Wednesday, December 24, 2008

you got what you deserve

results are out...
bangun pun dah lewat..
so x excited sgt nk tau dpt brape..

all i can say to myself is...
to work harder next sem..
which will be starting next week..
jgn main2 la wei..~~
its not that bad actually..
but knowing that other friends got better result..
ohhh..quite sad... =(
you can say that...
u cant compare with them bcos they're taking diff course..
but stilll........~

"mcm mane kite study..mcm tu la result nye"

saat2 mcm ni laa rindu gile kat kwn2 mase mtrx dlu..
dello pagi2 lagi dah msg dah..tnye result
sorry la dello..aku baru nk tido time tu..
bobo said its okay..ur doing fine...
dello pun kate mcm tu juge..
miss them so much =(
they are the ones who comfort me when i'm down..
those who i can talk to..
lepak2...mkn2 kat same2..bengong2 same2..
smpikn bile x jmpe weekend pun..
rase mcm dah lame x jumpe...

now diorng sume kat U laen2..
jauh2 plak....xleh nk hang out same2 dah..
please dunt forget me u guys!
love you so much~
wish you luck in your future undertakings~
lots of love

sbb korg ade baru kem ni best!

my mtrx besties~

ur my sumone when i have no one


Syahid said...

sabar kay alia?xpeee, one day u'll be seeing them all again insyaAllah..just study baek2 kay?igt tuuu =)

deloOmeloO said...

huh~cam sedey gle..ahaha..
mish u too very2 much lo~
xkan lupe kat kau punyer..
sbb kite same2 mengong la kite jadik besh kan??~sayang kamoo..

syer ijat said...

you dont deserve it baby..
juz dun give up k~
chaiyok2~ study elok2 okeng?

Lin said...

erm xdelah..
ckup2 mkn jer..

Amzar Azhar said...

gadis rmi