Saturday, November 15, 2008

apa nak cerita?

what a day....
ingt nk balik rumah terus..
tapi sangkut kat midvalley...
pe cite??
well babe...ur alia najiah mmg unpredictable...

let's see...
okay...first of all...we went to bought tickets for madagascar 2..
then went to eat my fave yoshi...hehe..
sedap2~ thanx syg! mmg kenyang smpi malam..
lepak mph..want to look for any ideas for my 'project'.. =P
went to the arcade also while waiting for the movie..
ahhh..gila2....i've been laughing my head off all the time while playing at the arcade..dunno what is so exciting...
n i think this is the first time i felt so excited while playing that bashi2..
(bashi2 ke? sedap je kasi name sendirik kat game tu...)
so bashi2 it be...hehe!
usually main dgn abg pun pakai ketuk je gendang tu dgn xde perasaan..
maybe i played it with my syahir aizat.n that is what i'm excited actually..
hahaha...mmg bengong!
and the excitement goes all day long~

tgk trailer pun bleh gelak cam hell..(happy sgt la konon..smpi terbawak2 mse tgk movie =P )
it's only the trailer..what more the movie? first...quite hilarious
and there's a little bit of cute love in the story...
You have Alex's return and reunion with his parents,
with adversary coming from an earlier generation,
there's Marty who discovers that he's no longer unique but the same as every other hundredth zebra out there,
Glora looking for love with other hippos now that there's no lack of suitors,
n ade pulak Moto-Moto yg quite disgusting for me..
well...cerita je..
and Melman fighting his own cowardice to reveal his feelings for Gloria.

"i lost you once....and i'm not going to lose you again..."

overall..i can give a 3.5/5 rate for the story..
bukanlah tgk movie n then keluar...dgn mengatakan 'buang duit je tgk cite ni'
quite fun actually.. =)
smpi kan syahir aizat rela tgk cite ni buat kali yg kedua..haha~

kenape alex ye? hehe!

1 comment:

alex said...

sebab alex kacak..
gloria comel..~
hehehe.. muahxX..
thanx syg sebab teman org..
tak dapat die g kenduri ...huhu.. sori.. =)