Sunday, January 11, 2009

hectic weekdays..but a perfect weekend (2)

smlm pegi alamanda...
but today...we're going to the zoo~
to see the kangaroo and emu's~
yeay yeay~
suke suke nye pegi zoo~
kami gerak ke ktm ukm pukul 10 lebih..
bajet nk gi pkl 9..
tp disebabkn kepenatan semalam..
pegi lmbt sikit.. =)
ramai gila kat ktm...pehal tah...
syuh2....jgn menyemak...aku nk gi zoo nihh~

but first...
we had our breakfast at kl sentral..
at a place called 'warong kita'..
quite nice...sedap2~
first time mkn situ...the smell is really inviting me tummy..
we took the lrt to wangsa maju..
and then took the cab to zoo negara~

yeay~~ excited gile2!
weeee~~ we come!
paling penting...kena dptkn map dulu..
nnt sesat n to make sure that we got to see all the animals~
hee~ couldnt remember when is the last time i went to zoo negara with my family..
i was really small at that time for sure.. =)

first part we went to the children's world..
di situ ade myk monyet2 n kera2..
termasuk beruk2 yg ad kat taiping.. =P

then there's a cute grey pony...
hehe..hesistate to pet him at first..
tp pegang jugak sikit...hee~
pastu ade hippo yg sgt besar~~~~~~
wow~ besar gilaa...
ade 3 ekor kot...hehe..
mcm moto2 yg gemuk...n sebelah die ade gloria =)
pastu ade kwn die yg tgk diorng...haha..mcm tu plak..

we move on to the aquarium part..
ade byk2 ikan dlm satu aquarium besar~
sblh die ade tmpt penguin..
ksian penguin tu...x active pun..
kecik2 pulak...msti x sihat unlike kalo die ad kat tmpt asal...huhu..
sib bek ade 2 ekor je..
nk tgk xde pun otter kat situ...tmpt lain kot?

on our way..ade tmpt babi hutan...
atleast the pig sty is not as smelly as zoo taiping's..
at zoo taiping..its pig sty is really smelly just like the dumpster..
kami jln2 lagi...
ade x byk beruang pun..
die menyorok kot...ade sun bear je..or the honey bear~ hihi
oh ya....we fed the deers~
so cute~ tanduk rusa tu mmg mcm santa claus punye la..
comel nye~ hahahaha~

we walked further into the savannah walk..
where there are the zebras..giraffes..flamingos..camels..
and there's the ape dua ekor org utan yg besar~
sekor tu dok je tepi cermin...meratapi nasib kat dlm zoo kot..
hehe...then after we went to the mammal kingdom..
we heard a somewhat like a roar from far..
excited gile dah ni nk gi tgk alex..
fyi, a tiger's roar could be heard as far as 3km..
tp x jmpe pun alex.. =(
no lions are seen...
only tigers..ade blank panther...
rupe2 nye yg roar tadi tu bukan nye rimau ataupun singa..
ad kerbau yg besar tu yg buat bunyi..
aduh...tertipu sungguh...jahat punye kerbau..
dah tau kami excited nk tgk singa n rimau..
die gi immitate bunyi plak...cessss....

we also fed the elephants and giraffes!!!!~
tadi ade jugak kasi mkn kat lembu..
it will hold out its tounge and grab the food..
my finger got lick by the giraffe!!!~
geli nye~~~~~~~~~~~~ ngahahahaha~
pastu gajah tu amik pisang gune belalai die..
i dunt know ape yg kat belalai die..sama ada air liur ataupun hingus..
and again..jari ni kene laa cecair tersebut...when i was holding out the banana.. was an exciting experience. =P

at 3.30 ad multi-animals talented show...
very sea lion..hornbill...parrot..but no penguins..huhu
i expect that there would be's okay =)
before we go back...we did the body art..
i picked the hornbill and she draw it on my right arm...
while syahir aizat picked the picture of org utan.. yeay~

off we go to our next destination...
midvalley! haha..x sudah2 la kitorng ni...adoi.. =P
we had our dinner at laksa shack...and pegi tgk cite four christmases..
best jugak cite tu...lawak xleh bla...hehe..mesti dot dot~ =)
sangat best! =P n then main bowling while waiting for my brother to come and fetch me..

balik from midvalley..abg bwk gi karaoke kat jln imbi plak...
aduhai..penat gila ni..then bwk pusing2 tgk night life in kl..
so..that night was the first time i saw a drunk person..i mean dpn mata...
smpi yg x larat nk jalan nk pegi ke tandas....kene papah dgn kwn2..
huhu..tgk mak nyah and prostitutes kat tepi jln tunggu pelanggan..
haha...xde keje~ =P

my mum will be arriving from madinah at 2.30am..
but i'm just to tired to follow...sorry mum...
pagi nnt la kite jmpe ek...huhuhu..
alhamdulillah mak selamat pulang dari menunaikan haji =)
its been an enjoyable day..with my dear syahir aizat..
and also my siblings..
going out with syahir aizat is never a failure...
i mean its always been exciting...and all those fun..
hope it will stay the same for the rest of our next outings.. =)
amin~ thanx dear..
love you!

p/s = sorry that its a very long post...kalo malas bace...xyah buang mase okay? =)


notty boy said...

heheheh~ budak yg notty ni..~
dot dot dot~ g tgk nyah plak ek?
bkn nak ajak~ =)
really had a great time with u syg..
buat org nak kuar dgn die bnyk kali je~~ adoiyai~ muah muahxX~
len kali kite bagi singa makan plak ek~? =)

deloOmeloO said...

he...hepinye die zoo
nk ekut juge!!!he3