Thursday, May 9, 2013

Wondermilk, Damansara Uptown.

Hi hi!
last weekend we, Rihana, Aina and myself, went to Wondermilk in Damansara.
ni kali pertama kitorang pergi Wondermilk.selalu tengok dari jauh je.
entah macam mana dua orang mokster tu ajak pergi Wondermilk pulak.
hikhik.aku pun ikut je lah walaupun perut dah kenyang makan pastries kat Levain =P

above was the cake in jar Rihana bought.
the red velvet was very delicious! but i haven't tasted the rainbow in a jar.
one jar costed about rm15. quite pricey for me.but worth the taste =)

and this is the potato jacket...erm...cant actually remember the name of this potato dish.
but it was superbly yummy!

this two moksters are indulging on sloppy fries! (potato lagi)
which was undoubtedly yummylicious! ;)

 some pictures showing their cozy and comfortable interior.
very inviting and relaxing for a coffee and lepaking place.
lola cakes atas tu memanglah sangat2 mengujakan.hais.
one fact about me : i just LOVEEEEEE pastries.

I shall visit Wondermilk again.hoping next time to bring the other mokster with me.hihi.
you know who you are ;)
i love you :*

p/s ; define passionate = expressing, showing, or marked by intense or strong feeling; emotional


May Maisarah said...

Awak tak nak ajak saya ke ? hehehehe. alia, jom jumpa !!!! hihi. =))

Alia Lokman said...

jommm!! >.<

May Maisarah said...

Ok nnt plan btol2 tauuu.. alia bg no hp kat may nnt eh. =))

popoko said...

here's the other mokster who demand to be brought there! hahahaha~ sedap nye~~