Saturday, November 29, 2008

selamat pagi cinta? twilight!!!!

we (alia + syahir aizat) went to alamanda..
and as usual..went to watch the movies.
we wanted to watch selamat pagi cinta and twilight..
didnt know anything bout the story (twilight) at first..
tapi sbb my kazen kate best..and the story is adapted from a book..
and of course buku itu bertajuk twilight...
and maybe it's just the two of us..
so org kat counter tu pon promote selamat pagi cinta..
in my head was like
"eyh..rilek laa..ktorng mmg nk tgk cite tu pon"

we've been waiting for the story (s.p.c) since we watched the trailer for the first time..
let's see....itu mungkin sebulan yg lepas kot..
n hoping dpt tgk on 20hb nov..
tp xpe lah...dpt tgk jugak.. =)
selamat pagi cinta?
agak sedih..sedih ke??
boleh la...x best snanye cite tu..huhu
it's just a common love story laa..
yg straight forward...n there's not much complication in their relationship..
as for suci n azam..suci kena kahwin dgn org pilihan keluarga..
n azam sacrificed for the one he truly loves.
while for julia n ilham...ilham is diagnosed with leukemia..and their marriage is at first based on a 50cent coin..
"kalo syiling ni tunjuk wau 3 kali..kite kawen.."
ridiculous rite? nk wat cane..itu jln cerita cinta mereka...haha~

oh ya....when we're in the movies watching selamat pagi cinta..
i dunno...minah sblh ni moody kot..
i think i am not talking loudly...or maybe dia yg pasang telinga kot..
"dik..nk borak lepas movie bleh tak?"
oh damn....dlm hati ni mmg geram nk mampus..
budak2 kecik blkg tu siap terpekik2..menangis meraung lagi..
n budak dpn kitorng siap gelak2...n diorng pun berborak juga?
rase mcm nk amik air and just +splash+ at her face..
ur just jealous ur boy doesnt want to talk to you!
shit you la!
n yeaaa....crita tu pun mendatar je..SO WHAT??

okay...the best part is...TWILIGHT!!!
damn! the cullens mmg MOTO-MOTO (hot-hot)
so hot until u said it two times...haha(eh..tu madagascar la)

"I'd never given much thought to how I would die."

"Dying in the place of someone I loved seemed like a good way to go."

Bella moves to Forks, Wash., to live with her dad after her divorced mother remarries. She thinks of it as an exile. Certainly she doesn't think anything good will come of it. She's from Phoenix, and she hates the cold and rain. She's a high school junior, so she doesn't relish the idea of starting over at a new school. She's uncertain about her relationship with her dad.

But she fits in better than she anticipates. Or at least she thinks she does until she meets Edward Cullen. Butterflies start circling in her stomach the moment she sees him, but all he does is glare at her. It might take a while to smooth out the bumps, but Bella's determined to make it work with her white-faced dreamboat

Edward's coven—family—of vampires is a loving one. Each member is committed to protecting the others, even Bella when she becomes part of them through her relationship with Edward. Edward explains to Bella that they are "vegetarians," meaning that they have learned to survive on the blood of animals.

okay...cerita ni mmg romantik habis..
haha~ dah ler pg tgk dgn my dear syahir aizat...mmg laahh sgt2 romantik~
plus edward cullen (robert pattison) yg sgt hot!
(perempuan mmg mcm tu) get what i mean? =P
n cerita ni best..berbanding dgn selamat pagi cinta..
n when i told ajai n shikin...
ajai just said.."cerita melayu mmg x best"
ya lorr...ingtkn cerita tu mmg excited la nk tgk..nasib baik tgk twilight..
atleast ade satu yg best..n satu kurang best.. =)

n we bought bkn 'we'...syahir aizat bought (he paid for it!) 2 hippos~~~~
comel gila2~~ hahaha..
mmg nk sgt hippo xnk beli sendiri...nk org kasi..baru akan lebih menghargai...hee~
so now syahir aizat da beli kan..yeay~~
one for me....and one for you!
tatau kenapa suka haiwan2 yg mcm ni..not the real animal!
soft toy die dah ad hippo....nnt nk ade kambing.lembu.katak.kura2(kura2 dah ade) haha~
sume pun nk..ish alia nih~~ =P

"you're like a new own personal brand of heroin"

+i'm ur gloria n ur my moto2+
ur my drug baby+


ur moto2 said...

u r my personal brand of heroin syg..\)

Lin said...

so sweet tgk movie dgn ur syg.. =)