughs..
i take a mental photograph of him for my own hall of memories...
we had our lunch at sushi groove....
sangat sedap...(for me)
worth the price..and of course suitable for our grumbling stomach

it's movie time~
the story was freakingly hillarious~
u just cant stop laughing...haha~
best2...mcm nk tgk lagi je.. =P
later we went to the arcade..
mcm aktiviti tetap plak la kan gi arcade ni... =)
main ddr,ez2dance yg mcm s*it!
susah nk mampos lagu die....tersilap pilih difficulty...hoho!
then kitorng just lepak2 and pusing pyramid je..
penat lorr..
and i guess sunway is difinitely larger than mid?
dah bape kali pegi pun x abes pusing lagi..
well dear...
looks like our plan have gone smoothly..
and sorry nizam..x dpt gi wedding abg kau...
aina je laa yg jadi wakil aku ek?
hik...reallly had the excitement...
extremely tired...
after a few more rounds of ddr with abg ngah...
balik trus kiok!
chalo! until next time..
p/s=i love you syahir aizat..

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bdk-tak-reti-skate said...

thanx for teach me how to skate syg~ =)
Gee-you-are-you~ ahakz~

thanx 4 everything..
spending time with u is always exciting~ =)