Sunday, January 11, 2009

hectic weekdays..but a perfect weekend (1)

dah seminggu sem baru bermula..
its been a hectic week as well...
and mostly in this new sem...
i'll be learning about genetics..
new lecturers...yg psycho and happenning..
psycho pun psycho lahh...
not much about what's happening last week..

weekend yg menarik nye..
on friday..klas habis pkl 9...n then trus chaow ke alamanda/amalanda/alamkite..
hehe..gile ape pkl 10 smpi alamanda..
kedai pun x bukak lagi..
gile x gile...peduli ape? =P
we had our breakfast at dunkin donut...
not at...we bought drinks and donuts from dd..
since our movie is at 12.50 kot?
lepak2 makan donut dlu...pastu gi karaoke..
(err..karaoke???~ oh tidak~)
actually its like a deal between alia n syahir aizat..
kali terakhir kami jumpe..
i picked the activity that we're going to do..which is ice skating..
and now..its his turn..karaoke...~
its my first time to karaoke actually...really~ hoho~
so of course la..bukak mulut je...suara x klua pon...

we're going to watch 'they wait'..
boleh tahan la cite ni...x seram pun...x seram langsung in fact..
then after zohor prayer...kami gi makan sushi king..
oh yes...sushi king is one of our all time fave's..
bajet xnk mkn byk2...sbb masih kenyang makan donut..
but then...each of us pick one set each..
maybe its our lucky day?
syahir aizat dpt la merasa golden ball yg diidam-idamkn..
ya....dah 3 kali kami gi mkn sushi king...
sume golden ball pun xde...and luckily haritu ade golden ball.. =)
we are soOo bloated with sushi..aduhai...
pastu kitorg gi arcade...main ddr..
pegi main bowling...hehehe~ i nearly beat him.. =(
go for asar prayer..
n then pegi tgk 2nd movie~
'bedtime stories'...hik..
best sangat2 cite ni... =) very exciting and full with imagination..
i love bugsy~ =P

didnt expect that our day would end so soon..
no no..not yet~ =P
agaknye dah pusing alamanda ni lebih dari 10 kali kot harini?
but still...rase mcm x abes pusing lagi...kenape ye..
while sitting and talking at the buluh outside..
we're planning to have dinner at azura's..but we are still full with sushi...
and then...
'jom kite gi tgk movie lagi?'

3rd we go~~
hahaha...crazy2~ 3 movie dlm satu hari? hurmmmmmm~~~~~
our movie starts at 9.55...
while waiting for the movie...ingt nk pegi main bowling lagi...
tp penuh mase tu...
so we went for our second round karaoke..
hahaha..~ (i want to save my voice for tommorow =P)
alasan je tu...ngeh3~
then pegi pusing2 kat taman luar alamanda..
baru gi tgk 'outlander'..
bout this story??
errrr..?? no comment... =P

we spent about 13hours at
3 movies...2 rounds of karaoke-ing....arcade...and 1 game bowling...
best2~ there's so much fun! we come!~
and i reach ukm at nearly 1 maybe...hoho~
tired but i really really really enjoyed myself..~
thanx syahir aizat... =)


Lin said...

syg,nk email u kt blog ni.
nk invite utk blog aku.
aku nk privatekn.
ko mmg special ah.
: )

mr butang~ said...

jeles nye die bleh tulis blog~~
huhuhu.. love you 2 syg~ SO MUCH~
thanx for the sweet memories~ =)
outlander~ muah muahXxX~ hee~

[aLia-nL] said...