Monday, April 22, 2013


Assalamualaikum and hi dear readers.
do you know WIFLE is?
ok actually aku pun baru tahu harini. budak2 office ni baru balik dari team building.tapi aku tak dapat nak join sebab wedding abglong pada tarikh yang sama. *sobsob*

and so WIFLE stands for What I Feel Like
all of them expressed about what they felt during and after the team building but I said about something else.
i talked about APPRECIATION.
its something like this....

'I'm not going to say anything about team building because i didnt attend it...but all i wanted to say is to learn to appreciate people around you especially your family and close friends. you might not know when you need them the most and some will lend you a hand when you least expected it. never ever take advantage on people who are close to you because someday you will go and ask for help from them'

after both of my parents passed away, my aunt and uncle was the one who helped us a lot...i mean A LOT.
i dont know what will happen if we were left to handle everything all by ourselves. 
with all the wedding preparations, confirmations, expenses....
alhamdulillah Ya Allah....kau permudahkan segalanya untuk kami... abgngah pulak lepas raya ni...*pengsan*

take care and have a great week ahead peeps! ;)

p/s ; should really start practicing for the marathon.5km je pun.but hey, this is my very first run ever~ excitedddddd ^_^

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cik gojes :) said...

all the best for marathon and everything baby alia. you know i love you. hahaha. lesbo much :)