Thursday, June 16, 2011

did i get the job?

macam tak percaya je kan aku dah nak graduate?
pheww....habis dah pengajian 3 tahun kat ukm..
aku pun tak merancang untuk sambung belajar lagi...taktau la..kerja dulu kot..
bila dah stabil..ada duit..baru fikir2 nak sambung master.
hee..kot ada company nak sponsor ke =P kot2 la kan..

actually at first macam chaotic juga la ofis tu..abg taufik macam marah2 on the phone.
aku dengan dina dok diam2 je situ layan laptop.scary @_@
and then before lunch abg taufik macam buat informal interview..dia cakap serious.
haha.tapi memang dia tanya macam nak interview pun.

aku rasa..bila interview..memang kita kena jujur..i mean honest in a way that..
you dont act that you're very clever in everything..but actually you're not..
if you dont know just tell them...dont say that you know this and that..
or just say that...i've learnt a little bit about this..but not in details..just an introduction or exposure to the subject..

agak scary tadi bila dia tanya fokus dalam job what field or area.
and so i told him that i prefer to work in food related area..and so as a microbiologist.i think if i work in that industry..i could/prefer blablablabla so on....
he asked me..if they give us a raw material (for exp : milk) then, would i be able to make the end product like they wanted...and i just said no..because my course is not about food manufacturing..but it's more to quality control...whether the product is safe to be consumed by people..or is it contaminated with anything..LoL..gila impromptu..and he did asked Dina whether she is able to work off shore is she got the job..(yes yes yes!)

and maybe around next week my lecturer will come for site visit.ngeng.
dah la next week busy nak prepare for exhibition.oh ya.
do come to the HEALTH AWARENESS EXHIBITION at MIDVALLEY on the 25-26th June 2011 ya! please visit our booth (YSN PERPATIH, BACOSOY) ;)

here are my little pokoks...they are just sooooo pretteyh~
i feel so calm and happy to see these blooming roses....
sadly...i think the leaves are starting to get infected by fungi..(common pest for roses)
hidup sihat2 my little pokoks....sedih tengok daun dia rosak dan bertompok2.. =(

p/s ; umi nak belikan pokok ros lagi <3

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popoko said...

hehehe~ cantik la your little pokoks~ hope you will get the job you are looking for~ =) cant wait to see your flowers~ hehehe~