Thursday, November 6, 2008

suka dan duka 5 nov 08

dlm mood exam..harijadi pulak dah..
thanx to those who wished me..
thanxie~~ =)
let's say....
sedikit sebanyak..dpt laa release tension study...
thanx to ukm too..
sbb kasi hadiah..

kertas mikrobiologi asas stbp1043 final sem 1 2008/2009

i think this year's bday is the most meaningful..n paling gembira..(ye kot?)
when the clock strikes 00.00..
i got a call from my beloved syahir aizat..
n of course....didnt expect anything except a bday wish from him..
but surprisingly..he asked me to meet him outside the block..
n i was like...'what the heck??!! it's 12am!~ '
mmg...x percaya yg dia ade kat luar..xkn la semata2 nk wish sanggup dtg mlm2?
kelam kabut gak laa dibuatnye..
with a big blue box tied with purple ribbon..
on top of it he lit a small heart shaped candle..
omg!!!~ sangat excited of course..
cant wait to blow the candle n forgot to wish.. =P
then he sang the birthday song to me..
auwww~~ sgt berada di awangan..
thanx sayang...

hilang semua kerisauan utk menghadapi paper microb esoknye..
maybe sbb terlalu gmbira?
wlpn jawab paper tu mcm tahpape..
tp still dpt jwb dgn tenang n gembira..
terima kasih cinta...

then mlm tu mak kirim birthday gift through her friend..
n i was like...
'laaa...i have plans tonight~ bile kwn umi nk dtg ni....'
gelabah gak la...since we have planned it earlier..
n really dont want to spoil it..
tp x sampai hati kalau kwn mak dtg n i'm not there...
huhu...lagi terharu sbb mak kirim hadiah through her friend..
since her house is in bangi..huhu..
thanx umi~~
"sorry la sbb tu je yg termampu umi bagi.."
"xpe laa's the thought that counts... =)"

yeahh...then pegi dinner dkt secret recipe dgn syahir aizat..
celebrate birthday laa katekan..
thank you so much dear..
kan best kalau birthday tiap tahun pun rase happy mcm ni.. =)

the sad part is...
this year we(alia n aina) did not get to celebrate our birthday with abah..
+sob sob+
n the sadness is shared with the whole family..
sgt terasa kehilangannya sbb our birthday is on the 5th..and dad's is on the 6th.. the years to come..
there's no one to share the joy..the happiness of celebrating birthdays without you dad..

+eventhough ur gone...but the memory lives on..+


Anonymous said...

hepi burfday alia..


u know who i am..=p said...

dun know about the duka..
didnt tell me pun ek..
hurm.. dun b sad baby.. always pray for him k..? =)
happy belated birthday syg...

Irsya said...

wah..romantiknya dia..hehehe
congratulate..hehehe..suda jangkau satu taun..hahaha..meaning? cari lah sendiri..