Monday, November 7, 2011

22nd birthday.

hi hi hi!
my 22nd birthday fall on the 5th of november last saturday.

it is a pity that i have to work on saturdays and i am not in the birthday mood as well.being away from your family and country, there's not much can be done.furthermore, this place is still a stranger to me.maybe he feels the same way too.celebrating his birthday all alone in a place he's not familiar with (yeke tak familiar).

it surprised me when someone called and asked for confirmation and direction that he wanted to deliver me a bouquet of flowers.for sure i was shocked enough and i wondered who the hell would send me flowers while i am in Jakarta. I just told him the hotel where we are staying and i said that i dont know any landmarks nearby. Since last saturday was holiday, there's no one in the office. And who in Jakarta knows my birthday? And Dina pretended not to know anything about it.

In my mind, there's only one person who would send my one else except Syahir Aizat Abdullah Sani.Tak sedetik pun terfikir yang dia akan minta alamat dari Dina.of course.without me knowing it.I even told him that i'm thinking of not accepting the flowers because i dont know who's the sender.So on our way back to the hotel, we stopped by at Alfamart and he called asking whether i've received the flowers or not.and i said why should i take them as i dont know who sent them?

ahaa.that was when he told me that he's the one who had sent me those flowers~ you really did surprised me syahir ijat~~ ye ye je lah receiptionist tu kata aku ada secret admirer.tak percaya langsunglah kalau macam tu.kikiki.

you really made my day syahir ijat~ you're such a sweetheart~ its very thoughtful of you~ thanks! ;)

beautiful aren't they?

i love you =)

and thanks mirad for this!

p/s ; boleh ke kalau nak bagi lelaki bunga jugak? kikiki =P


.Si kEmunCuP. said...

waiiiiiii~ i want dat bunge tooo! pliz pliz pliz deliver some for me ;)

i.k.o said...

waaaa shooo shuweetttt ^^

ezy eizyanie said...

sweet! :)
have a nice day dear! :)

aLia-nL said...

wawa ; hehehe.mintak lampad hantar ;)

ezy & pearl ; ngee.thank you =P

CiK GorGeouS ! said...

ehem...aku mampu buat open wish kat bLog jee Laa...nak bagi present, beLum nak mampu 2 years time insyaaLLah dah mampu nak bLanje...BHAHAHA~ cepat doakan aku keje best2 =)