Friday, April 10, 2009

double the excitement

gila x gila aku peduli apa.
early in the morning i made my way to kl sentral~
konon nk tebus kesalahan aku pun gerak laa awal2 kan..
haha~ i dunt know where to go...n what to do...
ehh...its not that i dunt KNOW what to do...
tp org nye x sampai lagi..
so..i decided to wait at mcD and while waiting i can read my notes~
smbil mkn mcflurry..hehe..
alhamdulillah things got better btween us..
when we though as nothing has ever happened..
but we both know what we did wrong and forgive each other..
thank god that didnt change us at all.. =)
and we had our very last sushi with such excitement as always~
penat mcm mane pun...
i'll do anything for you..
thanx for giving us a second chance..
gonna miss you when ur gone =(

mlm tu nk pegi jamuan plak..
mkn sedap2....btmbh gemuk laa wey~
adoi...susah btul ble dpn mata ade mknn sedap2 ni..
konfirm balun semua.
seronok juga jamuan tu wlpn pada mulanye mmg liat nk bayar..
bkn xnk xde duit..'s worth it.. =)

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