Wednesday, May 4, 2011

another day.

hello, it's me again.
i know my friends and i were all excited about this internship thingy
and of course thrilled to know what are they going to do..or what am i gonna do on..
and mine,so far.............err....

can't wait for the real thing.seriously.

good thing dina is doing her internship at the same place.
at least i have a frienddd.
and someone to point the way to subang.haha.
asik salah masuk jalan je =_="

p/s ; mom's birthday! cream puff? tiramisu? hurm.....*fat mode* i want a mushroom hat!


pokokok said...

hahaha~ you must be cute in the mushroom hat~ XD
do your best for umi's birthday~
hope the cream puff/tiramisu u'll make for umi will be great~ wish i can be there to taste it~
dun be bored at work syg~ something will come soon k? just suit urself with the environment first~ =) muahxXx~

CiK GorGeouS ! said...

happy birthday mama aLia and aina !!! hehehe =)